Cedric Benson getting closer to 100 percent

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The last time we heard about running back Cedric Benson, he was paying off three citations he received while in Wisconsin during his stint with the Packers.

Those citations don’t have much to do with his football career, but the same can’t be said of the Lisfranc injury that cut short his football season. Benson’s been rehabbing the injury for several months and it appears that he’s almost back to full speed.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Benson is getting closer to 100 percent in rehab from his foot problem and provides a link to a video of Benson working out that displays his improved physical condition. Benson ran for 248 yards and a touchdown in five games with Green Bay last season, the first time in the last four years that he failed to cross the 1,000-yard mark and scored fewer than six touchdowns.

Schefter further reports that Benson is “on teams’ radar,” but it’s hard to believe there will be a deal coming in the near future. Benson will still need to prove his health and teams will likely wait until after the draft to address any other holes on the roster. For Benson and veteran backs like Ahmad Bradshaw and Felix Jones, that means waiting a little bit longer before landing a job for the 2013 season.

12 responses to “Cedric Benson getting closer to 100 percent

  1. so it is time for him to go cry on the radio again about how he just wants to keep playing in any role; then if some team is stupid enough to sign him he can lie about how 5 teams were trying to get him again.

  2. Did a decent job for the Packers once he got accustomed to their system. Would be nice to see him back for another chance.

  3. Not a Packers fan at all, but why are they so terrible at the running game? Take a solid RB in the draft so the offense is not so predictable, A-Rodgers can only do so much.

    Stop wasting time on used up RB’s that are injury prone, Benson, Grant, Starks… Get a solid RB to keep defense on their toes to give the Pack a better chance.

  4. tjrogers09 says: Apr 18, 2013 12:32 PM

    Not a Packers fan at all, but why are they so terrible at the running game? Take a solid RB in the draft so the offense is not so predictable…

    The running back is only 1/3 of the problem. The offensive line accounts for the rest. Its been a huge problem, partly due to injuries, but also because they have always had some real weak links.

  5. Dump this loser. He is just taking up space. I may be wrong but I think he had major injuries the past three seasons. The Pack have young studs and probably will pick up another via the draft so my take is this guy will be the property of someone else or out of football but not a packer in 2013.

  6. Benson was actually underrated this year. The Green Bay running back depth chart is not one to be enamored with, but he averaged more all-purpose yards than any other back on the team.

    Somebody should bring him on because he can still help. He is not a superstar or a pro bowler, but help is always good.

  7. Sad that another great Green Bay team has disappeared “like a fart in the wind” as Ron Wolf and Warden Norton so famously said.

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