D’Qwell Jackson excited to give Ravens, Steelers “dose of their own medicine”


Over the course of linebacker D’Qwell Jackson’s career with the Browns, he’s seen a lot of good defenses wearing Ravens and Steelers uniforms push his team’s offense around on the way to victories that propelled Baltimore and Pittsburgh to the playoffs.

Jackson would like to see a defense like that in Cleveland this season and feels new defensive coordinator Ray Horton is just the man to put such a defense into place. Jackson is excited to be in an aggressive defense that calls on him to blitz more often than he did in Dick Jauron’s defense over the last two seasons and just as excited to bring that kind of scheme into meetings with Cleveland’s AFC North rivals.

“It’s going to be good to finally get after the Baltimores and the Pittsburghs and actually give them a little dose of their own medicine,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “They play aggressive. I watch all the top defenses and Baltimore and Pittsburgh, they get after people, and that’s what Ray brings here.”

Scheme only counts for so much since the best one in the world can only take you so far without the right talent. The Browns signed Paul Kruger to play outside linebacker and they’ve shifted holdovers like Ahtyba Rubin and Jabaal Sheard to new spots as they transition to Horton’s 3-4 look. There are more spots that need to be filled or upgraded in the draft, though, and the Browns will need to fill them before Horton can fully turn loose the dogs on Baltimore, Pittsburgh and the rest of the Browns’ schedule this year.

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  1. Joe Flacco is 10-0 in his career against Cleveland…. you have a long way to go Mr. Jackson.

  2. I am not sure if anyone watched the Cardinals play last year. Ray Horton had that defense bringing the heat. They were aggressive and fought on every play and I have no doubt with the talent there with the Browns he can do the same. The problem was the offense was so bad it constantly gave up field position and time of possession was always one sided. Browns need some weapons at WR.

  3. There was once a team in the “NFL”, (that’s pre-AFL, NFL) that was respected for its originality and tough play. They had a coach whose name they proudly wore, and they were fun to watch. The years have not been terribly kind to that team playing alongside Lake Erie. Dammit all, they’re due, to resurrect that once great aura of respect. Please Mr Chudzinski, Mr Horton, help them to get there.

  4. He’s got the right attitude.

    But there’s a big difference between talking and doing. And he shouldn’t overlook the Bengals either, who have made the playoffs more often that the Steelers the past few years.

  5. Cleveland is going to surprise everyone this year.
    If you have any kind of knowledge of football, you can look at the browns and see an ideal situation. The new coaches bring a ton to this young, and talented team.

    The potential is there for this team to win 9-10 games. If a few players step it up (weeden, trich, Gordon, Sheard, Taylor) I wouldn’t be surprised to watch them take the north. The guys I mentioned, undeniably have the talent. Now they have the coaches and schemes to get the most out of it.

    On offense and defense, I expect to watch an extremely aggresive team.

    And the guy who said they need a wideout; they don’t really. Maybe some depth at the bottom, but they look pretty set with 3, maybe 4 good WRs (Gordon and little for sure.)

  6. @themackstrong you are 100% correct the Cards D ranked 21st in the league that’s definitely bringing the heat! Lol

  7. Its exciting to think about a winning season, but as a lifelong browns fan – we’re always doing just that. And it never happens.

    The right answer is we dont know:

    -Will Horton’s scheme fit the personnel?
    -Will Chud & Norv get Weeds settled?
    -Will Rooks & youth step up another notch?
    -Will they solidify the secondary PLEASE?
    -Will PIT, BAL & CIN actually take a step back? (no)
    -Will Haslam’s FBI/IRS dance impact the team?
    -Will the draft wish to trade out of 6, gain a 2nd, and still get a top DB come to pass? (it must!)

    Guessing is fun to those who dont do this every April/May….Browns fans do it every April/May.

    We’re old hand at big predictions, (false) hope, and of course, cleaning house after the year and starting over.

  8. I wish the Browns the best, because I despise the Steelers and Ravens, but I think the last time the Browns won a playoff game was with Belicheck as the head coach.

  9. You Browns fans are LUDACRIS if you think the Browns will even contend in the division. All three people mentioned above, with the exception of Kruger, are nobodys. Even Kruger was grossly overpayed for a 1 down linebacker. How about you guy get a QB. I’m all for fandom, but you have to be realistic. You aren’t even the best team in your own state!!! You have the worst talent pool in the division on top of that. Please come back down to earth.

