LeSean McCoy: Our offense is like a freaking track meet


At this week’s minicamp, running back LeSean McCoy got his first extended look at the offense the Eagles will be running in Chip Kelly’s first season as head coach and it comes as no surprise that McCoy is looking forward to getting things up to full speed.

McCoy figures to be in line for a healthy amount of work in the coming season as a starter in an offense that used backs in a variety of ways when Kelly was in Oregon. McCoy raved about the creativity that he’s seen from the offense thus far while acknowledging that everyone still needs to see how things look when there’s a defense trying to stop them. Mostly, though, he’s excited about what the future holds for him, Bryce Brown and the other backs.

“This is the kind of offense where it’s not a debate, ‘Oh, I could do it myself,’ because, one, you’re going to do more plays than any other offense, even in practice … For two, the amount of hits. You’re running so much. If you’re faking it or you’re running it, or if it’s a pass or not, you’re constantly going. I think any back, no matter how great of a shape that he’s in, he’s going to need some extra help,” McCoy said, via the team’s website. “I know that, and Bryce (Brown) is good enough that he can play. I think every team has two good backs if you look around the league and I think Bryce is good enough and I’m confident in myself that I think us together will work well. In this offense, you need another back. And don’t be surprised if Chris Polk gets some carries because you’re running so much it’s like a freaking track meet. It’s like a relay, you need extra guys.”

McCoy’s not the first person to compare Kelly’s offense with a track meet. In college, his players could usually run by or around the opposition without much trouble. One of the big questions of this NFL season is whether the same will be true for Kelly with the Eagles.

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  1. “Our offense is like a track meet”. Lmao you gotta be kidding me, everyone knows that chip kelly’s offenses slow down when his players get hit in the mouth.

  2. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 18, 2013 5:44 PM
    The Eagles scare no one. Last place is where Philadelphia will call home under Chip Spurrier. #Eaglesareajoke

    Actually the real joke are people who use hash tags when they type

  3. All these comments above have the stench of scared NFCEast opponents. Your butt cheeks will be clinched when the eagles have the ball on offense. When the Eagles blow everyone out of the water, you will be asking the commish to ban and fine the eagles because you will think they are not even playing football the way your daddy played. LOL

  4. As a Washingtonian, I sincerely hope Kelly uses McCoy the same way Reid used him. I don’t ever like comlimenting a divison rival, but honestly McCoy shares me scitless. If they actually used him correctly, he could easily be the best halfback in the league; with no disrespect to AP, or my boy A-Mo.

    And Chip, if you’re reading this, I was actually lying just there: McCoy is nothing special, please keep him on the bench as much as humanly possible. Also Chip, if you are reading this, you seriously need to get your priorities straight.

  5. The Eagles are a damn fast team. McCoy is a fast and shifty back, and you saw last year what Bryce Brown is capable of. He’s unbelievably quick. Same thing with DJAX, then you throw Vick and Maclin in there, this is a dangerous team.

    Here’s hoping Kelly can turn that talent into some wins. I think Philly is a much more talented team then their record has shown the past few years. Kelly looks to be a good coach who could right the ship.

  6. mad55555 says:
    Apr 18, 2013 5:57 PM
    All these comments above have the stench of scared NFCEast opponents. Your butt cheeks will be clinched when the eagles have the ball on offense. When the Eagles blow everyone out of the water, you will be asking the commish to ban and fine the eagles because you will think they are not even playing football the way your daddy played. LOL

    Lol scared opponents? Dude win a Super Bowl first the entire division is waiting. We think your team is a joke bcuz here we go again with all the talk in the off season and your team still hasn’t won a title. Wake us when the season is here please.

  7. I am a lifelong Philadelphia fan and I hope I can help you guys outside of our city to understand why you all think we’re crazy. We just had 14 years of a coach who tried to turn every game into a high scoring track meet. It was always the same result–sometimes we got the early lead and we won enough games to get to the playoffs. Unfortunately, football is a smash mouth game and later in the season when weather is cold and field conditions stink the ‘track meet’ philosophy falls to pieces. Smaller, fast offensive players get smashed by more physical teams and our small, fast defenders get mauled by opposing offensive linemen.

    We have clamored for years to return to a run first offense with a traditional pocket QB. The owner refuses to grant our wish so year in and year out we have to here the same excuses and watch the same lame brand of football. So when you see us screaming for a coaches head, calling out a player for lack of effort or just basically ‘whining’ it’s because we have no other choice. We know what’s going to happen before it happens and then when it DOES happen everyone thinks we’re crazy for voicing our frustration. I call it the ‘Cassandra’ effect.

    Let’s go Phillies? Oh, wait…

  8. Your depth chart can be loaded up and down with “track meet” speed and it won’t mean a darn if the ball isn’t in your hands.

  9. Same thing was said about Spurrier’s offense in the off-season, per-season and over the first few games.

    And then everyone woke up.

  10. bandzz says: Apr 18, 2013 5:50 PM

    To hell with all of this gimmick crap. Lets play some REAL football!

    Please educate us about what “real football” is and why running fast is not part of it.

  11. As a non-Eagles fan… I hope these guys do great and make some entertaining games.

    They don’t have the talent to go far, but hopefully their season makes for good TV.

  12. Yea, all that speed has helped the Raiders over the past 20 years. Hit a track start hard and he quits.

  13. McCoy is a great back and if he gets the chances he can hurt any teams D.

    But and its a huge but how many games will The china doll vick miss this year how many more hits can he take?

    As a long time Giants fan I have no love for the egals but I will say unlike the Skins and cowturds the egals have been in the running.

