Chiefs confirm Branden Albert’s agent may speak with Dolphins


Branden Albert does indeed have permission to talk to the Dolphins — as long as he does his talking through his agent.

An odd circumstance arose on Thursday when it was reported that the Chiefs had given the Dolphins permission to meet with Albert, the left tackle they are considering trading. Hours after that report was published, Chiefs coach Andy Reid said that permission had not been granted.

Now Reid has clarified for Chris Mortensen of ESPN that Kansas City has given permission to the Dolphins to speak with Albert’s agent, but no visit to the Dolphins’ facilities or physical exam is allowed yet.

Reid said he was engaged in on-field business and misunderstood what Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey had told him about the Albert situation, leading to some confusion about whether they were still talking about trading him to the Dolphins. Reid said there had been no talks between the Chiefs and Dolphins for two days, and that Dorsey had declined to give Albert permission to visit the Dolphins without a substantive trade offer, and as a result Reid thought no permission had been given.

But the Dolphins can at least talk to Albert’s agent about working out a long-term contract. And if they can agree on those terms, don’t be surprised if the Dolphins end up sending a second-round draft pick to Kansas City. And don’t be surprised to see Albert in a Dolphins uniform.

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  1. LOL!!!! Same old Kansas City Chiefs team. Always want to trade there best players off doesn’t matter who the coach is or who the General Manager is.

    Scott Poili did the same thing to Tony Gonzalez when he arrived in Kansas City

    New Management always makes players mad and know Branden Albert wants out of Kansas City

    #1 Jared Allen
    #2 Tony Gonzalez
    #3 Branden Albert

  2. Mr. John Dorsey and Mr. Andy Reid team that will dominate for a decade. At the “voluntary camp” every single Chiefs player showed up……….except the selfish Albert.

    The Chiefs will not tolerate Me-First players so Albert must be sent packing….good riddance.

    The Chiefs and Seahawks have been dominating the offseason roster building acquisitions, and now the Chiefs are positioning themselves to dominate the draft.

  3. The Chiefs are methodically assembling a team capable of making multiple Super Bowl appearances over the next decade.

    Andy Reid FINALLY has a class organization to work for and FINALLY has a competent GM to work with.
    KC is glad his plan to force his way out of that cesspool city and inferior organization with the clueless, yet uncivilized fanbase worked to perfection.
    They swindled the future AFC top ranked QB for a 2nd rounder.
    They are dumping a malcontent, selfish ME-First player for 2nd rounder.
    They had the 2nd best offseason acquisitions.
    Now they will deftly, and shrewdly dominate the draft.

    Can’t wait to see the multiple Chiefs – Seahawks Super Bowl matchups

  4. This would suggest the scouts/coaches are not that impressed with the round 2 talent in the draft.

    I would prefer this to using two picks (our 1st and another pick at least to move up) to take Lane Johnson.

    The downside is obvious: more money for a short term answer. But…Tannehill will not succeed if he he’s on his back under 300 pounds of one defensive end or another.

  5. only way miami will make this trade if its for a 3rd with a contract in place… doubt it happens though

  6. onbucky96 says: Apr 18, 2013 8:18 PM

    Easy trade. KC has no 2nd because of Alex Smith trade, while Miami has an extra 2 from the Indy Vontee Davis deal. Next issue…


    Really? Seriously???
    I’m so glad you expertly diagnosed that for all of us

  7. I would wait until friday of the draft before I’d make that trade if I was the dolphins. You have to see how the draft unfolds. What if one of the 3 tackles drops?

  8. has anybody read ,Iknoweverything’s, comments. i want some of what that guy is smoking. he has to be really high to believe what he just posted. thanks for the laugh dude.

  9. Man if we sign Branden Albert for big money, I will be pissed because we could have resigned Jake Long and kept the 2nd round pick to draft Jake’s future replacement.

  10. talking to his agent is pretty different from bringing him to your facility, which is what was being reported earlier today. it sounds like him visiting is still contingent on the teams coming to an agreement on compensation.

  11. riseabovecancer says:Apr 18, 2013 7:51 PM

    LOL!!!! Same old Kansas City Chiefs team. Always want to trade there best players off doesn’t matter who the coach is or who the General Manager is.

    The chiefs traded Jared Allen for a first and third (maybe one other pick). They drafted Albert and Jamaal Charles. I’d say that worked out. No?

  12. They were switching from the 4-3 to a 3-4. Allen wouldn’t have fit. Might as well get something.. Albert wants too much he’s not Willie roaf. Know what you’re talking about before you start “Lol”ing buddy

  13. Trade up…..GET LANE JOHNSON!!!!! Miami has 11 picks and all 11 players will not make the roster. Might as well trade away a few picks on a player that will make your team(L.Johnson) rather than drafting a player who might not make your team.

    Miami is trying to get younger…Albert is 28 will be 29 in November…at the position he plays I would not be surprised if he was hurt by week 12. Drafting a LT next year will not be any easier if the fins record does in fact improve plus they will not have as much ammunition as they do now (11 picks). FINS UP!!!!!!!!!

  14. If Miami wanted to over pay a often injured LT then why didnt they keep Jake Long? Hes often injured and hes over paid. The only difference is Jake Long is a much better over paid LT then Fat Albert. And Miami could have kept their 2nd rd pk. This trade is a head scratcher, maybe Jeffery will come to his senses or cents.

  15. Smart money says its going to be a 3rd round pick i don’t think ireland is a buffoon.. It would likely cost swapping a 2nd round pick and a 4th to move up to jacksonvilles spot and grabbing an offensive tackle, Younger, Cheaper, Healthier and Happier..

    The more i think about it if I were Ireland i would offer them a 4th rounder take it or leave it.

  16. forget the dumb stuff grab m.wallace boy e.sanders to then trade up for t.austin n lets score fast..l.miller would have a field day..tanni would have no choice but to go to the probowl….rrst of draft play makers on both sides

  17. If Long wasn’t worth that kind of money, why should Albert be worth that kind of money AND a second round pick? The only way the ‘Phins should accept this deal is if both the Chiefs and Albert lower their price. Otherwise, trade up to get a LT or move a bulked-up Martin over and get a RT later in the draft.

  18. Quit comparing him to long, did anybody watch long last year? Was getting beat gave up a huge sack to freeney during indy game…come on.

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