PFT talks Mt. Rushmore of broadcasters

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Wednesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network allowed you to vote on the topic for the last segment of the show.

And by the narrowest margin yet, the public requested a discussion regarding the Mt. Rushmore of NFL broadcasting.

Here’s Scott Pioli, Erik Kuselias, and yours truly regarding this topic.  We’ll do it again on Thursday.

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16 responses to “PFT talks Mt. Rushmore of broadcasters

  1. Their rambling soliloquys roll down through the valley and echo back from the hills on the other side. Causing the coyotes and wolves to howl and startling partridges from their roost.

  2. I actually like Joe Buck. But, as far as the Mt. Rushmore of broadcasters?? Absolutely not.

    I actually think Florio’s list was spot on here.

  3. I’d go with Summerall, Madden, Al Michaels and it’s a toss-up between Frank Gifford and Curt Gowdy.

  4. Al Michaels has been a part of some of the greatest/craziest moments in American sports:

    The Miracle on Ice
    Hagler vs Hearnes
    1989 earthquake World Series

    And by the way, seven Super Bowls. I am a HUGE Al Michaels fan.

    Summerall and Madden were THE voices of football for 22 years. Cosell brought the NFL to prime time and was the quintessential “love to hate him” broadcaster.

    I think Mr. Florio got it right here.

  5. Thanks idiots for choosing the Mount Rushmore topic, which is completely boring, when the issue of RFA is actually, you know, intriguing.

  6. I don’t know a single true football fan who loves Joe Buck. You can’t get honored just for “being there.” And that is all Buck has done during his tenure as lead Fox play by play man. I don’t get what Fox sees in his drab, unenthusiastic delivery?!
    When I used to hear Dick Enberg or Summerall’s voice I knew it was time to get excited for a big game. When I hear Buck’s voice, I know it’s a big game, but I wish I could find a radio broadcast of the same game that was synced up so I could actually enjoy the audio!

  7. My list:
    1. Random drunk at stadium
    2. Fans of a team that is consistently mediocre, they’re hilarious.
    3. The dude from YouTube who made the Marshawn lynch video.
    4. Pissed off coaches.

  8. CBS, Pat Summerall and John Madden were married to the Dallas Cowboys back in the day. Yes, the Cowboys were good. But to showcase their games EVERY week, while saying the same things repeatedly, was annoying, uninteresting and irritating.
    I’d say CBS, Summerall and Madden were largely responsible for the immense dislike toward the Cowboys that exists even today…
    Curt Gowdy was terrible. He was incapable of pronouncing names correctly and he frequently seemed lost and confused. The Terrible Gowdy called the “Terrible Towel” the “Terrible Hanky.”
    Most of the truly great and legendary team broadcasters back in the day were at the local level. That’s probably still true today.

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