Tuck changes his tune on Cruz

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Before the Giants launched their offseason program, defensive end Justin Tuck said that it would be a show of “good faith” for unsigned restricted free agent receiver Victor Cruz to show up.

Tuck, who crossed a line by involving himself in a teammate’s pursuit of getting paid (as Tiki Barber once did with Michael Strahan), wisely has changed his tune.

“At the end of the day, I don’t care if he misses all the workout program,” Tuck said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “As long as he’s there on . . . what day do we open up? . . . That Sunday.  Whatever day that is, if I see No. 80 with the New York Giants, then I’m cool with that.  Because I know him and Eli [Manning] have great rapport, and it won’t take those guys long to figure things out.”

Per Vacchiano, some believe Cruz will show up next week, after the deadline passes for signing an offer with another team.  To date, no team has shown any interest in signing Cruz — despite reports before the launch of free agency suggesting that teams where chomping/champing/whatever at the bit.

Whether Cruz wants too much money or he doesn’t want to leave New York or teams don’t want to give up a first-round pick or teams don’t want to go through the motions if the Giants will simply match the offer, Cruz has received no interest.

His choices moving forward will be to accept the one-year, $2.89 million offer from the Giants, take the team’s best offer on a long-term deal, or hold out until some point between next week and the 10th week of the regular season.  Because he’s not under contract, Cruz is not subject to any fines or other sanctions.

The next pressure point comes on June 17, when the Giants can withdraw the $2.89 million tender and replace it with a 10-percent raise above his 2012 salary of $540,000.  Last year, the Steelers opted not to do that with receiver Mike Wallace.

36 responses to “Tuck changes his tune on Cruz

  1. Tuck – by his performance – seems to have not shown up for many games the last few seasons…so he should not be worrying about another player’s offseason workout attendance.

  2. So Victor Cruz is only worth $540K, but Joe Flacco, who had an 80 or lower rating in HALF his regular season games last year, is worth $120 meg? What’s wrong with this picture?

  3. “To date, no team has shown any interest in signing Cruz — despite reports before the launch of free agency suggesting that teams where chomping/champing/whatever at the bit.”

    Don’t you mean your own report, Mr. Florio? No one will EVER give up a first rounder for a restricted free agent.

  4. Personally,cant wait to see Cruz dancing in the endzone and waking up to the Nfl Network and listen to its screaming bimbo get all hot and bothered.

  5. Wryly1 you are comparing apples and oranges in the worst way. First the figures you point out are for Flacco’s multi-year contract and Cruz salary in one year. Second it is for Flacco’s future pay on a new contract and it is Cruz’s pay last year, not his new contract. Third obviously the positions are different. QB has a lot more to do than a wideout on everything including more than game time. Fourth, Flacco has shown up when he is needed the most and has helped his team into the postseason for 5 consecutive years. All the years of his career. I like Cruz but like my Ravens too.

  6. Jairus Byrd is still waiting for Buddy Nix to get his contract solved. I guess these Franchise’s think they would be alright without players like Cruz and Byrd. I doubt they would.

  7. Eli makes and breaks receivers. that has been proven year after year.
    If they get into the post season depends on how many guys from the other team Eli makes into a receiver, not if his receivers are top notch.

  8. Itd be great if the rams offered a first rounder for cruz and steal him away days before the draft.
    Giant fans would be livid

  9. Pay him he’s worth it! Or risk having one of the worst receiving cores in the nfl and a completely unproven running game. May be a long year at the meadowlands

  10. Eli makes and breaks receivers?? Yeah right. More like his receivers make Eli better. How many times have we seen Eli chuck and duck only to have his receivers come down with the ball time and time again……

  11. seatownballers says: Apr 18, 2013 9:42 AM

    “Itd be great if the rams offered a first rounder for cruz and steal him away days before the draft.
    Giant fans would be livid”

    No they won’t. Giants fans were livid when Cruz asked for $10-11M. They will get good production out of whoever steps up in his place if he goes somewhere else. See: historical record.

  12. What a joke he has been making 540k the past 2 years. He has made more money catching TVs in commercials than playing football. And you say show some good faith?!?!

