It’s PFT topic time


As we prepare for another edition of Pro Football Talk, we’re once again giving you a chance to do some of our work for us.

We’ve got three potential topics for the final segment of the show.  We can’t decide which one to use.  So we’ll let you decide for us.

The possibilities appear below.  Tune in at 5:00 p.m. ET to NBC Sports Network to find out which topic Erik Kuselias, former NFL running back Dorsey Levens, and yours truly will be discussing.

11 responses to “It’s PFT topic time

  1. The whole world wants to watch these two square off. Won’t happen or get beyond the spins generated by their reps, but its an instant attention getter.

  2. Whatever you use to make these posts, it doesn’t appear on the app. Why can’t you just type it normally? Don’t any of you have your own app on your phones to see how your posts look to us?

  3. Draft abolished? Why would anyone want to do that? It’s one of the most exciting parts of the NFL. And I can’t imagine how they’d distribute players without a draft.

  4. The Wonderlic tests scores be revealed, i’d like to see that test, these kids went to school to get degrees + play football .”If there like normal kids “growing up , they should know everything and everyone “HALL OF FAMERS ” at there position. I’ll wager some of us DIE HARD FANS could produce better numbers than some of these incomming players. LET ME TAKE THAT TEST

  5. Frauds impersonating as franchise quarterbacks:
    1. Tony Romo
    2. Matt Schaub
    3. Jay Cutler
    4. Carson Palmer
    5. Mark Sanchez
    6. Matt Flynn
    7. Phillip Rivers

    It is time for these teams to groom a replacement sooner rather than later.

    Honorable mention:
    8. Sam Bradford
    9. Matt Stafford
    10. Alex Smith

    If you quarterback has more years as a 10 plus million dollar starter than playoff wins then your general manager is wasting your team owners money.

    Stop overpaying for below average quarterback play.

  6. Hey dalucks…you forgot Peyton Manning. He’s been impersonating a playoff quarterback for many years now.

    And Matt Flynn does not make anywhere near ten million or what the rest of those guys ‘earn’.

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