Dave Gettleman doesn’t see major holes with Panthers


Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman held his first pre-draft press conference since moving from the Giants to the Panthers and sounded like a man pleased with the makeup of his roster heading into next week.

While Gettleman admitted that the depth at secondary, offensive line and defensive line in this draft class matches up well with areas that the Panthers would like to improve, he also said that he didn’t think there were any gaping holes on the roster that needed filling.

“Maybe you guys think I’m Pollyanna but I don’t see any major holes here,” Gettleman said, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

If the Panthers did have a player they absolutely wanted, it might be hard for them to deal up given their relative lack of draft picks (11 over the next two years) so it isn’t a bad thing that Gettleman feels the team has no needs that must be met during the draft. Trading down isn’t a possibility with a lot of appeal to the general manager — “Do you want a dollar or three dimes? I’ll take the buck.” — so it seems the Panthers will be on the less active side of things once the draft gets underway next week.

Unless, of course, that’s just what Gettleman wants us to think.