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Discount the Giants’ chances in a big game and risk feeling foolish. However, assuming they are postseason locks has been similarly dangerous in recent seasons. In the last four campaigns, the Giants have one Super Bowl title and three playoff misses. Here’s our look as the draft needs of a talented but sometimes inconsistent group.

Defensive end: In recent years, the Giants have been most formidable when their defensive line is in top form. Their front four is still a real strength, even after Osi Umenyiora departed for Atlanta in free agency. However, adding a young rush end to bolster the depth now and to potentially take a bigger role later would be prudent. After all, Justin Tuck is a free agent at season’s end. He turned 30 in March, as did Mathias Kiwanuka. Jason Pierre-Paul is signed for two more seasons but is slated to hit free agency at 26 and is not going to be inexpensive to re-sign.

Cornerback: There’s a little too much uncertainty at this position. Corey Webster, 31, is in the final year of his contract. Terrell Thomas has a history of knee injuries and is unsigned beyond this season. To their credit, the Giants have added youth to this position in recent years, drafting Prince Amukamara in 2011 and Jayron Hosley last April. Also, they brought back veteran Aaron Ross to bolster their depth. Nevertheless, the Giants could still stand to fortify their corner ranks for the present and future.

Linebacker: The Giants lack standouts at linebacker and could use more playmaking ability both inside and outside. The greater overall value of cornerbacks and edge rushers puts linebacker as the third priority on this list, but make no mistake — the LB corps are a need. The club hasn’t had a Pro Bowl linebacker since Antonio Pierce in 2006.

Offensive line: Right tackle David Diehl, an 11-season veteran, is on a one-year contract. Diehl, guards Kevin Boothe and Chris Snee and center David Baas will all be 30 or older at the start of the season. Boothe is on a one-year deal, and Snee is coming off hip surgery. The Giants signed left tackle William Beatty to an extension earlier this year, securing that all-important position. However, there’s work left to do upfront.

Running back: With the Giants parting ways with Ahmad Bradshaw, the club’s RB depth behind David Wilson and Andre Brown could use improvement. Bradshaw was capable of carrying a starter’s workload for sustained stretches, and given the physicality of the position, the Giants might be wise to bring in one more rusher capable of carrying 8-10 times a game.

Improving a defense that finished 31st in yards per game and per play allowed in 2012 is a must for the Giants, who have eight draft picks — their assigned selection in each round and a compensatory seventh-rounder. On offense, the line is the biggest need, with the skill-position spots other than quarterback next on the priority list.

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  1. Now that the Redskins brief moment of glory is gone, it is time for the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys to reclaim their places in the first three spots in the NFC East.

  2. If the Giants could pull in a stud CB it’d do wonders for their defense, which is already pretty good.

  3. Pretty much agree with everything here, RT and LB are huge, and hopefully can grab some guys in the draft. One thing however, and it may be me being a fan, I really think that Prince is a top tier CB. He has shown some brilliance at the position, with him stepping up and hopefully staying healthy for a change and Webster’s roll being more limited this year, this Secondary can really become a strength for this team.

  4. I want to start by saying that I am a Giants fan with complete and utter belief in everything Jerry Reese does. With that being said, what I would like to see addressed, is Offensive line (Right Tackle) and just about any where on the Defense.

    Hopefully they will take the best OT, DL, LB or CB available in the first round. Then shoot for value and rely on the scouting dept and luck for the remaining picks.

  5. It’d be interesting to see what Manning could do with a legit TE. Nabbing a 1st round prospect, then using the rest of the draft for lines, LB & DB areas.

  6. even with a 36 million b.s cap hit skins still look like the division leaders..Alfred morris gonna run over ya

  7. I agree that LB is a huge need. Love Ogletree in 1st round. Great coverage LB. Can play Mike or Will. Reese likes Brewer at RT. Please Jerry, draft CBs early and often. TT very iffy. Would be 2d player in NFL history to come back from 3 ACL’s. Webster and Ross are horrible. Let’s get Poyer and Hayden in 2d and 3d or Trufant in 1st.

  8. Pretty good job the only thing you forgot is DT. Much like DE we have older players and our youth in Joseph is a free agent after the season. While we have plenty of bodies with Austin haven’t performed and older vets we could use a younger talent.

