Vikings interested in moving up in first round

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With two picks in the first round of the draft (No. 23 and No. 25 overall), the Minnesota Vikings have the ammunition available to move up in the first round if they so desire.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, it’s a decision the Vikings are already considering.

Per Rapaport, the Vikings are targeting help at wide receiver and cornerback in the draft after two of their best moved on to Seattle in Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield. A move up in the draft would likely be to target a wide receiver. West Virginia’s Tavon Austin could be a suitable replacement for Harvin if the Vikings can find a trade partner to deal with. Austin likely won’t be available by the time Minnesota drafts in the 20’s.

However, Rapaport suggested the Vikings may not be willing to part with their second first round pick to make the move. With needs at corner and linebacker, losing both first round picks to move up may prove too great a cost. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant or Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor could be possible fits for the Vikings at No. 25 overall.

With the general consensus on the draft being that there isn’t much difference in talent between players in the Top 50, many teams will likely be looking to trade down if possible believing they can get a player of similar ability later while acquiring more picks in the process. If Minnesota truly wants to trade up, they likely won’t have trouble finding a partner. The question will be if the price is too much for the Vikings to stomach.

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  1. For the last time, Austin is not a replacement for harvin. Harvin has 25lbs and 3 inches on Austin and can block when needed.
    Austin is a luxury KR for a team with an established WR corps, not a team looking to build one…and give up picks for him? no…highly doubtful.
    Only position I could see Vikings wanting to trade up for is MLB becasuse there are only a few top ones ready to start day one….with Giants and Bears both needing one and picking ahead, it would be the only reason Vikings would be wanting to move up.
    Draft is so deep at WR, there is no need to have to move up for one.

  2. This has got to be another one of those tricks Rick Speilman has up his sleeve. Wouldnt be suprised to see them trade their pick no. 23 to Atlanta for their first and a forth. This draft has depth so there is no need to move up

  3. The Vikings first round picks combine to be worth about the 7 pick.

    With the holes they have, I doubt they trade up nearly that far. If they trade up at all, I’d expect no higher than a 3rd rounder to be used as bait.

  4. Miami at 12, if they get Albert from KC.
    Detroit at 5, they need cap space and unless there’s a #5 talent there to take, they’d benefit from trading back and drafting talent in the late 1st or 2nd.
    Just to name 2 options

  5. I think the Vikings are currently in a great spot for both first round picks. Of all the teams that want to move up, I hope the Vikings re-consider.

  6. As a Vikings fan I realize they aren’t one special player away from the Super Bowl. So I hope they keep their two first round picks and add two starters not just one in the first round.

  7. It’s funny that it’s Barry vs A.P for the madden cover . 2 hall of famers playing for teams that never will win a Super Bowl

  8. ehhhhh I don’tknow if that’s really a good idea. like stated in the article there is not very much difference in the top picks. the vikes should keep their picks and at most maybe move up in the 2nd and get some solid starters…. skol vikings

  9. Jarius Wright is obviously no Harvin but I think he can be an above-average #3 slot guy I do. They need to target an outside WR, LB, CB, or DT.

  10. Cost to move to #12 would be #23, #52, #120.

    #12 = 1,200 pts

    #23 (760 pts), #52 (380 pts), #120 (54 pts) = 1,194

    Almost a perfect trade.

  11. And Rick drops the line in the water with a week to go. Get your popcorn ready the chum just went over the side.

  12. If the Vikings want TEVON AUSTIN, they’re gonna have to trade with San Diego at #11 for BOTH first round draft picks and more (#23,#25 & #101 would work based on point value system).

    That would be a BOLD move… I don’t think Minnesota could do it.

