Tebow tutor calls Sanchez “fragile-minded”

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All last season, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow never really reduced themselves to mud-slinging.

Now, through the proxies of their private quarterback coaches, they’re taking shots at each other.

Less than a week after Sanchez’s guy, Jeff Garcia called Tebow a “distraction,” Tebow’s guy has responded.

Along with a rambling blog post titled “The Sabotage of the Quarterback,” Tebow tutor Steve Clarkson called Sanchez “fragile-minded” and said the trade from the Broncos to the Jets was done deliberately to wreck Tebow’s chances.

I think he was purposefully sent to New York,” Clarkson said, via Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “From the standpoint: you send him to a situation where you have instability with your coach – you don’t know if he’s coming or going. You have a fragile-minded Mark Sanchez at quarterback. You stick Tim Tebow in there and you kill two birds with one stone. So if you’re Denver you’ve got to be thinking ‘We send him to New York we basically kill an opponent and at the same time Tim Tebow doesn’t come back to bite us in the proverbial butt, if you will, because he’s not going to make it out of there.’

“You send him to Jacksonville, all of a sudden he’s got that fanbase behind him and all of a sudden he’s doing what he’s done all his life, that’s win games. That would put a lot of ill-will towards your organization. There is a lot of politics that go on with it. I think Timmy was just unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Oh, of course.

Other than the fact that John Elway saying Tebow was involved in the decision contradicts the thesis, it’s a perfectly valid conspiracy theory. The Umbrella Man said so.

Clarkson also said he’s fixed Tebow’s mechanical issues, which he termed “very coach-able and very minor.”

That assessment alone might undermine his claim, and his credibility.

67 responses to “Tebow tutor calls Sanchez “fragile-minded”

  1. WOW, to think this even passed Elway’s mind is unbelievable. All he had was Peyton on his mind.
    These guys aren’t worth that much planning.

  2. Tebow had the third highest all time passer rating coming out of college. He didn’t accumulate it playing stiffs, either. In the NFL to this point, his passer rating is around 75, I think. Which isn’t bad at all for a player with just one season as a starter. A season where the team that employed him traded their only legitimate healthy reciever at the time (Brandon Lloyd) the same day they named him the starting QB.

  3. I like Tebow. I think he’s a model citizen, and I hope he has success in the future, but these conspiracy theories need to stop. I think that sitting on the bench for a couple years, while working on his mechanics, out of the spotlight, is only going to help him succeed. In other words, I don’t think the Broncos were trying to sabotage his career.

  4. So Elway saw NY as their biggest hurdle to the SB? Maybe you watched too many episodes of Dynasty in the 80s man.

  5. I love Tebow! He may not have all the mechanics, but he wins games, period! And to be quite honest, I am a 34 year old that works in a warehouse and I am a better qb than Mark Sanchez! I hope Tebow gets a legitimate chance somewhere.

  6. whats up with the guy in the background of this pic? did he just get a snowball thrown in his face?

  7. I am a Jags and Gator fan (hence the name). Tebow was not “sent” to New York. He was given the option between Jax and NY. He CHOSE New York. People in Jax should have probably felt the same way people from Cleveland felt about LeBron James but we never did.

  8. “whats up with the guy in the background of this pic? did he just get a snowball thrown in his face?”

    That’s Tony Sparano. I believe the NFL blew up in his face. Sorry Tony, but you should have never gone to the JESTS.

  9. yeah didnt tebow say something about choosing the jets because they wanted him more? wont be surprised if tebow releases a statement of his own on this matter just to keep his good guy image.

  10. Tebow never throw the ball that’s why his passer rating is not that bad during Denver. There were games he threw a few passes compared to other qb’s throwing 25 to 60 times a game. A lot of QB’s were successful in college but a few make it. Tebow is done in the NFL so all u Tebow fans just need to deal with it

  11. I miss watching Tebow. Granted the first 55 mins of each game were a waste, but those last 5 min of each game were a sight to see.

  12. Whoa there!

    Tebow does NOT equal Lebron James.

    One of them is a professional champion that dominates his league, the other wrote a premature autobiography and can’t throw a spiral.

  13. The Jags and the ppl in duval wants Tebow! We just don’t want the luggage the jets paid for him. If the jets release him I bet the Jags grab him. Free Tebow!

  14. Tebow also is averaging the same rushing yardage per start at QB that Michael Vick did. Vick had 1066 yards through his first two seasons (17 starts), Tebow has 989 in 16 starts. Griffin has 813 with 15 starts.

