Tight end Cameron Morrah to sign with 49ers

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The San Francisco 49ers have been in need of depth at the tight end position ever since Delanie Walker elected to sign with the Tennessee Titans in March.

With only Vernon Davis and Garrett Celek as the only two true tight ends on the roster, the 49ers were in need of additional help. According to Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com, the 49ers are expected to sign former Seattle Seahawks tight end Cameron Morrah.

Morrah played college football in the Bay Area at the University of California-Berkeley and was a seventh round selection by the Seahawks in 2009. Morrah has struggled with injuries the last two seasons. He played in just nine games in 2011 as a toe injury forced him to begin the season on the physically unable to perform list. The toe continued to be an issue for Morrah last year as he landed on injured reserve at the end of training camp.

Morrah has appeared in 27 games in four years and has 16 catches for 194 yards.

18 responses to “Tight end Cameron Morrah to sign with 49ers

  1. “Morrah has appeared in 27 games in four years and has 16 catches for 194 yards.”


    Seems like they signed him for inside information…….

  2. He never really saw the field that much here in seattle. Thirs string tight ends never really do. Dont know any reason the niners would want him outside of inside information, if that makes sense. Kind of brett swain

  3. Hahahaha this is so awesome. 49er fans were bashing on the Hawks so bad for picking up Swain because he was 49er cast away. Now look at this! Honestly both these players will be equally as useless, in my opinion. It’s just funny that 49er fans have to eat their words now.

  4. Anyone who knows a thing about Seattle’s offense is that we only use them for blocking and extra pass protecting. He was decent on the team but didn’t see many passes go his way. It’ll be hard seeing action with Kaepernick’s loose cannon of an arm

  5. I remember a post where 49er fan was claiming Seattle picks up all their players and ex-GM like a homer. All teams pick up players that may be a fit for their team. Morrah I remember he was making plays early when he got here. He was fast, athletic but sub par hands- never progressed and couldn’t beat out Evan Moore for playing time at 3rd TE. Moore dropped every ball thrown his way.

  6. So called experts like the previous poster directly above don’t understand that this is simply to bring a camp body in to help full the thin TE position who’s easily expendable.

    Oh and don’t moan because you didn’t call yourself an expert.

    When you speak as if with full command and comprehension of a subject matter you in a sense make that claim.

    Of course it’s difficult to conclude the obvious:

    Nobody TE from a divisional rival goes to the NFC Champs must be going there before the draft because they must be desperate.


    It’s one thing to hate on a rival team but at least do so intelligently!

  7. This guy is almost certainly a training camp signing. Some guy with modest talent who can take some of the wear-and-tear off the quality players who will be ahead of him.

    All the rest is simply people with over-active imaginations who seem to want to see great/nefarious things in non-story stories.

  8. The “12th Man” or whatever you guys call yourselves, are ignorant to what a winning franchise does to stay top in class. The move is obvious, create competition and utilize his knowledge. He’ll be cut before the season. Go raise a flag and salute your own ignorance.

  9. Are people really arguing over Morrah and Swain? Like both of them are going to be day one starters? They are both great athletes and have the potential to make either team but the fact of the matter is that both these teams are adding depth and competition to their rosters for the offseason. I expect the 49ers to draft a TE as well, maybe as high as top of the second round.

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