  10. Lets break it down folks:

    Ravens: World Champs.
    Steelers: Always there, can’t be counted out.
    Bengals: Almost there….getting very dangerous.
    Browns: Most up and coming team in the league.

    This scientific list I created proves that the AFCN is much much better than the NFCE and therefor should get more coverage and better TV spots!



    Also I would like to point out that Ravenator never lies. Everything he writes is technically true. ( I post that because I see people hating on the facts that he kindly shares with us)

    Thanks friends!

  11. LOL, the Dawgs bark is far more fearful than their bite. You can squawk all you want about doing this or that, but the game is played on the field, and the browns have been getting destroyed on that field for the better part of 25 years…. Until you start “bringing the pain” Dqwell, you really don’t have much backing you up. Good luck with that. Sorry, but the other three clubs in the AFCN are far better than your organization.

  12. Well, Flacco picked apart Horton’s defense in Arizona. Paul Kruger was in Baltimore and is a joke and never got a sack while Suggs was on the bench. What does that tell you. Kruger can’t control the corner and is a 1 down linebacker. Upshaw (rookie) started in Baltimore opposite Suggs, not Kruger. Baltimore will win the division again, Pittsburgh will be second, and the bungles and brown will fight for the cellar as usual. But, I don’t want to steal your hope with facts it’s the preseason, enjoy your fantasy football.

  13. As a Steelers fan I agree with Jackson. But the Browns problems have been on offense. The defense has been good the last couple years and I think it’s going to get better. So to be like the Pittsburghs and Baltimores, you need a franchise QB.

  14. Did they legalize weed in Ohio? People who think the Browns are winning 10 games are clearly high. The AFCN plays the NFCN and AFCE this year,along with their own division. To get to 10 wins means they have to get wins over some combination of New England,Miami,Green Bay,Chicago,Minnesota,and Detroit. The Jets,Bills,Jaguars,and Chiefs will also be on their schedule,and those aren’t exactly easy wins either. We haven’t even talked about their own division and lack of success getting wins there yet. Good luck Cleveland.

  15. Well they’ll definitely be better than the steelers. Better than the Ravens or Bengals? Don’t hold your breath.

  16. D’Qwell Jackson is severely underrated. If it weren’t for the fact he’s spend his entire career on a bad team, he would be a household name and Pro Bowler every season. He’s led the league in tackles in two seasons (2008 & 2011) and no one ever knew it except Browns fans like me. Go get ’em DQ!

  17. LOL, try winning more than 5 games and keeping a regime intact for more than 2 seasons first, D’Qwell. When you’re speaking on behalf of the one the saddest organizations in the NFL, it’s best to speak modestly.

  18. Apparently, the only “Title” Cleveland will be going after is the “Most Delusional Preseason Fanbase Award.” Long held by the Redskins Fanbase, the Cleveland Fans are making a strong push for this title by claiming 10 wins and a playoff run with:

    A.No QB
    B. Reliance on a Defensive Coordinator who ranked 28th against the pass. (Sidenote: nobody on Cleveland’s Defense has the skills of Patrick Peterson)
    C. Reliance on Paul Kruger to rush the passer, whom only recorded 1.5 sacks without Terrell Suggs on the other side
    D. A complete ignorance of recent history that tells us this Franchise is a doormat.

    Good Luck, you’re in the best Division in Football.

  19. Ravens welcome the challenge. As far as whopping Pittsburgh, join the club. Everybody’s doing it! Yikes!

  20. D’Qwell Jackson is awesome. I have love for (most) former Terps but this guy is a baller and does things the right way. Yes, Flacco is 10-0 against the Browns, but the Browns more often than not play the Ravens close. I’m nervous when Cleveland shows up on our schedule no matter what the records are. I was at the game in Baltimore when the officials screwed up a field goal call and half the Ravens team, thinking they had already won, had to come OUT of the locker room to go lose in OT to the Browns. Gotta love AFC North football. Go Ravens.

  21. I thought Shurmur had Cleveland on the right track last year. I think it was a big mistake firing him. They were better than their record. Hopefully the coaching change doesn’t send them into another funk.

    If they stay on the same track the AFCN games this year should be fantastic.

    Should come down to the final weeks.

    Not for the Steelers of course… they’re gonna stink.

  22. h3min1230 says:
    Apr 18, 2013 11:36 AM
    Browns: 10-6
    Bengals: 9-7
    Ravens: 7-9
    Steelers: 5-11



    Browns: 0-0
    Bengals: 0-0
    Ravens: 0-0
    Steelers: 0-0


  23. I thought Shurmur had Cleveland on the right track last year.


    Now there’s pure comedy gold!