  13. No way they move up. Would be major mistake with the talent level in the wr pool. IMO defense with both picks 23 & 25 BPA. 2nd round wr. then linebacker or cb, even trade back for more picks if a team is willing. Any thouhgts on qb in late rnds? if they slip, Nassib, Landry Jones, Matt Barkley, Caleb Terbush & Dysert as sleepers in 6 7 rnds. Take another wr in middle rnds, gonna be fun draft with alot of moving happening. enjoy

  14. Hey Buddy Nix, if you can figure out how a telephone works, I hope you’re making this call as we speak…

  15. You trade up when you need one more piece to make a big playoff run, not when you’re a down team, maybe the worst in your division, that needs a lot of picks to fill a lot of holes.

  16. The bills would be a perfect trade partner. Send the two firsts to buffalo for #8 and a 3rd or 4th (works out on the value chart). Vikes can grab Austin, and the bills can grab nassib/barkley and a wr or eifert. It’s a win win

  17. I’m hoping they keep both picks and take 2 great players. I don’t really think there’s that big of a gap in talent level in this draft.

    Hopefully Ogletree is there at 23 for them to take and then draft BPA at 25. That would be my decision. Don’t trade up though and have to give up both picks.

  18. Vikings took a step backwards from last season and are not a likely playoff team this season. Moving up is not a wise move. Just stand pat and draft the best available player.

  19. So hawks got Harvin and Winfield, while the Vikings got an extra first round pick. Now the Vikings are ready to package multiple picks to get an unproven reciever? I don’t know guys. If this guy isn’t the calvin johnson the vikes gm is gonna catch hell. I suggest staying put and taking the best reciever and corner on the board.
    But what do I know, I’m no nfl gm

  20. Just don’t do it if it cost so much. Austin would be a nice addition, but we need a outside threat that has great hands, is preferably on the taller side so he can go up and get passes, and runs great routes.

    Patterson is not a fit for Minnesota as he doesn’t run routes that well, and he is viewed as raw and will take time to develop. We need a guy that can contribute now.

    I don’t believe any WR is worthy of a 1st rd pick, so I think the Vikings will go MLB and CB with their 2 1st rd picks. If they don’t, then I hope they at least get players that will help us from the get go.

  21. I tried very hard to find the part where there was a quote or statement from someone in the Vikings organization saying this but…nothing. Interesting…

  22. the vikings will NOT be moving up in the draft. if they do it wont cost them both first round picks either. the only way they move up is if somebody they like slides and they move up a couple spots to guarentee they get him. just like last year with harrison smith, they moved up about 6 picks to assure they’d get him rather than sit tight at the top of the 2nd round.

  23. THere’s no way this is true… There’s too many needs to move up for very subpar receiving prospects. Now I wouldn’t be shocked if they trade up for Milliner if he falls to 10 or 11

  24. The vikes are going to move back….we are building for the new stadium……..were gonna end up trading #23 and picking at 25……we need depth all over at every position besides AP

  25. Lions and Vikings swap 1st round picks, and exchange the Vikes other 1st round pick from Percy for our 2nd. Maybe toss a 6th rounder in there or something.

  26. They should not trade up to get Austin he’s too darn small to play in NFL and won’t last three regular saeson games before getting hurt. Only receivers they should go after in Round 1 is Patterson, Hopkins, and Hunter and only if they fall to them. The Vikes have too many holes now because they now need another Top Receiver or maybe 2, Probably 2 Cb’s , A top Notch DT or NT should be picked in Round 1 , CB’s in rounds 2-3. There are also Good Receivers in next 3 rounds as Draft is loaded with em. Pick MIddle LB in rd 1 if there or RD 2 if necessary.
    No need to be trading up because its too expensive in draft picks lost and too damn risky .
    I don’t want them to go after TE’O. His Alabama game showed he’s a powder puff against real tough players.
    What we really need is a Really good DT/NT to shore up the middle.

  27. These stories about teams wanted to move up or down in the draft, or interested in trading a player are always nice, because they inevitably provide a second story from the team’s GM denying the first story. Sort of a two-stories-for-the-price-of-one for reporters.

  28. A higher pick is never necessarily a better pick. History shows more picks gives a stronger chance for success. Unless they can get in the top 5 or so.

