Rex Ryan tees off on Orioles regarding game he’s not in

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Other than passive-aggressively not sending any players to the Orioles opener, the Ravens have mostly played nice about not being able to open the season at home.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan has no such qualms about ripping his former neighbors.

The one-time Ravens assistant ripped the Orioles for not moving a game so the defending champions could open the season at home. Instead, the Ravens will begin the year at Denver.

Well who really cares, you’ve got 81 at home, maybe you could have done the right thing and given one up and then played 82 on the road and then 80 at home,” Ryan said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “I really don’t think people are going to care about that game (between the Orioles and White Sox).

“You have a chance to have the defending world champs open up the season at home where they rightfully should. That’s unfortunate.”

But wait, there’s more.

“Certainly I can understand, if baseball only had a 16-game schedule you might understand it,” Ryan said. “But when they have 162 games, you might just [have the] common courtesy and say, you know what, maybe I’ll play this one on the road or whatever.”

Rex is not fooling us. The Orioles filibuster was simply a way to keep from talking about opening the season against the Buccaneers (and perhaps a certain cornerback).

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  1. Hahaha! Why should the O’s respect a mickey mouse franchise for? Not only are the Redskins the best team in Maryland, but also the entire country!! Enjoy watching us win Lombardi #4 in great primetime style!!

  2. I agree somewhat, but the decision wasn’t the Orioles to make alone. The White Sox and MLB said no.

    Just worry about my Panthers smoking you guys this season.

  3. It wasn’t the Orioles decision, players association wasn’t having it. Rex needs to worry about that train wreck he’s running into the ground up north and shut his pie hole

  4. As the saying goes…keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool…or open it and remove all doubt. Rex cannot help himself.

  5. I forgot the part of the MLB charter that says all baseball teams must be willing to change their schedules in case an NFL team wins the Super Bowl. Please, you’re one sport of many. You’re not the second coming of Jesus.

  6. someone needs to tell rex that he has no clue what hes talking about as usual. its not as easy as the orioles saying ok lets move the game. the white sox have to agree as well as mlb and the players union. stick to not knowing what you are talking about as a football coach and leave baseball out of it. go ravens

  7. Diversion or not he’s right.

    Is there a city in America with a larger gap between co-inhabiting sports franchises?

    The Orioles are like the Buffalo Bills of baseball — their owner is a blithering wreck and their division is owned by better teams.

  8. We have six rings.

    ha ha hahaha

    We have six rings.

    he he hehehe

    So much better than you’ll ever be.


  9. The Orioles are doing nothing wrong here. With expanded playoffs in baseball, one game home or away makes a difference now. Nobody cares what Butterball Rex has to say.

  10. Let me get this right, Sanchez is you’re #1 QB and the signature play from a train wreck season is ” The butt fumble” and you’ve got your nose in Baltimore’s business? Between toes, tattoos, and that stink he calls a team how does Rex have a job?

  11. Good for Rex. Baseball plays 162 friggin games a year, most of them largely meaningless. There’s no reason the Orioles couldn’t be more persuasive with the MLBPA in accommodating the Ravens. Not like the Orioles are going to make the playoffs, let alone win the World Series anyway.

  12. Rex may not be the most well liked coach in the league and certainly says outlandish, dumb things, but he is absolutely right here. Shame on the Orioles. I actually applaud Rex for having the balls to say something that everyone else was thinking… Which finally is something not involving Sanchez, Tebow, or SuperBowls.

  13. you guys want the jets to not have drama, and when they make comments that have nothing to do with their drama, you bring up drama. why doesn’t the media just admit their love affair for the jets.

    personally i think he’s spot on.

  14. I rarely agree with Rex Ryan, but I do on this. I can say I am glad he said something (another rare event).

  15. I actually agree with him, it seems petty of the Orioles to be that stubborn when they have 80 other opportunities to play at home.

    In the end I guess it doesn’t matter, would have been a nice gesture for a team that just won the Super Bowl.

  16. Relax Rex. Commissioner Kraft wouldn’t let Baltimore open at home. They embarrassed his NE team badly in champ game.

  17. …It would be 83 on the road and 81 at home, Rex. But then again, when you’ll probably only win 5 games this year, you don’t need to know how to count nearly that high.

  18. Maybe the NFL could have done the right thing and prevented a scheduling conflict in the first place, instead of trying to alter an MLB schedule that’s been set for over six months now. Maybe Rex Ryan should shut up in regards to this situation, which doesn’t have anything to do with him. Maybe whether the defending champions open the season at home or not is completely trivial.

