Hopkins, Harrison deny trashing room at Combine

Getty Images

We interrupt the ongoing coverage of the 2013 regular-season schedule to continue our coverage of the case of the trashed Scouting Combine hotel room.

One of the players staying in the room, receiver DeAndre Hopkins, denies any involvement in the trashing of the room.

“Luckily, thank God, my agent got my flight booked early or it really would’ve been questionable if I did [it] or not,” Hopkins told FOXSports.com.  “My agent got my flight booked early, he told me hurry up.

“I got done before Mark Harrison, so I was already packed.  I already took a shower and packed and everything.  Mark came in and we spoke for at least 20 minutes about the Combine.  Then the bellman came in and helped me get my bags out.  And I left.  That’s honestly all I can say. . . .

“I say check the cameras, that’s the best way that you’re going to get the answer.  Check the cameras and check the timing of everything.”

As for Harrison, the Rutgers has yet to be quoted but his “camp” told Albert Breer of NFL Network that Harrison was not involved.

“I had a couple teams at Pro Day that asked me,” Rutgers coach Kyle Flood told Breer. “My response was that incident would be so out of character, I can’t even fathom that.”

As we suggested earlier, other players could have made the mess.  Absent cameras inside the room, it’ll be impossible to get to the truth.

Besides, we’re still having trouble figuring out how it all matters.  Will someone really pass on one of these guys because they pooped on the floor?