  29. Well if Ponder went 12th… I’m sure a QB from Northeastern Louisiana Technical Institute of Dentistry will be available in the mid 1st…

  30. At first I thought the title just read “Vikings interested in moving” and I thought they finally came around to their senses.

  31. From what I’ve read all offseason, they need speed on the outside, some one to cover those wr’s & a LB. better to hang onto their picks!

  32. As a Viking 4life since 1968 I said one of the Minnesota Vikings first two draft pics will be “Justin Hunter” of Tennessee. However it is believed the Vikings will try to move up, if they do look for the Vikings to be in position to draft Cordarrelle Patterson also of Tennessee. Interesting that it’s popular to put down Christian Ponder but seeing every Viking play you can’t even imagine how many passes this man has laid in perfectly, whether skinny post patterns or crossing patterns that were dropped-it’s incredible. As Greg Jennings stated at his press conferece when signing with the Vikings ” No disrespect but they ( the Packers) could see on film that Christian Ponder had very little help at the receiver position. I say as a college football fan-Ponder is better than most people think.

  33. This is superficial and thinly sourced. MN will not move up for Austin who is too small and thin to be durable in the NFL. I pray they do not take Te’o who would be a horrible fit with MN Tampa 2 defense because he cannot cover. They can stand pat, take Minter or Brown for LB and take Hopkins, Patterson or Hunter at WR and get a DT 2nd round. MN rarely takes CB in 1st round and there will be plenty of talent (see Alford) in Round 3

  34. Hey PFT guess what, Wait for it…… Toykosandblaster, FilthyMcnasty, or logical will say some ridiculous comment. On a side note, I don’t envision the vikes trading up considering their needs and what will potentially be available. The gap between Austin and another WR is not that big, and I’d personally rather have someone that can play outside when the Vikes have Jennings and Wright who can play the slot, and waiting to see how Greg Childs is recovering from the horrible injury. I assume he must be on track as he wouldn’t give jersey rights to Jennings for number 85.

  35. I think the Vikings would rather trade back with one of their first rounders. They have too many needs. WR, DT, LB and CB. With most players all being rated the same, more picks makes more sense.

  36. I’ll be pissed if the Vikes combine their two first round picks into a higher first round pick. Yes it would be nice if they could land a stud WR and that would make their offense much more dynamic in theory.

    But if they can find solid quality at LB, WR, DT, and CB with their 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks then their team will become solid and well rounded. I’d much rather they took a “2nd tier” WR along with a 1st round DT/LB/CB than if they just traded up for one top tier WR.

  37. This sounds like a smoke-screen. The Vikings have many needs, but they’ve already got Jarius Wright to fill in for Harvin – not that he’s everything Harvin is, but neither is Tavon Austin.

    They have too many needs in other areas to give up that second first round pick on a 5-8 receiver. What they need is a guy like Hopkins from Clemson, or Justin Hunter; big targets that Ponder can trust.

    My money says this is a typical smoke-screen used to throw off other front offices about their intentions.

  38. what’s this??? with all the viking fans posting on packer threads these day’s talking about paying 1 man too much money is crazy, now they want to trade up and give away picks for 1 man??? i guess the vikings don’t have that many needs after all. lmao

  39. I really don’t see them trading up, unless it is for one of the stud DT like Floyd or Lotuleilei. the top end talent in this draft doesn’t wow me like last year’s did. if they trade up for Patterson or Tavon Austin, it doesn’t make sense with the WR talent deep in this draft. they can get a good wr prospect in rd 2 like Patton or Terrance Williams

  40. Come on,

    I like the Vikings, there are areas of need on that team. 2 first round picks = two day 1 starters for this squad.

    The only trading they should be talking about is sliding back to round two and trying to get 4 or 5 selections in the 2nd round. All of which can start or get some serious playing time.

  41. Vikes should take Hopkins and Harrison and make them be roomies in training camp … extra maid, adult diapers, wet wipes, mop – we’re ready for you guys!

