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For the first time in franchise history, the Bengals have qualified for the postseason in consecutive non-strike seasons.  But they still haven’t won a playoff game since the week before they destroyed Bo Jackson’s hip.  To get to the next level, the Bengals need to make good use of their draft picks by addressing certain specific needs.

Right tackle:  With Andre Smith still unsigned, buzz is building that the Bengals will move on from Smith and draft a new right tackle.  That may be posturing by the Bengals.  Regardless, until Smith is signed, they have a clear need at the position.

Running back:  BenJarvus Green-Ellis played in 2011 and 2012 with teams possessing high-powered passing attackes.  And yet he still can’t average at least four yards per carry.  (He ran for 3.7 yards two seasons ago in New England and 3.9 during his first year in Cincinnati.)  The Bengals would benefit from a tailback who can take advantage of all the attention paid to wideout A.J. Green.

Defensive end:  Michael Johnson received the franchise tag from the Bengals before the market plunged.  If Johnson hadn’t signed the tender offer, the Bengals quite possibly would have rescinded it.  Come next year, then, Johnson most likely will hit the open market, and the Bengals will need to replace him.  The sooner they start planning for that, the better off they’ll be.

Safety:  If 2012 first-round pick Dre Kirkpatrick can stay healthy, the cornerback position will be in good shape.  The safety position could use an infusion of young talent.  The Bengals have been linked to Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro at No. 21, which would seem to make sense, if he’s still there when the Bengals pick.  (Actually, they possibly could be able to trade down and still get him, but owner Mike Brown typically doesn’t like to play that game.)

Receiver:  Mohamed Sanu emerged as a solid complement to A.J. Green last year, but depth at the position continues to be a concern.  If the Bengals could find in the middle rounds another talented youngster, they could be set at the position for years to come.

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  1. Quarterback. As good as that defense is touted to be, they’re not overtaking the Ravens with that scrub with a pop gun arm. Sorry.

  2. What this team needs is to get out of the AFCN. Ravens run this division, and it will stay that way for quite some time.

  3. pgh15212 says: Apr 18, 2013 9:11 AM

    The Pittsburgh Pirates have won a playoff game more recently than the Bungles!


    I guess when you have *20* straight losing seasons(most ever in any sport) you have to hang your hat on something.

  4. Funny thing in Pittsburg they’re proud of the fact that the pirates have won more playoff games than the bengals in the last 20 years… SMH losers get a life.

  5. “Actually, they possibly could be able to trade down and still get him, but owner Mike Brown typically doesn’t like to play that game.”

    Actually they DO like to trade down if the player they’re targeting is off the board. Brown learned his lesson in the Akili Smith fiasco. It’s trading up they don’t like to do.

  6. I would agree with most the needs listed, compared to the Steelers and Ravens its a short list nice thing is Bengals don’t have all their money wrapped up in an old mediocre Qb or a young mediocre qb….

    like the comparison of a baseball team to an NFL team… keep it up…

    as to not trading back, they did last year and got their guy Zietler so that statement was not accurate…

    young team on the rise, better hate while you can… just sayin

  7. With all the Ravens losses this offseason, there is no doubt the Bengals are the team to beat in the AFCN….The Steelers and the Browns are competing for last

  8. They made a massive mistake drafting Andy Dalton, he has a noodle arm.

    Even with a QB though, this joke of a franchise is going nowhere forever.

  9. The Bengals have two solid D ends, and a D tackle that is so good you can plug in a guy like Wallace Gilberry and get 5+ sacks from him.

    The Bengals have one competent NFL linebacker. Clearly that is a bigger need than defensive end.

  10. The Bengals don’t move up OR down all that much in the draft. Last year, they actually did move down and got the guard they wanted (They preferred Zeitler to DeCastro) and got an extra 3rd.

    I’m not 100% sure but I think the last time we moved up was the Ki-Jana Carter trade. That also may be a big reason why that’s the last time we moved up, though they claimed that in ’11 they were exploring trading up for Dalton but never found the right price to do so.

    Still, it’s true that the overriding mantra in the Bengals draft room is to let the draft come to them. My guess is that they’ll stick at the spot if, say Vaccaro is there for them. If they like a few guys equally I can see them moving back a few spots to try and snag an extra 3rd round pick.


  11. I’m a Bengals fan but if rg is asserting that Flacco is “mediocre” I can’t buy that. Flacco proved it last year. I have the Ravens but the guy is legit.


  12. I’m a Bengals fan but if rg is asserting that Flacco is “mediocre” I can’t buy that. Flacco proved it last year. I haQGve the Ravens but the guy is legit.


  13. If I was a Bengals fan I would be frustrated that my team didn’t do anything more in free agency.

    Its not like drafted players are gonna take up $28 million. Whats the story there???

  14. Didn’t Andre Smith grade out as the best RT in the NFL last season? Why is he not yet resigned????

    Ink Andre and look elsewhere in the draft. He has technically done nothing to earn a “loafer” status or be pigeonholed as a guy who is going to get that big contract and tank. People seem to love to speculate on him based on his shirtless 40-yd dash. One stupid idea doesn’t make a bad player. He’s only been injured.

