Dolphins showing interest in Chiefs’ Branden Albert


The Kansas City Chiefs have the No.1 overall pick in next week’s NFL draft. The team has also indicated they would be willing to move left tackle Branden Albert if the price was right.

With the likelihood that Kansas City will select a left tackle with the first pick of the draft (either Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher are possibilities), the Chiefs could decide to trade Albert soon if they can find a willing partner.

That partner may very well be the Miami Dolphins. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Dolphins have inquired with the Chiefs about dealing for Albert. The Chiefs are supposedly seeking a high second round pick for Albert in order to trade him. The Dolphins have the 11th and 24th picks in the second round (No. 42 and No. 54 overall) and a hole at left tackle since Jake Long left in free agency to sign with the St. Louis Rams.

If the Chiefs know they will be picking a left tackle in next week’s draft, moving Albert now would seem to be a prudent move if they can get close to the compensation they are seeking. If Albert is no longer going to be a part of the team going forward, getting something in return of value would appear to be the right move to make.

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  1. How does it work when Miami franchised Starks? Can they have two franchised players if they didn’t franchise them both themselves? Have we ever seen that before?

  2. The Chiefs wasted a 2nd round pick on Alex Smith. Now they’re looking to get that pick back by trading their starting LT and then using their 1st on a new LT.

    Net result? A noodle-armed game manager and a rookie LT instead of a Pro-Bowl caliber LT and the #1 overall pick.

    Something is wrong with this picture.

  3. Why the hell would the Fin’s trade one of their 2nd round picks for an average tackle who’s got the franchise tag when they could trade the Raiders for the 3rd pick and draft a franchise left tackle? This is just more predraft BS. Albert is overrated and the Chiefs know it.

  4. So the Dolphins who wouldn’t commit to Long who wanted a lot of money and has lower back issues are going to trade a high pick for Albert who wants a lot of money and has lower back issues? Makes very little sense when you think it through.

  5. This would only be a good move for the Dolphins if they can restructure his contract. If that happens, its a 2nd round pick for a 1st round talent that allows them to pick for talent this year and not need.

  6. I like the move. Ireland will draft Sheldon Richardson and trade under performing Jared Odrick and get back a third round draft pick. Aha! Didn’t see that one coming.

  7. Albert isn’t elite level LT but good enough to be the franchise protector of Tannehill. For a second round pick I would jump at it but my team has Matt Kalil. controlling his weight will probably make him a lot like Jeremy Bushrod. Ireland could be smart about this and pick him up cheaper than for one of the three tackles. It could turn out to be at 12. they could take Jonathan Cooper to fill the guard position or Xavier Rhodes to fill the number 2. cornerback spot or Vaccaro could be there at 12. And maybe get a pass rusher outside of Cameron Wake like Ansah.

  8. I think a 4th round is more then fair to trade for him considering He wants out of KC and the fins would have to renegotiate a long term deal for him…

    As a fin fan if we gave up a high 2nd or low 2nd for Branden Albert im going to be slightly pissed at Ireland… I guess Eric Winston must be in terrible shape or something.

  9. Saw this coming. Miami has the cap room to blow it on another left tackle. Johnathan Martin is more than capable of being a starting left tackle and would probably be better playing left tackle than right tackle…

    Why doesn’t Miami just roll the dice with Martin and draft DJ Fluker? Ah wait, six years/$60 million isn’t that much…

    NOTE: you can’t trust people with two first names

  10. Trading with the Raiders would cause the Fins to give up both 1st Rd draft picks & one of those 2nd Rounders.

  11. Oderick is not under preforming, he is out of position. When he plays the position he played all through college, DT, he is one of the best run stoppers in the game. I hope they don’t trade for Albert unless it’s absolutely necessary, meaning they can’t get 1 of the 3 LT’s.

  12. This would be a great deal for the Dolphins and would open up the draft as previously mentioned he is worth a 2nd rounder but not a high
    one like they want. The Chiefs will be dealing with his antics all the way up to the season opener and I’m pretty sure Andy Reid doesn’t want to start his regime with a disgruntled player the price will go down. How about this Starks for Albert? Haha think the Chiefs would have to add a little sweetener to the pot because Starks is worth dealing with disgruntled or not.

  13. Sure they still probably have cap room left, but maybe Miami should cool it a little bit.

  14. It would seem absolutely neccessary to move Albert with KC in a rebuilding mode. The issue for KC is that the Dolphins have many options to pick up an OT. They can keep Martin at LT where he finished last season and use a draft pick in the 3rd round to p/u a RT. The Dolphins and GM Ireland may not want to pay big bucks to Albert without restructuring his contract.

  15. Just to dispel a couple of popular Brandon Albert myths for you non Chiefs fans.

    First, there is no evidence that Albert has ongoing back issues. He missed 3 games with a back injury last season but has since fully recovered and passed a team physical. Chalk this up to media created drama.

    As far as his talent level, here is what was said about him at the time the Chiefs tagged him…”According to Pro Football Focus’ metrics, Albert has allowed fewer sacks and fewer combined quarterback hits and hurries than both Ryan Clady and Jake Long over the past two seasons.”

    Not saying the Dolphins should pull the trigger on a deal, but if they do they wouldn’t be trading for an injured average LT.

  16. Hard to believe Ireland wouldn’t just wait until KC drafts their left tackle and loses leverage with their demands for Albert. “I see you now have two starting left tackles. Pickle for you. Now you can take or leave this third rounder.”

