Lane Johnson thinks the Eagles like him at No. 4


Two offensive tackles, Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M and Eric Fisher of Central Michigan, are expected to be Top 5 picks in next week’s NFL draft. But they may not be the only two.

Lane Johnson of Oklahoma, widely regarded as the third-best tackle in the draft, thinks he may be going to Philadelphia with the fourth overall pick. Johnson has had a lot of contact with the Eagles, both working out for them in his hometown of Groveton, Texas, and visiting their facilities in Philadelphia. And he told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that he thinks there’s a good chance he’ll be the Eagles’ first-round pick.

It’s a good possibility,” Johnson said. “What they’re going to do offensively really fits what I excel at — up-tempo, zone offense. But you never know what’s going to happen come draft day.”

The 6-foot-6, 304-pound Johnson is a former quarterback who thinks fast and moves very well for a man his size, and those are good traits for Chip Kelly’s offense. For the Eagles, fourth overall may not be too high to take Johnson.

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  1. I feel like the Eagles will move down and take him. Top of the draft isn’t that great this year.

  2. Lane Johnson reminds me of JJ Watt. I don’t know why but I think he will be a really good NFL player no matter who ends up with him.

  3. At this point I’m fine with any of the guys they have targeted as long as it isn’t Geno Smith. 4 is too high for a guy that most people aren’t even giving a 1st round grade.

    Joeckel, Fisher, Millner, Star, Jordon, Johnson I feel are safer picks at 4 that should be impact guys…Smith, not sold. Worse case scenario, Vick and Foles tank and you pick top 5 again and grab a guy next year that is likely to be a better QB.

  4. I like Lane Johnson a lot, but not at #4. Ideally I’d like the Eagles to move down 5 or so spots and take him there. Otherwise I’d like Dion Jordan if he’s available. I have a feeling Joeckel and Fisher won’t really turn into all star caliber players, and I feel like Johnson has a lot more upside.

  5. I would love to get him at 8-12, but not at 4. No chance. If Joeckel, Fischer, Floyd, and Richardson are there (one of them has to be) you have to take one of them just because theyre too good to pass up for a chance on a tweener

  6. Pleasssse do this philly so my boys The D can grab Fisher at 5 and start our 2013 draft off RIGHT!! Go D!! Plus on the real I think Lane does fit thier new sceme. Win win for us both!

  7. The Eagles need to address their O-line and secondary.

    Both are the Achilles heel of the Eagles.

    Fix them and get rid of Michael Vick and the Eagles should have a relatively quick return to being competitive.

    But, if we keep Vick we’re going to be cellar dwellers for a while.

    A QB who can’t read a defense or use his “cannon of a arm” to hit the wide side of a barn is actually the Eagles biggest weakness. But, they already have the remedy for that in Nick Foles.

  8. He’s big? Tall? Quick? All right! He’d be a perfect fit with the Seahawks. Bigger, Faster. Louder. Stronger.

    GO HAWKS!!!

    Philly’s great for food, but football??? Ehhhhhh…..

  9. seaeagle707 says: Apr 17, 2013 3:26 PM

    He’s big? Tall? Quick? All right! He’d be a perfect fit with the Seahawks. Bigger, Faster. Louder. Stronger.

    GO HAWKS!!!
    “Big” and “Tall” are required of all linemen, but “quick” is more important to Kelly’s scheme than Carroll’s. Plus, Sherman already has “Louder” covered for the whole team. On top of that, why would Seattle spend their first round pick on a left tackle?

  10. I love how everyone thinks the Eagles need to trade back to get “true value” for a Lane Johnson pick. Who determines that value? Millions of mock drafters who keep copying each other? Their value is determined by the individual teams and if the Eagles think Lane Johnson is the best player available for their scheme at 4 then he is the best pick.

  11. Johnson is in the wrong Lane. He is no where near the 4th overall pick in the draft. In fact some experts don’t think that much of him at all. I have no idea how strong he is but, he better be able to handle NFL ends. At #4 there will be a impact player like Star L. or the Kid from Oregon. Perhaps one of the two top Tackles if Geno Smith is off the board. Trade down and take him? Remember he’s not close to the top 2 so, your losing right off the bat. Do you pass on Star or Fisher? I wouldn’t UNLESS…the price is a high 2nd . Then you can bring the kid along two years down the line. You don’t a lot of chances to draft that high. Gotta be real careful…..My modest opinion…Take Star.

  12. thirdistheworrd-In a word, depth. Second word, greed. Why did we need Percy? We already had Leon, Marshawn, Turbo, 4-good receivers. Why did we need Avril or Bennett? We already had Irvin and Clemons (currently rehabbing an ACL). Watch the Chicago game last year and our D, and then tell me that PC and Bradley ran a “slow” game.

    Watch the week 16 SF game and see how successful “Speedy” Gore was, or Kaepernick for that matter. Watch the Buffalo game and show me how Spiller was “lightning quick” against our D.

    You think we’re slow? Let’s hope the NFL teams we’ll see this year think that too. Won’t know what hit ’em.

  13. Maybe Lane didn’t hear Sal Palantonio tell Colin this morning he believes the Eagles will trade that pick.

  14. But no worries. We ain’t pickin’ in the first round. Schneider’ll probably be out with the wife and son that day.

  15. If they do, they better get a high second for the 4th pick in the entire draft. Cool Hand Luke and Fisher are most likely future stars. So is the kid (Def. End) from Florida State in my opinion. Star L requires a double team on almost every play….watch the film on him. In my modest opinion a sure shot. Did I mention Dion Jordan who runs a 4.5 forty? So the question remains, if they move down, who’s gonna be there??????

  16. if you think Johnson will be available at 10-12 your dreaming, no way Johnson gets past 7. if this is the Eagles guy it will take the 4th.

  17. I hate that everyone has us pegged for an offensive lineman. this should be a draft focusing specifically on defense – I’d take the top 2 defensive playmakers available with the our first 2 picks.

  18. The amazing thing about Lane Johnson is he was recruited out of High School to play QB, was switched to Tight End, and finally left tackle. Probably the most athletic lineman in the draft and I would be surprise if he doesn’t go in the top 8 picks.

  19. I’m a big Lane Johnson fan and I think he would be a great pick. And those tackles are going to go very quickly. You won’t be able to trade back more than a couple slots and expect him to be there. He plays the inside zone style and has a lot of energy for the up tempo pace that Chip Kelly is known for.

  20. Nothing against Johnson at all. Maybe he is a top 10 pick but he is ranked 3rd at his position, tackle, so for him to go at 4, three of the first four picks would have to be OTs. Not buying that one.

    I read the Dolphins are not interested in Johnson at #12 and would take Fluker over him.

  21. man fans make me laugh. Everyone has heard people in the media say the qbs arent that good. So without finding out on their own the fans take the media at their word and talk down the qbs. The media talked down about Dalton, Flacco, Tannehill, Newton, Wilson, Kapernick, Rothlisberger, and Brady and Romo were so looked down upon they werent even mentioned. If you put anyone of those qbs in this years draft with the same analyst they got their draft year the narrative would still be the same. And that would be their are no 1st round worth QuarterBacks. But even knowing all this the fans still complain about how pissed they will be if their team drafts a qb.

    Not me I dont like Kool-Aid. Give me Geno at #4. I watched all his games from last year and he can play. He will do more good for the Eagles then any other player they would otherwise pick at #4.

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