Jahvid Best not taking part in Lions offseason workouts


The Lions have good participation in their offseason program, but one guy who isn’t there may never be there again.

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said running back Jahvid Best wasn’t taking part in voluntary conditioning workouts, via Anwar Richardson of MLive.com.

Mayhew wouldn’t say if the former first-round pick — who has been plagued by concussion problems since 2011 — is expected to rejoin the team at any point this offseason.

Best stayed on the physically unable to perform list all last season, and their misplaced hope that he would return was one of the reasons their offense struggled, and led to the subsequent signing of Reggie Bush this offseason.

He still hasn’t been cleared by doctors, and until he is, any thought of what he might do on the field is secondary.

13 responses to “Jahvid Best not taking part in Lions offseason workouts

  1. Gee, it may be time to turn your attention elsewhere. Good luck to you, I hope you had a backup plan, sometimes life only seems to suck. Could be better days ahead, its up to you.

  2. jahvid really got a raw deal. but ultimately his long term quality of life and overall happiness is much more important then a short term career in the NFL (short term in relation to the rest of his life).

    hopefully he’s able to fully heal from his injuries and life a long and fulfilling life. whether that’s on the football field or off.

    best of luck to you jahvid, i hope everything works out for the best.

  3. Jahvid Best and Austin Collie should both retire and make a buddy cop movie together about two brain damaged former NFL players living out their other lifelong dreams on the Detroit Police Force.

  4. As to save you all a bunch of senseless ranting here…..he is still on the roster because the Lions are doing him a favor by keeping him so he can be vested in the NFL retirement plan when they do let him go. He is NOT still under contract because they are wanting him to play again.

  5. Class move by the Lions keeping him on the roster, so he still gets his salary.

    Best was awesome to watch, sucks that his career is most likely over.

  6. What??? No gushing about how heroic he is??? The bystanders in Boston and the police and firefighters in West,TX clearly can’t compare to Jahvid “I’m not retiring so I can continue to collect my paycheck” Best!

  7. it would be bests, best interest not to play anymore, that’ll be best for best, its for the best?!

  8. “The Lions have good participation in their offseason program, but one guy who isn’t there may never be there again.”

    I fear that this may be the truth. It seems that the Lions have moved on from the big play burner in the form of Reggie Bush. It is sad, considering all the potential that Best brought with him out of college. Everyone knew the risks associated with drafting him and the Lions chose to roll the dice. Unfortunately, it appears that the Best was a bust. I wish him the best, as he appears to be a great guy, but his NFL career appears to be nothing but a “what could have been,” scenario.

    Best of luck Jahvid. I hope you prove me wrong…

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