  17. For the people questioning why the Phins didnt just resign Long or just draft Fluker the reason is they dont fit a zone blocking scheme that Miami is running. As for not moving up high in the draft to get Fischer or Johnson, that would require using a first and a second on a tackle. Getting Albert would allow Miami to address another posistion in the first round. With it being this close to the draft it could be all smoke and mirrors anyway. 7 more days and we will be able to know whats been the truth and whats been lies.

  18. Had Ireland drafted a legitamate offensive tackle last year they would not be in this position. Martin is a protection liability no matter what side of the line you put him on. Had Martin shown promise last year Miami would not be in the position. They would have moved Martin to LT and either signed Winston or drafted a RT this year. Instead, they are faced with the reality they will not get any of the three coveted LT’s and trading for a LT who is less talented than Jake Long. Only the Fins and they are my team.

  19. Now that would be a typical dolphin move give up a second for a ofte injured left tacle instead of trading up to get an elite LT anything to please voters for that stadium. What joke is J-lo running the show

  20. what are you idiots doing talking about renegotiating Albert’s deal? He has no deal. That is why he is franchised, because he was set to become a free agent. His deal can’t be restructured because he had no deal. He needs to be signed to one. Duh.

  21. If this deal does happen Miami will draft TE Tyler Eifert and you then you have Justin Keller, Mike Walace, Brian Hartline,Devon Bess and Brandon Gibson far cry from last year.

  22. Brandon Albert trade rumors + professed love of Joeckel & Fisher + rumors of not liking Lane Johnson + canceling Lane Johnson visit = Ireland trying to drive down the price to move up to the 6th pick and select Lane Johnson…duh

  23. Wow the haters on this site. Albert is a top 10 lt. The number 42 pick is a very fair price. Often injured. Ah ok yes he missed 4 games last yr but the yrs before that he missed like 2 games. Last I checked you guys didn’t have a lt and do have a lot of money/pick value tied to a young qb. Do you want him to get killed. Your not going to get as good of a lt with any of ur picks since the top 3 will be gone by pick 10. The only reason kc is trading him is cause the will get a cheaper option at 1 better probably not guy only gave up 1 sack last yr but the new guy will be cheaper.

  24. It sounds like a great fit. Chiefs want to trade their LT and phins need one. The guy is good but careful what you get. This guy is sitting out offseason workouts with the chiefs (and he probably needs them being his weight is an issue) because hes demanding to know whats going on. Sounds like this guy is about him and not doing whats best for the team. If the phins do trade for him hopefully they can get a contract where it states he has to stay under a certain amount of weight to get certain incentives.

  25. If this does happen I would probably think the phins wait to see how Keller pans out and resign him if he does well. Draft a pass rusher or the safety from Texas with the 1st pick. Then go corner with the 2nd. Then maybe G within the next two picks.

  26. Common people. He would move to right tackle. Martin is going to the left cause thats his natural position. Also Alberts said that he doesnt want to play left tackle anymore that he wants to play right. Also if the phins to do trade for him its not like they are going to keep him at that contract. They will resign long term. Also Jake Long is no longer with the phins cause he was one of the few that held their stupid meeting with the coach saying they should have a decision in personnel moves. Any of those guys still around??? Phillbin is running the show not Ireland. I say that cause ever since Philbin became coach the whole GM’s philosophy has changed. Anytime Phillbin has had to talk to anyone more than 2 times is gone. I dont think drafting a corner in the first round and shipping for lesser value, trading a diva reciever for peanuts, and Im sure Ireland wouldve loved to have chad johnson last year to sell some tickets. No, Phillbin knows what hes doing and Im glad someone with some knowledge is running the team now.

  27. I love the Chiefs, but I don’t understand why Chiefs don’t simply trade down, keep Albert, and get more position players they need.

    I really can’t understand moving a “good” OT, to get a potentially “great” OT, using a #1 daft pick, when so many other positions are downright “poor” to “terrible”. Get those fixed first.

  28. jprcox – I’m a chiefs fan also. The chiefs would LOVE to trade down, but that takes two to dance. Have you been hiding lately or not reading the news? There is not clear cut, must have prospect to take number one, hence why nobody wants that spot. At then end of the day, with the current CBA, they will get a younger, hopefully better tackle at a cheaper price than what they would if they signed Albert to a long-term deal that appeases his somewhat over-inflated ego. Plus, they get a second rounder, something they lost with the trade for Smith. So for a draft that doesn’t solve their long-term need at QB, this is the best ideal solution they can hope for.

  29. When did he say he wanted to move to RT? I find that hard to believe because he’d just wanna stay in KC then. Also a move to RT could cost him MILLIONS next year when he’s a free agent. The reason why he is disgruntled in the first place is the possibility of them drafting the best LT in the draft. Nice try though.

  30. Also they could trade Albert and trade down stacking picks to fill a bunch of needs. I could see them using all those stacked picks on both lines. Did the Chiefs cut the next “Richard Seymour” yet? That’s Tyson Jackson by the way. What a bust. The Chiefs looked like the Lions from the early 2000’s drafting D-linemen after D-Linemen in the first round like the Lions did with receivers. Hopefully Poe can break the trend like Megatron did. Yea Scott Pioli what a genius that guy laughed all the way to the bank.

  31. Common people. He would move to right tackle. Martin is going to the left cause thats his natural position. Also Alberts said that he doesnt want to play left tackle anymore that he wants to play right…

    he absolutely didn’t say that!!!! he said he will NOT play RT.

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