    Safety could be a need as well depending on if Thomas is transitioning to safety. Brown played well last year but is a one year wonder and a free agent after the season. Hill has promise but with Rolle carrying a high cap number more depth is possibly needed.

    Also WR is a end of the draft type need. Even if Nicks and Cruz are re-signed only 4 WRs are under contract next year. Cruz if he doesn’t sign before day 2 of the draft has to be looked at as a major question to return. An insurance policy for him or just another talent can be used.

  9. Absolutely no surprises with the team “needs” assessment. Essentially each group mentioned could use some badly needed improvement and upgrade from last season. The team has a lot of work to do for the draft and maybe still on FA signings.

  10. This Eagles fan believes the Giants are in the cat bird’s seat. RG III may not fully recover for another year, if at all. The Cowboys are married to a choker for the duration and the Eagles will be in complete chaos. How can the Giants not win the division. Besides, they very obviously have the best coach.

  11. Hey melk their defense finished last in 2012 how can you say that a cb will is their glaring need. They need a whole lotta help!!!!

  12. “Team needs: New York Giants”

    1) They need to prepare themselves for missing the playoffs again.

    2) They need to work harder on their simultaneous fake defensive injuries so that they can slow down opposing offenses.

    3) John Mara needs to find more fake reasons to convince his buddy Goodell to kneecap his division rivals so that his team will have a chance to compete.

    That should just about do it.

  13. Good call I did not realize that. Saints were last in yards allowed and the Giants were second to last. A CB that can hold his own in man to man allowes more time for pass rush. They do need some help though.

  14. The Giants need class and to stop whining like little girls when things don’t go their way.

    But, seriously I am an Eagles fan and so I despise the G-men. Probably more than any other team with the exception of the Cowgirls.

    Having stated that I have always wanted the Eagles to emulate the pound n’ ground style the Giants play.

    I think wearing down your opponents with the running game is still the way to play football and the G-men do it better than most.

    However, they have in recent years left the ball in Eli’s hands too often. Eli is not Peyton and never will be.

    So if I were the G-men I’d draft more O-linemen or big bruising backs.

    Something, my Eagles should do as well.

  15. The rest of the NFL better pray long and hard that JPP’s long lost twin brother Ziggy Ansah doesn’t slip to us. Then, it won’t matter how bad our LBs and CBs are. They’ll only have to cover quick slants, which most will be batted at the line anyway.

  16. You also have to remember about the guys that they had last year too. Markus Kuhn, Ade Ojomo, Brandon Mosley, Matt McCants, James Brewer.etc. These guys get another year under their belt in the NYG systems. Don’t be surprised if one of them step up this year. It can’t all be in the upcoming draft. The current team is getting up there in age, sooner or later youth needs to prevail.

  17. The Reese/Ross Team and the entire scouting department met and have there board together.
    Giants brought in Jenkins and Patterson, cut by be-gulls, both solid signings, getting Joesph some help, stopping and clogging up the middle.
    However, giants gave up more attempts of passes of 10 yards or more, ranking 32ND.
    I thinking Rhodes/Trufant CB’s
    Possible slide of Ziggy Ansah, BYU, but a project, which is fine, as Tuck & Kiwi find 30 years old, and Tuck one and done.
    Coughlin will take no excuses this year, he was literally caught off guard last year, and was not happy. I see a total change in this team, getting there “nasty back”, and take no prisoners!
    If all goes well in camp, without the ‘injury bug”
    we could, I said could, actually have a solid 2ND half of the season, and make another run at home, super-bowl Met-Life Stadium, NJ, FEB 5Th.

  18. As a Giants fan I kinda dont understand how anyone says the defense was pretty good or even ok. I thought it was the worst I’ve seen in years. Frankly, in the second half of the season, the pass rush was completely nonexistent.

    So I think we will be focusing on the front four again. The hope is that Jenkins and some combination of Austin/Joseph/Rogers/Patterson can stuff the run, but I strongly suspect we will add another DE opposite JPP. Tank Carradine is my guess. I like him and I think we can afford to take a chance on him. He could be as good as any other DE this year.

    With Connor, I feel like he is the plan going forward at middle linebacker so I think we will pass on Ogletree (if he’s even there at 19).