    Yeah I know rg3 and last season its a new year and I am sure rg3 will do ok but no way he wins the east.

    The beast of the NFC East is the two time two time SB MVP Ez Eli

    Have nice day

  14. It’s easy to do that when you have 100+ early 20 year old kids, but when you do this to guys in there late 20s, early 30s it will not work. They will either get hurt, or they will quit on him. We are talking about guys making millions, not some student athletes. McCoy is already injury prone, Brown can’t hold onto the ball, and you guys have no clue as to who your qb will be. Desean quit on the team when they wouldn’t give him q big contract, you think he’s going to want to run around like that? As a football fan, putting my Redskins pride to the side, I just don’t see this working. Less then half the guys, all older, just isn’t going to work in my opinion. It might be exciting to watch for a few games, but when Vick, McCoy, Jackson and the rest start getting hurt because he’s playing them to death, then let’s see how it goes.

  15. Speed is not a gimmick. I live in Oregon and saw first hand chip’s offense. I couldn’t be happier he’s with the eagles! As far as defense goes…well the answer is offense, score more points!

  16. @logicalvoice, you see this post is before the schedule show. i predict the Eagles will beat the skins on the opening Monday night game.

  17. Man as a Cowboy fan here on Dallas. This Philly Team scares the daylights out of me. I hate to say it but they will be crowned champs next year. I have watched Oregon and that play cannot be stopped in the NFL

  18. “Can’t be stopped in the NFL”? fxg201 guy? Really? And how many national championships did Oregon win even in COLLEGE? Ha ha!

    This smacks of “dream team” all over again.

  19. I’m not a eagles fan. I’m a Saints fan but to be honest with you the Eagles scare me. I don’t know if this offense will work in the NFL or not. But, I do know the 49er’s rode it all the way to the Superbowl last year. And, except at the QB position, where the niner’s QB is younger, I think the eagles have better skilled personal. And, the teams that ran the spread last year made it to the playoffs.

  20. Well sounds good for the rest of the NFC east, since three teams will be there for football and the eagles for track and field. Mike Vick tossing discus this year?

  21. No need to get excited Philly fans its the same group of guys with an injury prone QB.. At best you guys are still looking at last in the division.

  22. Gotta love the innocence and stupidity of former college head coaches who think that they can change the world of the NFL by their mere presence.

    The Redskins had their “ball coach” who lit the world on fire in preseason and then managed to go up in flames when it mattered.

    Chip Kelly, a man with no morals and no integrity, will now take over the football team in a city that is one of the dirtiest, most wretched places in America – and the fans in that city are even worse.

    The Iggles are some of the least talented fools known to pro football. They are a collection of hype that few have seen and remind me of what the Redskins used to be – all hot air and all failure.

    Running a quick offense in the NFL also means you expose your defense to more opposing team plays – the Patriots were exposed in the playoffs – so you might have a wonderful regular season record, but as the wear and tear of the season goes on, suddenly your track meet looks like a Boston Massacre.

    There is precious little to like about the new Iggles coach – that fat face and that bravado. We’ve seen this before and look for this failure to find a college gig in time for what would have been his second year. One can only imagine how bad the Iggles uniforms will look if Oregon serves as an example of Kelly’s “good taste”.

  23. Look at all the haters. Keep talking little boys. If the eagles take flight and do well I will be laughing at all your ignorant non-sense comments. Oh and if we do win… lets say we win the SB… Not likely but ya never know… I will ram the dream team comments down your throats 😉 It’s going to be an awesome season! Thank god for change! EAGLES!!!!!

  24. Sounds encouraging as an Eagles fan aside from the fact that the NFL is football as opposed to a track meet. At any rate it is still a breath of fresh air compared to Andy’s tired brand of football. At least until the seemingly inevitable stomach bunch knocks out the fresh air.

  25. re= RG3 – “Sweep the leg; you got a problem with that?” RG3 is the next Vick — will never play 16 games and won’t last the season.
    But, his presence gets Shammy-han 5 primetime games to screw up. Can’t wait! Eagles will not outperform this year, EVERYONE who knows football acknowledges it usually takes at least a couple seasons to get it right with a new coaching staff and new players. The 49ers were different; Coach Singletary had no clue, and they had a lot of talent to work with. Pete Carrol lucked out, as well, having a good DEE to work with, and drafting Russell Wilson. Chipster has no such advantages. It’s a total makeover job.
    Unless you believe that talent is evenly dispersed across the League of Parity, and that even small or subtle changes in motivation or energy level and tactics will propel a “parity team” to the playoffs.

  26. I’m not going to say it is going to work, and I’m not going to say that it isn’t. The Patriots showed last season what an uptempo, no huddle offense can do to a defense. It was ugly. But, that was also Tom Brady making the quick reads.

    What I will say is that you would think Eagles players would have learned by now to keep their mouths shut in the offseason.


    I’ll seeya on Monday night football.
    You better hope Bobby3 hasn’t lost a step.

    We are coming and ending your season hopes with the first game.
    Then all you loud mouth front runners can put your jerseys in the closet for another 20+ years.

  28. Shady already has his hand up asking for a breather and it’s only April.

    Chip may have had an infinite stable of running backs at Oregon but in the NFL, You are doing well to have three on the roster and they may not be healthy.

    It’s just reality that NFL players tend to look after their careers and may not want to burn out in one season for Chip’s offense. Just sayin’.

  29. It’s funny how Eagles fans make Andy Reid sound like a failure, The guy was a great coach for a lot of years. The teams failure has more to do with the QB than anything else. And since Mike Vick is still the QB nothing much will change. Chip, even you can’t sell me on Vick!! Have fun finishing in last place.

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