  15. If I had a bazillion dollars I would sponsor a magical 1990’s style NFL Quarterback’s Club competition between Tebow, Sanchez, Gabbert, JaMarcus Russell, Todd Marinovich, and Ryan Leaf. My money is on Marinovich.

  16. Tebow tutor?

    Why in the world would we listen to a word this guy says based on his fine “tutoring”?

  17. Hilarious! Both of these guys suck!

    I bet Vince(former Titan’s QB) can outplay both of them…..

    Money @ lower rate of pay!

  18. Tim Tebow actually claimed He had no input in the trade destination.. Im more inclined to believe Tebow then John Elway who looked like a mule kicked him all 2 seasons ago when tebow was winning games. I think tebow eventually relented after the trade and claimed he always wanted to be a jet because he was already with the team.. Here is YOUR ARTICLE florio

    Elway, Tebow differ on whether quarterback chose Jets

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 22, 2012, 5:16 PM EDT

    Getty Images
    On Wednesday, multiple reports indicated that the Broncos were allowing quarterback Tim Tebow to choose between the Jets and the Jaguars. After the trade went down, Tebow claimed otherwise.

    In a late-night media conference call, Tebow said that he “didn’t have any [say]” in his destination, and that the Broncos had “all that power.”

  19. Clarkson also said he’s fixed Tebow’s mechanical issues. Well I wonder what was wrong with Tim’s car? That’s what we’re talking about right? Because nobody can fix Tebow’s throwing motion.

  20. Sanchez is NOT fragile minded-it takes nerves of steel to run full speed up a big man’s butt.

  21. If Clarkson thinks that Tebow is so great, then why would he think that sending him to New York would “kill an opponent”? If he is so high on Tebow, why wouldn’t he think that Tim would have success anywhere he went? Also why would the Broncos be so intimately entwined in the inner politics of the New York Jets? Does Clarkson feel obligated to pump Tebow up just because his check cleared? Clarkson = Blowhard.

  22. That’s awfully maniacal (diabolical, even) and I love the idea of a purposeful JETS JETS JETS sabotage, so I will applaud the Broncos on this one.

  23. Clarkson tutored Matt Leinart, Jimmy Clausen, and Joe Montana’s kid.

    Sanchez is fragile???

    Clarkson set more QBs up for failure than Sanchez did to himself!!!

  24. It’s kindof tough to fault Sanchez for being “fragile minded” when he comes out of college early, joins the pros and next thing you know his head coach is guaranteeing he’ll win a Super Bowl in front of the New York media.

    What a dumbass Wrecks is…

  25. Tebow is obviously persecuted because of his devout faith. The way Tebow wears his faith on his sleeves rubs the irreligious the wrong way.

    That’s why he’s the most scrutinized QB in NFL history.

    That’s why there is a propaganda campaign against him saying that he can’t even play the quarterback position even though he was good enough to turn around a team’s losing season into a playoff run and a playoff win over the #1 defense in the NFL.

    You don’t see any other average to below average starter or backup picked apart like you do Tebow.

    And you don’t see any other young QB with the early success he had, have their entire career in jeopardy.

  26. jebdamone says:
    Apr 17, 2013 8:38 PM
    “whats up with the guy in the background of this pic? did he just get a snowball thrown in his face?”


    Yeah. Sanchez was aiming for Tebow, from two feet away. But it was probably a botched snap….

  27. “Tebow never throw the ball that’s why his passer rating is not that bad during Denver”

    He threw the ball 353 times in Denver. And he had a 2/1 TD INT ratio.

    Meanwhile Andrew Luck had more turnovers than TDs, a similar completion rate and he’s the GOAT yet Tebow can never improve

    Again the agenda is clear

  28. I don’t know what Rex Ryan was sniffing last year – other than his wife’s feet – but, it made no sense to not at least give Tebow a shot. He literally couldn’t have done worse than Sanchez did during his last couple of starts. Watching Sanchez try to run the offense was like watching a toddler trying to drive an 18-wheeler.

  29. first of all both of these players suck, by far the two worst qbs in the league and they play for the same team ironically. but i dont understand where tebows “tutor” can talk about how he would have had a succesfull career in jacksonville, becuase the only thing tebow would have had thier was a fan base and thats literally it. the team is horrible and in this guys mind adding a qb (worst then the qb already starting in jacksonville) would somehow make tebow a succesfull qb. this guys an idiot, mark sanchez is an idiot, rex ryan is the biggest idiot and the whole jets franchise just needs to be scrapped

  30. Too bad Timmy didn’t have Clarkson to straighten out his mechanics earlier on. I heard some of the guys who coached him in the past actually had him throwing overhand.