  19. If I’m in charge of the Orioles then I would tell the Ravens to suck an egg. It doesn’t matter where and when you play your games, there’s no real thing of significant substance at stake. But giving up an advantage to another baseball team so you can have a subjective value is insufficient for me. I’m in the business and current position of winning as many games as possible and providing my best effort to deliver the highest possible odds towards converting a World Series title and to give up the extra home game interferes with that math. Sorry, but my game is FAR more important than your game.

    Rex Ryan’s position on this one is bunk, and the right decision was made given the choices.

  20. Just so you know; one of the main reasons I visit this site is to see what foolishness is coming out of Jets’ camp now. Hey Rex, it involved TWO major league teams, not just the O’s! And why couldn’t the NFL just have the game on Wed, Fri, Sat or Sunday?

  21. Wow! I’m actually quite touched that with everything on his plate, Rex actually decides to share his frustration about the Ravens getting flipped by the league (again.) I mean its not like his job his on the line this season which is actually marred by the fact that both his current starting Quarterbacks aren’t very good. Yeah, it don’t look good for the big lug. But the fact that he’s mad about it (seeing how he’ll be gone soon) is cool, cause I’m still ticked about it myself.

  22. Rex, do use all a favor and mind your own business! It’s not like you don’t have anything to worry about – as in your job.

    When you get fired sometime later this year maybe you can get a groundskeeping job at OPACY

  23. Who cares if a team opens at home for their first game. I don’t recall anyone saying crap when the Bucs had to travel to Philadelphia after their Superbowl victory. On top of that the Bucs were never invited to the White House to meet the President. I know things were on high alert at the time but you think someone would have invited them after it cooled down.

  24. Funny thing, ever since Rex left Baltimore, the Orioles and Ravens have both been doing better.


  25. “Well who really cares”

    No one, Rex. No one cares about you. Best of luck with that circus you’re running, maybe focus on your own team instead of the Orioles.

  26. Rex said this? On top of it you see photos from the Yankees saying they stand with Boston. Maybe hell has indeed frozen over

  27. This made me remember how much I loved Rex when he was the Ravens defensive coordinator.

  28. How very unusual for Rex to chime in on something that totally doesn’t involve or affect him or his team. Oh, and by the way Rex. I don’t think the Orioles really care what you think.

  29. Thank You Rex!!! 100% Agree!!Orioles will probably be playoff eliminated by that time anyway.

  30. I love Rex Ryan, he always speaks his mind whether hes politically correct or not.He has his OWN opinion, and this time i agree with him completely. The Ravens earned the right to open up at home.

  31. Rex is right and this article was right, until the last paragraph. Really, in this context take a shot at Rex. Come on, you’re better than that.

  32. The stupid Orioles could have simply move the game to an early afternoon one to let the city celebrate a world championship… MLB is just mad that the NFL took over their turf as “America’s Past Time”… Baseball is “Past its Prime”

  33. I feel the same as Rex, about the Orioles. They and their unaccomodating sept 5th debacle are the main reason it was so difficult to come up with an NFL schedule…period.
    There org should be embarrassed!

  34. Why doesn’t this blowhard just worry about his team not making the playoffs AGAIN instead of somebody’s else’s schedule. Thank goodness he won’t be around after the ’13 season

  35. Since he’s coached here and lived on the community for years he, like most Baltimoreans, realizes how big a joke this whole episode is.

    There is ZERO will on the part of the MLB to fix this because they know the Orioles will take the fall publicly.

  36. Once again, we get a tough road game out of the way and get extra rest for week 2. The Ravens really don’t care about this. Our parade was epic and better yet we get to open at home and celebrate in front of the Cleveland clowns.

  37. I understand that it’s not as simple as the baseball team deciding they can accommodate a schedule change. That said, I think it’s awesome whenever someone shows public disdain for basebore.

  38. as a fan of both teams you all who agree with rex and criticize the orioles are clueless. the orioles arent playing the orioles nor did they make the schedule. why would the white sox ever agree to move a game to help the ravens. this is nothing more than roger reacting to not getting his way. the nfl is TOTALLY at fault on this.

  39. wow something i actually agree with coming from rex.. starting to scare me ive already agreed with dez bryant this offseason, now rex..idk what happening in the world!! lol

    ps baseball SUCKKKKS 162 boring games a year unless you go to a game, then its 161 boring games a year..per team

  40. someoneimportant says:
    Apr 18, 2013 9:18 PM
    Diversion or not he’s right.

    Is there a city in America with a larger gap between co-inhabiting sports franchises?

    The Orioles are like the Buffalo Bills of baseball — their owner is a blithering wreck and their division is owned by better teams.

    The Jets are in that same division that’s run by better teams, and they have a coach that just won’t shut his mouth.

    Rex SHOULD be yelling at Goodell for not moving the game to Wednesday.

  41. Boy, he’s really letting his last year as a head coach remind every other owner what a big fat mouth he has. Football on Thursday night….I don’t mind it but there are other things going on.

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