    And we do NOT need DE, or WR aside from depth. We have two stud DE’s and Green/Sanu/Hawkins is a very good trio to run out there.

  15. So Andre had a good year last year? So what? He shows every single sign of being one to play up in a contract year and absolutely bomb after he signs. He had weight issues when he first got here and broke his foot TWICE because of his weight. He quit at the combine and just disappeared. Then he got caught trying to get a loaded gun onto a plane. Yeah it was an accident but all signs of LAZINESS. The guy played up last year to get a big contract. Plain and simple. I say stay as far away from him as possible and get someone who shows more sign of being a hard worker. No other team is showing any interest. There’s a sign right there.

  16. 303Bengalguy.. you have to be kidding.. He hasnt done anything to be tagged as a loafer?? His first two years were a joke.. His rookie year, he missed all his trainging camps, and finally he signs and breaks his foot 2nd practice of the year.. Second year he was a back up.. Sure he played great last year, but this tub of goo wants 9 million a year.. For a RT?? No thanks.. We could draft a guy in the 2nd with one of our two picks to play RT.. Also for all the comments about the Bengals have all this cap space and we should be disappointed they didnt do anything in free agency.. Sorry we didnt want to pull a Pittsburgh move next year, and lose one of our stars because we have no money to resign them.. IN the next two years, we have to re sign.. AJ Green, Andy Dalton, Geno Atkins, Micheal Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, and im sure a bunch of other role players.. There goes most if not all of out cap..

  17. Andre Smith is not resigned because of his hold out style agent. No different when they drafted him.

    As a Bengals fan I’m hoping to see a safety, running back, and a linebacker in the first two rounds. Pretty sure they will just go best available though.

  18. If you have to choose between a known commodity and an unproven rookie and have plenty of cap space, why not go with the guy you know? I don’t like the composition of their line as it looks when you consider letting him walk. And I don’t like spending a high draft pick to replace him when you don’t have to.

    And to the dude who must just be a USC fan – Mays was benched… he was given a chance and didn’t cut the mustard. He’s in like his 4th or 5th year now… no more talk about Taylor Mays please.

  19. The heart of the team is the Dline, they need to keep drafting there. They’ve had great success with 2nd, 3rd and even 4th round picks there. I agree…do it this year, because when you draft in those rounds it can take a year or two for a guy to develop. Safety can wait. In the Mike Zimmer D it’s perhaps the least important position along with SAM LB. Don’t get me wrong they’re both important, but there is a reason they fill those 2 position last.

  20. The Bengals are saving cap space to be able to sign Dalton and Green without having to restructure their entire team. Those guys are going to be expensive, and rolled over money doesn’t count against the floor.

  21. bengalguy says: Apr 18, 2013 10:02 AM

    Team owns the division for the next 2 years. Sqeelers, Ratbirds & Clowns all on the downtrend. Haters hate!!
    Steelers tap the table with their rings six times. Ravens tap the table twice. Bengals talk.

    In fact, that’s all the Bagels ever do. Talk big, play–well, 22 years with no playoff wins and 45 years with two Super Bowl losses and zero wins says it all.

    I’m not a Bugles hater, BTW, and I don’t live in Baltimore or Pittsburgh. The Bingles aren’t worth hating, and the Bungles have NEVER won enough to get that kind of respect. They’re more of the “OK, right, sure, whatever, oh yeah, them” variety. And I can drive from my home to Paul Brown Stadium in 17 minutes.

  22. Just wanted to say this to my fellow Bengals fans Doesn’t this team feel different than other promising years? Like they’re for REAL ? I could care less what the Ravens fans think and I really don’t care what the Steelers fans think. This young up and coming Bengals team is legit and will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come! Who Dey!

  23. Seems like Johnson isn’t a problem until next year, so is not a hole this year.

    Taking that into consideration (and especially if they re-sign Smith) two team needs is probably the best of any team listed so far.

  24. Why use a first round draft pick on a right tackle, when we should use it on a safety Kenny Vaccaro, and sign Andre Smith. Stop being so cheap Mr. Brown!

  25. Right Tackle – no. Only a handful of teams have enough money to sign Andre at 7mm, let alone the crazy price of 9mm. Reality will force him back for at least one season.

    RB – yes. Lots of decent ones in the second or third round according to draft “experts”. I would get Gio Bernard if he’s around in the second.

    Dline – no. The Bengals have 8 decent or better Dlinemen on the roster. The two rookies from last year will play a much bigger role with Sims gone. Otherwise, its Matt Toeaina again. Good player on practice squad, gets signed by the Bears.

    Safety – long overdue. Should be able to get one in 1st or 2nd round without “reaching”.

    Receiver – sooner or later.

    How about LB? Even with Harrison, they still need someone to replace Skuta and hopefully overtake Maualuga.

    The nice part is outside of safety the Bengals can stay with the “best player available” and be happy with who comes to them.

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