  13. seatownballers says:Apr 18, 2013 9:42 AM

    Itd be great if the rams offered a first rounder for cruz and steal him away days before the draft.
    Giant fans would be livid

    As a Ram’s fan I love your thinking…the bummer is we don’t have any cap space to make it happen unless Long or Lauranitis restructures. The Vikes have 2 first rounders and have a glaring need at WR so that could be a possibility

  14. I am a huge Cruz fan, with that being said, anyone who thinks this guy is worth 10mil a year is delusional. He is a slot receiver, maybe the best in the game and he deserves 7mil a year like the Giants are offering. Lets remember he was non existent in a few games last year when Nicks wasn’t around to take the pressure of him. He’s not a number one and should not be paid like it. You can’t pay everybody and the Giants know that overspending for Cruz makes no sense at all, wake up Giants fans and see Cruz for what he is, a great slot receiver that can be replaced by a good one that costs a lot less!!!

  15. I’m a ‘Boys fan & I recognize how many times Cruz has pulled the Giants & Eli’s fat outta the fire. Nicks is the #1? Hell, he can’t stay on the field! Plus he didn’t hold out while being GROSSLY underpaid…pay the man.

  16. Gets hard to read this stuff with all the Redskins trolls posting the same thing over and over. I remember when Washington fans were classy. Sad to see them the way they are now.

  17. As a 50+ year Giants fan, Tuck is 30 and needs to shut up, he has no business in other player’s affair’s, and if I’m correct Tuck will be playing his last year in NY.
    He tries to be a Strahan leader, and is far from it, both with his mouth and his play!
    Eli says what makes sense, Cruz is 26, and imo, will either take Tom Condon’s advice and sign , a bumped up deal, { maybe a little more guaranteed} but no more them 7M, as a slot guy, and Reese , has been told, by Mara, what his limit is!
    Friday is his last day to get offers, I doubt that, with his contract with JAY-Z which almost screams, “I want to stay in New York”!

  18. Eli has won Super Bowls with two completely different sets of receivers and made the playoffs with a rotating cast that has included Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Steve Smith, Domenik Hixon, Rueben Randle, Tim Carter, David Tyree, Sinorice Moss etc.

    Some of those guys have left for other teams but none has ever replicated the success they had with Eli throwing them the ball. Victor Cruz is a solid player but he should realize that he is paired with one of the best QBs in the league and settle for a fair contract in the 7-8 million range. Ask Steve Smith who shined as the Giants slot receiver a few seasons back how much harder it gets when someone other than Eli is chucking you the rock.

  19. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 18, 2013 8:31 AM
    Mediocre players, mediocre franchise. 2nd place team. #BigBlueBust
    Maybe, just maybe instead of trolling the Giants Forum spewing your negative energy towards Big Blue, You should have your team figure out a way to beat the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs, you know, since they are 0-3 against them.

  20. Justin Tuck? Didn’t he USED TO be somebody? Oh yeah, there was somebody by that name on the Giants last year. I don’t remember him doing much, but he did get talked about a lot.

    He’d have been far better off just keeping his mouth shut and concentrating on upgrading his own ineffectual play. I guess New York players, regardless of team or sport, just can’t do that, Derek Jeter being the exception. They have to open their yaps about everything and anything.

  21. Justin Tuck played injured last yr. Now that the Giants have egg on their face I expect them to come out of the gate on fire. Hakeem Nicks and Cruz is dynamic but they need to be out there healthy and consistent like Julio, and Roddy. Eli wins with different recievers but he would have won more if they kept the guys he developed. Cruz is worth 7-8 mil. but give him some guaranteed money, and a fat signing bonus. Dominant teams dont switch key players out Yr in and Yr out. Look at Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, look at Megatron, Chris Carter, these guys stay in their system. They dont say im the best so I can play for any team. The team accomodates them as well. and only Irvin and Rice have rings like Cruz. So Cruz and the Giants need to get this done. ASAP!!!!!

  22. One more note, I would like the Gmen to resign Ahmad Bradshaw. I would take Jacobs back too but I would prefer Bradsshaw. I thought it was a mistake to release him. He was the only guy playing with intensity. Corey Webster should have got cut as he was exposed by Torrey Smith, AJ Green, Roddy White, Dez Bryant, Mike Wallace, and im like how is he still on the team??????

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