Mayhew says Lions won’t trade up to top pick


There are a lot of mock drafts floating around this time of year and some of them get more attention than others.

Mel Kiper of ESPN gets as much attention as anyone, so it’s little surprise that word of his recent entry (subscription required) made its way to Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew. Kiper, acting as general manager on both sides, had the Lions swapping first rounders with the Chiefs and dealing their 2014 first-round pick to Kansas City as well. Mayhew was asked about trading up at a press conference on Thursday and didn’t rule out making a deal, but did rule out moving up to the top pick.

“There’s a lot going on right now. I think what happens in this process, as you get closer to (next) Thursday, some things start to crystallize a little bit. I think there’s a lot going on. There’s a lot of rumors, speculation; we’re going to trade up to 1, which is not going to happen,” Mayhew said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “So I think there is a lot of speculation right now because, as you said, you don’t have those seven immediate-impact starters that change your franchise at the top of this draft. You have a bunch of good, quality players. I think that’s why there’s so much speculation about it.”

Mayhew also said that the lack of impact players at the top of the draft — the Lions have fewer players with first-round grades on their board this year than in years past — makes him leery of swinging for the fences if the team remains at the fifth overall spot. With needs at cornerback and on the offensive line, the Lions could well wind up staying put and making a safe choice that helps the team.

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  1. I am getting so tired of these mock guys saying we NEED a CB early in draft!! HELLO we drafted 3 last year and 1 in the 3rd round. We resigned Houston, delmas, and FA Quin I think we have DB covered for the most part because I fully expect one of these young guys to step up this year.. Go D!! Getting interesting now that we r a week away..

  2. Are you kidding me? The Lions might have the number 1 pick next year, …. again. What difference does picking 1 and 5 matter when you pick in that range every year? Too bad Matt Millen isn’t there anymore. The Lions would take another wide receiver.

  3. Trade up to #1 to get Milliner?! Not a chance. Milliner will probably be there at #5. But it doesn’t matter, the Lions will probably take one of the elite OT’s. I won’t complain if they take Milliner though if he’s there at #5.

  4. @classactcalvin81 Sorry to break it to ya man, but Detroits secondary is brutal. It was last year and will be again this year if they dont do something beyond what they’ve already done. Just resigning the players you mentioned absolutely wont be enough, especially in a division with Rodgers and Cutler. They also lost Avril’s pass rush which isnt going to make it any easier for an already struggling secondary.

  5. And Mel Kiper is the same guy that said that JaMarcus Russell was going to “energize that Raider Nation, that fanbase, that football team- on the practice field, in that locker room…Look out because skill level that he has is certainly John Elway-like”

  6. @drsimester…
    Defensive backfield not brutal. Safeties were a train wreck. Maybe had something to do with the fact that, by the end of the year even the back-ups, back-ups had to play. Not saying they were great to begin with, but, by week #16 they were playing with guys that were recruited off their living sofas.

    So, who knows what they’ll be like this year…certainly not you or I.

  7. @lks311 Thats even more reasons to go after more help in the secondary. Even teams that already have good secondaries will still be looking in that direction for depth alone. You just cant have too many db’s in this league. Sometimes you’re only as good as your worst guy, meaning that having talented back-ups could be the difference between a winning and losing year, especially if you have some injuries. Also i think that over the past couple years, Detroits D-line really made their secondary look better than they actually were by getting plenty of pressure on opposing qb’s

  8. Hey Josh Alper, that was pretty slick of you to delete my post that pointed out the mistakes in your article. And it was even more slick how you then went back and re-worded the article like it never happened. Let me know if you guys need an editor, cause i dont really have much going on right now

  9. @drsimester, so, you realize that the 3 of the 4 DBs that will start week one of 2013 will be guys who did not play in week #17, right? And the one that did play, was on one leg, you understand that point as well.

    As a matter of fact, of the eight DBs the Lions are likely to have on the opening day roster, five are probably new to the team or were on the DL.

    So, again, just my opinion, but the DB issue…primarily the CBs…are not the issue. The Safetys have markedly been upgraded, which means the secondary will be strides better.

  10. Its either Joeckel or Fisher at #5 or trade with the teams that pick 6-8 to see who wants jump in front and get a QB. No one else is worth holding on to the #5 when you can trade down a few spots and get an extra pick or two.

  11. The prediction of a trade up is completely absurd. The first time I saw that on ESPN I busted out laughing. First of all, there is a high likelihood that Dee Miliner will be there at pick number 5 anyways without a trade up. Secondly, even if he is there, he probably won’t be picked by the Lions. The only reason that Kiper comes up with these nonsense scenarios is to try to justify his ridiculous rankings of players. Case in point, remember how highly ranked he had Prince Amukamara a couple of years ago??? LoL
    On the other hand, Mike Mayock (another hyped up “expert”) predicts that NO DB’s will even go in the Top 10! Nobody really knows what is going to happen.
    With that said, if Eric Fisher is there at number 5, I would be extremely surprised if the Lions don’t take him. The other scenario is to trade down and take Chance Warmack later on.
    The x-factor in this scenario is Dwight “Bill” Bentley. The coaching staff was very impressed with the rookie’s play last season prior to his injury. I don’t think that they feel the pressure to pick up a CB that the media seems to feel that they should.
    As we have seen so far in the Jim Schwartz, Martin Mayhew era, they do not care what the fans or the media think about their drafts. They will stay true to their board and pick the best player available, which I am all for.

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