  31. Holy crap did that one go over my head. Am I reading this wrong, Denver traded Tebow to ruin his career?
    I can understand they wanted to get rid of him because he refused to take heed to his role. I read some of his own comments that he wanted an offense to run like he had in college and Denver said no. It would be a pro, throw the ball first, offense, and he refused to go along with it so goodbye Tebow.

    Also there was a lot of politicking in the locker room where he spent time trying to bring people over to his side and it caused problems. Obviously it didn’t work in NY either and I think they were warned by Denver players in advance to watch their backs.

  32. Tebow is NOT a terrible QB, he’s simply not NFL-caliber, even as a backup. However, his insatiable ego, and his infatuated fanbase will turn any locker room into a complete media circus.

    Look at how aggressively ESPN covers him, has there ever been an NFL backup QB who earned so much attention? Look at how PFT covers him. Everyone wants to bring up his religion, which he wears on his sleeve. All that matters is his performance, which is terrible for a pro.

  33. I think the Broncos disrespected him at times and didn’t give him nearly enough credit for waking up a team that was dead before he took over(say what you will about the D but they were playing like trash under Orton).

    But to sit there and suggest that they purposely ruined his career is an extremely strong allegation that shouldn’t be thrown around lightly, not to mention ridiculous.

  34. Steve Clarkson is putting his foot in his mouth, just like Tom Martinez did with J.Russell.
    Also…..he’s gone over the edge with his sabotage theory.

  35. I agree with the sabotage of the NYJ by the Denver Broncos and John Elway. It seems like something that would be plausible, especially from Elway. The Jets did end up falling apart. Sanchez was fully distracted, worrying that Tebow was there to take his job. If this was something Elway thought up, then I say he deserves a raise.

  36. The nationally televised game before he got benched, Sanchez totally succumbed to the pressure. I’m not a fan of the player or the team, but I felt terrible watching him out there. Ryan is a psychopath, and leaving Sanchez dangling out there in the wind proved it to me.

  37. Who would argue with Jeff Garcia, the “Bust Whisperer”, as I’ve seen him referred to here.
    He’s fixed both Sanchez and JaCarcass Russell.
    Can’t argue those credentials.

  38. I feel really sorry for Tebow getting picked by the donks as a first round pick. He should have been a third or forth rounder with time to develop, but got thrown into the media spotlight and trashed. However, while watching him play, the guy gets his team to rally around him no matter what. The guy is a leader, and can win games with his legs, tough kid. I think we have not seen the last of Tim Tebow in the NFL. He will be a steal for the right team.
    He is one of the hardest working players in the NFl. Mark Sanchez is not.

    Why the Jets traded for Tebow I will never know, what a stupid fit, and it just shows how the Jets organization is fractured from management on down to the coaching staff.

    I hope this kid gets a real shot at playing, because the way the game is changing, it fits his style.

    I would welcome him as an Oakland Raider if the Jets release him.

  39. The reason Tebow wanted to go to the Jets was because he figured there was no way a coach would continue to play Sanchez at starting quarterback. Tebow would be a shoe-in for the position.

    Unfortunately, he underestimated Rex’s stupidity..

  40. ampats says:Apr 17, 2013 8:53 PM

    Happy 44th Jets fans and it looks like we may be celebrating a silver anniversary 50 years ??

    We’ll never catch the Red Sox and their 80-something years.
    Selling Babe Ruth….brilliant!

  41. Idiotic statements. Tebow wasn’t “sent” to the Jets, the Jets acquired him. Huge difference.

    I’ve heard Tebow is as dumb as a post, apparently so is his trainer.

  42. Becareful what you wish for Jacksonville fans, you will be buying more tarp to cover seats when Tebow gets on the field. QB’s in the NFL don’t win games only running with the ball.

  43. Hey kenstabler says: You must resign as a Raider fan for even suggesting that that worthless piece of football trash, Tiny Tim Teblow, should become a Raider.

  44. Tebow just needs to get out of football and be a bible thumper, that MIGHT be the only thing he is good at. I dont think there is anything good about being a bible thumper though.

  45. I father was a man of the cloth. One of the things he told me was NEVER to wear your religion on your sleeve! Mr. Tebow would do well to remember this. No one, not even those who very faithful have shouted to the hilltops like Tebow. And no one wants to be reminded of being God fearing. I have always thought that Tim was trying to hide something when he’s constantly bringing up his faith. It’s as if he’s covering up the fact that he is not as good as his college press clippings say he is!!!!

  46. Think about this, these two are so bad at the QB position that no other team in the NFL wants either one of them, if there was a team that wanted either or both, the Jets would have dumped both of them long before now. The old saying goes, “you made your bed, now lay in it Jets”

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