Trent Richardson: Injuries kept him from showing talent


Browns running back Trent Richardson didn’t necessarily say he was going to change his running style.

But something is definitely different.

Richardson, one of the poster children for the new crown of the helmet rules, said he can’t worry about possibly being penalized.

I’m not saying I’m going to switch up my running style, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to not hurt nobody else or not to injure myself, either,” Richardson said, via Bill Livingston of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “So if I get flagged, it happens. It’s a split-second decision.”

What he’s more concerned about is keeping himself well.

Richardson indicated that because of injuries (left knee, ribs), he wasn’t able to look like himself last year, when he gamed 950 yards on 267 attempts, looking very ordinary in the process.

“I feel great,” Richardson said. “I wish you could watch the whole practice. I’m out there flying around. I finally feel skinny without all them big pads [to protect the ribs] on me. It’s easy to breathe. I can sleep at night. It’s a fresh breath on me. . . .

“It was tough, man [last year]. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t say and I don’t know if I can really say it now. There would be times I really couldn’t get going up until like Friday and I had to be out there Sunday. I can’t wait ’til this year. I think there’s going to be a big smile on everybody’s faces after the games.”

New Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said Richardson was “quicker than what you see on tape.” New offensive coordinator Norv Turner is traditionally good for backs, which creates the possibility of better numbers.

But that will depend on Richardson staying well, and not getting repeatedly flagged for using his head as a battering ram.

21 responses to “Trent Richardson: Injuries kept him from showing talent

  1. The Browns passed on the LeBron James of football in RGIII for a 30yr old rookie QB and RB in high spot. The Redskins found Alfred Morris in ROUND SIX. Let that sink in. #FactoryofSadness

  2. Trent was dealing with TWO bad ribs last year… I don’t care who you are, if you’re a running back getting pounded every game with a predictable offense it’s tough to look good. Trent will be an elite running back this year permitting health. Everyone likes to pile on the Browns, but things are looking bright there. A LOT of young talent with experienced coaches like Norv to get the most out of it. Can’t wait to watch TRich play this year.

  3. They didnt pass on RG3. They decided he wasnt worth giving up so much for. The Browns got a starting qb, rb, rt, and wr in last years draft. Id say thats pretty good use of draft picks. Factory of sadness stuff is overblown. Bad decisions from bad front office and owner since 1999 have plagued this franchise. I think those days are over.

  4. The Redskins picked RGIII at #2. The Browns picked after them. So how exactly did they “pass” on him?

    Looks like logicalvoicesays is having trouble counting…

  5. If some DB wants to throw himself in front of Trent Richardson, and plant his feet for a hit, I can almost promise that it will only happen ONCE.

  6. As a Browns fan I cannot wait. I mean, seriously. Last year the “Muscle Hamster” outshone Richardson in every way on the field, and he was drafted in the late first round. T-Rich showed flashes, but not sustained, so now, a peak health I cannot wait, but at the same time I wonder how he will do when nicked in the future because NFL players aren’t often at 100% after the beginning of training camp.

    The jury is still out, but I hope for a positive outcome.

  7. This little guy is going to be continuously injured with this or that because he is so tiny. The NFL isn’t the SEC, these dudes can hit. I look for him to have another underachieving year and the people of Cleveland will still believe in their hopes instead of the reality on the field – he was rookie of the year if it wasn’t for those ribs he had… I like what he said about not trying to injure someone or himself though.

  8. What I saw in the Cincinnati game was very different – if he can return to that form – he’ll have a good chance to lead the league in rushing

  9. Dude is a monster, if they could get half decent qb play, they have a pretty good defense, and draft a capable reciever, browns could surprise some people. Wait….. Did i just say that?

  10. The first comment is funny considering the fact that Shanahan is notorious for running his HBs into the ground. Not to mention – RG3’s knee injury isn’t exactly worth giving up the next three first round picks and then some.

    Alfred Morris will have his wheels run off long before Richardson…

  11. Unless McFadden actually makes it through more than 8 games, Trent Richardson will be considered the best back in the AFC by mid season. Bank on it.

  12. Since when is 950 yards and 11 tds ordinary??? On top of that, how is it ordinary with injured ribs while carrying linebackers and DB’s on nearly every carry?

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