    Cornerback is a problem area too but there’s 4-5 guys who are about as good as one another. I would be happy if we took Trufant or Rhodes in the first round, because I think Thomas and Webster are NOT the answer. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we did a DE in the first round and took someone like Banks or another CB who slips to the 2nd.

    On offense, I’d be surprised if we took a TE in the 1st. I think Bennett was better than anyone in the draft this year and even he wasn’t utilized that much. It would be really interesting if we took Lacy or Bell in round 2 to add to our RB depth or Allen/Patterson as an insurance policy for Nicks.

    If you really believe Ross & Reese go for BPA, then it’s gotta be Warmack. I’d like that pick too b/c . Dude is a road-grader and I’d love to see Wilson running behind him.

    My guess:

    Round 1: Carradine/Werner or Warmack

    Round 2: Johnthan Banks or Wreh-Wilson

  19. how about some o-lineman and d-lineman. for a change cause your just a mediocre team at best. tied for 3 place in the division this season 2013.

  20. This would be a good year to trade up to the top of the 2nd round too. A lot of guys will be around in round 2 who are just as good as mid 1st-round guys.

  21. @ justintuckrule why so the midgets can have dumb and dumber on the same team.

  22. “Hasn’t had an Pro Bowl linebacker who focused on defense since Antonio Pierce” What else does a linebacker focus upon? Does that mean they had a linebacker make the Pro Bowl on special teams? Or is it just a very badly phrased statement?

  23. Thank you for the thoughts on the team needs. Some thoughts:

    1) I believe Zak DeOssie was still considered an LB when he made his first Pro Bowl as a special-teamer. I will clarify it. Thanks for mentioning that it didn’t read well.

    2) I considered DT, TE, S and WR as potential needs, too, before going with the five I listed. One more option at each position could be helpful. WR is interesting — it’s a real strength but Cruz and Nicks are in final years of deals. Giants have done well to add depth here with Randle, Jernigan. Murphy’s also a nice one-year signing.

    3) I like the Wilson / Brown tandem, too, but Brown is entering the last year of his deal and one more back would make sense to me. But I’d agree that they have 2 capable RBs.

    4) The poster who mentioned the young depth made a good point. The Giants have added some youth in recent drafts. If they draft well in 2013 and get some of their younger veteran prospects to step up, it allows for a smoother transition as some of the core players get older.

    Thanks as always for the thoughts. — Mike

  24. FlyFromTheInside says:
    Apr 17, 2013 2:40 PM
    Father Time is fast catching up to the giants.
    Good point. Our QB is 32, WRs are all < 25 yrs old, best pass rusher is 24, RB is 22, and all CBs but 1 is < 30.

    Correction….father time is catching up to the Giants o-line.

  25. No other NFC team has one three conference championships since 2000. The Giants are a well run organization and should be favorites to win the NFC East.

  26. if the Gmen (i do root for the gmen) are going to use only 1 of their top 2 picks on the defensive side i think the spot that would garner the most improvement overall for the squad would be at LB. An LB with ability and smarts makes the other 10 dudes around him better. I am not sure there is a real stud “Defensive QB” available though this year.

    on offense i’m surprised not to see TE mentioned along with the Oline. i’m not 100% sure howmuch i trust Martellus.

  27. Just to let you know dude Martellus Bennet doesn’t play for the Giants anymore so I wouldn’t trust him either

  28. If you’re a true Giants fan, and you follow Jerry Reese and the draft, you must know that Reese drafts the best available player. Regardless of need, Reese has done this year after year. I love it. I’d be shocked if anything but happened again this year.

  29. Lifelong Giants fan here…wow, all you guys really know your stuff!! One glaring omission though, why didn’t/hasn’t Jerry Reese (who I have 120% confidence in) not pursued some of the top name defensive free agents out there? There were some excellent playes out there at all positions and IMO we do need help at all of the defensive slots!

    Were we really that close to the cap that we couldn’t do it? Let’s face it Tisch/Mara group can certainly afford it……

    And to Big Blu Lou’s point, we’ve got some real winners from last year’s crop on defense…..I would save my picks for offense mostly , again IMO…..

    I know it’s not Jerry’s style to go after these ‘name’ guys but still, did they even get in the game with some of them?

    Help me understand guys…..

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