  24. Jackson would start on any team in the AFCN, same for Phil Taylor. That being said, the Brownies O is whats been killing this team.

  25. It begs the question, what were they doing against the Ravens and Steelers up until this point? Not playing defense?

    The record certainly indicates so.

  26. frogyzero,

    I think the coverage and tv spots are more a reflection of the size of the fan bases and not who is better. I hate NFCE fans, even my own fellow skins fans, but they’re everywhere. No division has a fan base anywhere near the size of the NFCE.

    The AFCN is better top to bottom even though the numbers between the two divisions are similar. (In the last give years the AFCN has won 167 , games and two superbowls.The NFCE has won 165 and two superbowls.)

    More fans, more coverage.

  27. The Brownies did improve from 2011 to 2012, and have potential to improve this year. The issue is, and every AFCN fanbase would agree, the Brownies struggle on O, NOT D. So to hear people say “their D is much improved,” well that’s nice, but realistically you don’t have a good QB (average at best), not a single wideout on your team would be considered a #1 on 31 other teams in the NFL, no TE to speak of, a 2nd year RB who runs his mouth more than the ball, and half of a solid O line. The key offseason acquisition they hang their hat on is Kruger who, while a solid player, was grossly overpaid. Remember Cleveland- this guy played LESS D SNAPS than rookie Upshaw in the SuperBowl. What does that tell you?

    And honestly…what looks like the better D improvement. Kruger and a coordinator, or Dumervil, Huff, McClain, and a healthy top 5 CB in Webb? And let’s not get into the O…
    Flacco > Weeden
    Torrey > Gordon
    Pitta > whoever the hell Cleveland has
    Rice > T-Rich

    Shall I go on? I rest my case.

  28. greglloyd:
    Hate to burst your bubble, but the Steelers have been winning with DEFENSE, evident by its No. 1 rankings in 2004, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012.
    Over the past 26 years, the Steelers have had a top-5 defense 15 times, which has contributed to 15 playoff appearances.
    Get back to me when you have some positive data on the “franchise” OB’s bottom-10 scoring offense.

  29. Talk’s cheap in APRIL.

    Jackson must have gone to the Rex RYAN school of blowhards.

    Oh…and Brandon Weeden might be rated between 25th and 29th as the worst QB in the league.

  30. Clowny dream season is March-August, so we are in the middle of that. The fist or reality hits in September and by Halloween they have folded their tents at the Factory of Sadness.

    Expect more of the same.

  31. Did I really see some idiot say Cleveland doesn’t have anyone with Patrick petersons skills? Dumbest thing I have ever read.

    Also, someone said balti had a top-5 cb? No, no they don’t lol.

    Joe Haden, is the name you’re missing people. He is better than every other cb in the afc north, and is actually a top-5 cb. Not just someone who fans claim is top 5.
    Joe Haden>>>>> Patrick Peterson

    And can you really claim history as a reason that Cleveland will be bad this year? They have a new… Everything. This front office, has no history. Just a lot of individual success.

    You can say ray rice, and Torrey smith are better than trich and Gordon, and that’s fair. But when this season ends, and the two browns have better stats, I’m going to post “I told you so” on every article.

    Browns fans aren’t delusional. The great thing about NFL is that there are no sure-things. Anyone who thinks Cleveland lacks for talent, is deeply mistaken. Bash all you want, but we all have the same record. And I bet not a single one of you post things on your teams stories saying “well our defense really is old, and we did lose a lot in FA. So I would say we will probably go 5-11.” (Pitt fans)

    Blah, sorry, ignorant people just amaze me. What makes the NFL so great and a year-round sport; is trying to predict what your team is going to do. And lets face it, hope springs eternal in 32 US cities.

  32. If I’m a Browns fan, I’ve got a good feeling about his upcoming season with Chud and Horton. If the Browns draft Millner or Jordan, it’s over for the AFC North.

  33. ravenmuscle | Apr 18, 2013, 2:06 PM EDT
    Talk’s cheap in APRIL.

    Jackson must have gone to the Rex RYAN school of blowhards.

    Oh…and Brandon Weeden might be rated between 25th and 29th as the worst QB in the league.
    So that means you went to The Ravens University of Trolling. The muscle you need to work on rests very comfortably in the space between your ears…like a pebble in the Grand Canyon .

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