Rookies who trashed hotel room at Combine are identified

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The biggest lingering mystery regarding the 2013 Scouting Combine has been resolved.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Clemson receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers receiver Mark Harrison stayed in the room at the Crowne Plaza that was left in poor condition.  Via Schefter, toothpaste was on the mirror (guilty as charged), partially-eaten food was left on one of the beds (guilty as charged), and urine and feces were “around the bathroom” (based on alcohol consumption, possibly guilty as charged).

Though it all doesn’t sound particularly troubling (especially for kids in their early 20s), Schefter reports that the scene was bad enough to prompt some scouts to take pictures of the room.

Here’s the question to which we currently don’t know the answer — even if it was Hopkins’ and Harrison’s room, were they the ones who made the mess?  Typically, a bunch of guys staying in a hotel together find a place to  congregate.  So without knowing whether it was only Hopkins and Harrison or whether it was 20 other guys who were hanging out there, it’s impossible to know for sure that they made the mess.And though we don’t condone leaving feces and urine “around the bathroom” in a hotel (or elsewhere), it’s hard to imagine any of it mattering when the time comes to put their names on a draft card.

64 responses to “Rookies who trashed hotel room at Combine are identified

  1. i feel sorry for deandre,hope he didnt slip that far,but ooo boy..roookies,rookies,rookies..WELCOME TO THE NFL ”KIDS”

  2. Im happy to see you care about trashing a hotel room, but you dont care, and therefore wont report, about a test each player takes as he enters the league.

  3. Unbelievable, at the scouting combine setting you up for a dream career of $ and fame and fortune for life and you treat it like a frat party, well even worse ….

    Feces “around the bathroom” ? whhhaaaaa? who does that?

  4. OK with everything except the human waste “around” the bathroom. Can I get a C’MON MAN!?

  5. I disagree, Mike. This speaks of their maturity level. If they cannot control themselves or their friends during this portion of their career (basically their job interviews) then how do you expect they’ll behave with a couple mil in the bank?

  6. pretty proud to say Im in my late 40’s and have never felt te need to spread feces and urine all over a bathroom, drunk or not.

    You act like a rock star when you ARE a rockstar, kiddies.

  7. It should matter when it comes time to sign with a team because I doubt seriously that any NFL team would be understanding if one of its players left urine and feces around the locker room. And the excuse that these guys are only in their 20s is ridiculous. Little kids know better than to behave that way. Grown men who are old enough to play in the NFL should know better, too. If they are so immature that they think this kind of behavior is acceptable, I wouldn’t want them playing for my organization. They’ll have their names in the paper in no time at all and it won’t be because they’ve been dubbed Role Model of the Year.

  8. “Aside from urine and feces..”

    If you have to start a sentence like that, something of significance happened.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about the toothpaste or the food. I’m sure there’s a lot of uneducated people that do it.

    However, the “urine and feces” thing… It’s just disturbing. Like… why? how? who?

  10. I guess putting coals out on the carpet that is Persian because it’s from Persia and not using coasters just got overtaken by these shenanigans.

  11. @marshallheartskungfumaster

    Seriously do you think these guys and 90% percent of the players in college are actually getting an education???????

    You cannot be that niave.

  12. Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Harrison:
    I’m not trying to poo-poo this, but urine trouble.
    — Hotel Managment

  13. Stupidity. This is the most expensive hotel stay they’ll ever have because it could cost them draft status and therefore rookie contract money. It’s too bad the guys didn’t have the good sense to realize that they were on a job interview.

  14. When you gotta go you gotta go. I’m a mid 50’s man who has lead a very responsible adult life, hard working, family oriented, but when I think back to my salad days, I should have done time. They’re kids. Youth is wasted on the young, it’s been said, probably true, but hey re still kids. I’d be worried if they were too uptight. Those guys climb bell towers with hunting rifles.

  15. I would love to know how guys in college that do things like this, with no regard for those that have to clean it up, at the biggest job interview of their lives, isn’t a red flag. So, as long as you don’t smoke pot and eat a bag of potato chips you can pretty much do anything….pretty sad. At least pot only affects yourself. Nobody is cleaning up crap off the walls after you… Don’t understand how this isn’t seen in the same way as pot. And, I could care less about the “it’s illegal” argument. So is spreading feces on walls.

  16. I guess these youngsters not only cant aim while pissing in the toilet they cant aim while crapping in the toilet either, at least no of them are QB’s…

  17. At least they announced it early…. Now, if not true or if anything they need to explain, they have time to do it… If not, I think this is every bit the red flag behavior smoking pot is

  18. You say this doesn’t sound particularly troubling for kids in their early 20s? First of all, they aren’t ‘kids’ anymore and should know better. I would expect this out of a 3 year old. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. If you want to be recruited as a professional, act like one first.

  19. From a guy who used to work in hotels – this stuff is old news.

    When you find dead bodies and bags of cash, that’s when stuff gets interesting.

  20. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

    First off, regardless of who physically did this the two rookies whose name the room was in are responsible…unless there was a police report of a break in. Second, how stupid do you have to be to act up at the combine a.k.a. Your audition in front of every potential employer available. This is like one of us going to a job fair and interviewing with every major employer available for your employment field…..then after shaking their hands you take a dump in the interview room and laugh. Third, there is no circumstance where spreading feces in a room is ok or funny….that is disgusting and unsanitary. I hope these idiots don’t get drafted at all!

  21. This kind of attitude and behavior is unfortunately representative of this generation of young people. No respect, no accountability. And I can personally guarantee that if you were to go to the frat houses of “privileged, rich, affluent, spoiled college students” who don’t even play sports you would find some of the same conditions.

  22. jerseyshoregiant says: Apr 18, 2013 6:56 PM

    They aren’t rookies until they get drafted or signed as a free agent.
    Exactly. Lots of guys never make it. You have to earn the term rookie. That said they should pull DNA. If the sh@# don’t fit, you must acquit.

  23. I’ve left rooms in much worse condition than that. The only reason the hotel brought it up is because they are being sponsored by the nfl at the time so the hotel saw dollar signs

  24. Toothpaste on a mirror? What’s the big deal? Food on the bed? C’mon they are splitting hairs!
    FECES ON THE FLOOR!? Ok. There’s the problem.

  25. Au contrare Pierre — this will make a difference on draft day.

    Goes to maturity and character.

    That gets weighed along with ability in every pick (well, OK, nearly every pick).

  26. Was anyone else thinking about Elaine from Seinfeld and how she was eliminated from consideration for a job because Jerry’s parents were staying in a hotel (the one she was supposed to be in) and were watching porn.

    Yea it’s kinda like that except it’s human crap all over the place.

  27. On the other hand, these guys could have landed themselves a unique endorsement deal. “Today’s Depends Undergarment ‘Go For Two’ Player of the Game is …”

  28. Before we judge, maybe one of them brought home a girl from the club that got a tummy ache before having an unfortunate sneezing incident.

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