Offseason calendar change unlikely

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The NFL hopes to extract further milk from the offseason cow by spreading out the major tent poles of the non-game portion of the calendar:  (1) Scouting Combine; (2) free agency; and (3) draft.

But change is unlikely, at least for now.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the NFLPA remains concerned about a delayed launch of free agency.  As a result, the efforts to change the calendar are “unlikely to go anywhere.”

The league would like to move the Combine from February to March, free agency from March to April, and the draft from April to May.

7 responses to “Offseason calendar change unlikely

  1. Why not switch the Scouting Combine with the start of Free Agency? That way FA will start sooner (keeping the NFLPA happy) and the NFL still gets what it wants in having a bigger/longer presence in the off season.

    1. FA starts in March
    2. SC starts in April
    3. Draft starts in May

  2. They’ve got a great product “now”. The teams have time to give their players a lengthy rest period, and still have time for all of the myriad details of the off-season, before the players go back to work. To make major changes like that may very well upset the chemistry among the execs and coaches and force less-than-adequate training camps, OTA’s, mini-camps, etc.

    Will the outcome be, less than fully prepared teams? More pressure on the coaches? Possibly more injuries to ill-prepared players?

    In other words, don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken.

  3. The NFLPA isn’t worried about delaying the start of Free Agency. They just want to know what their bonus cut is for agreeing to the change. They aren’t going to let the league scoop up all of the benefits of the change.

    The NFLPA is saying to the NFL please don’t tell me the change is equally beneficial to both parties, we aren’t going to buy that and you still have to give something up; you know the drill.

  4. Just 8 more daysss. As long as they don’t make us wait longer for the draft each year than I’m all for that. Many dont consider this year’s draft class to be of Grade-A status, but I’m highly excited regardless of the speculative draft grades. My Philadelphia Eagles haven’t had a draft pick in the top-5 since we selected McNabb…and I’m very eager to see what type of talent we get that high in the draft, or perhaps we’ll trade back if our guy isn’t on the board.

  5. It often seems that the NFL wants to change things for the sake of change. If it “ain’t broke” don’t fix it!

  6. Moving the draft from April to May negatively affects rookies more than anyone else. That’s one less month they get to study the playbook, offensive/defensive schemes, etc. And it’s less time for them to move and get adjusted to their new cities.

    For fans it’s worse too. Who wants to wait another month to see what the team is going to look like? There’s already an overkill of draft talk now, we don’t need another month of it.

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