  42. Bucs and Vikes switch spots, Bucs get a third for doing so, package the moved back first and the extra third for Revis. Vikes get Austin, Bucs get Revis, the Jets still suck. Everybody wins.

  43. With players from 15-50 being graded around the same, it’s far more likely the Vikings will trade down to the second round with one of their picks (most likely with a team looking to move up to pick the QB of their liking).

    They need an outside receiver (preferably with speed) more than a slot man like Austin.

    Te’o doesn’t have the speed to fit the three down MLB the Vikings need to help in pass coverage.

    Smokescreens, smokescreens…

  44. I have said this before–but if Star Lotulelei falls down the draft board at all the Vikings should be all over this–other than that stay put–unless they want to move up a few spots

  45. Sylvester Williams and Cordello Patterson. Vikings dont need to move up to get the 2 best players in the draft.

  46. I hope Spielman wouldn’t be this stupid, and that this is nothing more then smoke. Giving up multiple picks to move up a few slots would be stupid, ESPECIALLY if they give up both their first round picks. Austin is supposedly fast, but small, so he’s another Desean Jackson type of receiver. He’ll blow by some people, but if corners bump them at the line they can’t get any separation.

    If they do trade up it had better be worth it. Otherwise maybe look at trading down a few slots and getting some more picks. Spielman has been doing well so far, so until he does something stupid (besides the Winfield move) I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  47. Settle down… This isn’t going to happen.

    If we do trade it is going to be back with the #23, pick up another 2nd or 3rd round pick. I say ya you pick Te0 with the 25th. I know everyone says about the Bama game. Everyone says he gets man handled by NFL level talent. Put NFL level talent in front of him on the D line and the opposing offensive line can’t zero in on him like they did in that game.

    Then pick up best available with our next pick from the CB/WR.

  48. We don’t know if this is a smoke screen or not but the one thing you can make book on is that the Vikings will make the wrong decision, either trade up and lose value or stay where they are and draft a couple of busts.

    You can’t lose 4 Superbowls and the last 5 NFC Championship games that the Vikings appeared in without a special affinity for bone headed decisions, either on the field (12 men in the huddle) or front office blunders.

    Remember the last time the Vikings had two picks in the first round? Troy Williamson (#7 overall) and Erasmus James (#18) might because they made a lot of money but the Vikings got squat in return.

  49. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Apr 18, 2013 11:36 PM
    The Vikings truly belong in the top 5 of every draft.

    Moronic statement. Look at last years draft and tell me another team that got more immediate contributors? If you don’t know what your talking about, shut up!

  50. Too bad there isn’t anyone worth moving up to get.

    If the Vikings are smart they will stay put all though, if I recall the last time they had 2 firsts it didn’t pan out so well.

  51. 23 – MLB
    25 – CB (WR if Patterson is available)
    52 – WR (CB if Patterson taken at 25)


    Anything else would be stupid. The Vikes have had no discernible pass defense for the last 10 years. Fix that and you move forward.

  52. If we trade up for Tavon Austin I would be so disappointed. It’s like people don’t even realize part of the reason we traded Percy in the first place (who is WAY more physical than Austin will ever be). We got rid of him because we run a traditional offense and he doesn’t fit the Vikes scheme. Our playmaker is our RB. We didn’t/don’t need a gadget player. The fact that he didn’t like our QB and wanted $12mil simply made it easier. The Vikes need a guy that can run routes and make catches in traffic on 3rd down, or a guy that is a big target for Ponder. An outside threat. Not another slot gadget guy. Give me Hopkins, Hunter, or Patterson. You NEVER trade up for slot WRs.

  53. And people who say that last time the Vikings had 2 first round picks it didn’t turn out so well, umm, that was last year with Kalil and Smith. I think that turned out pretty well thus far. Educate yourself before you make ignorant comments.

  54. I don’t understand why people are constantly degrading Ponder. Since he has been with the Vikings, Harvin has been the only receiver he has to whom he can throw the ball and that was for only 9 games. That left only Rudolph (TE) and Michael Jenkins who is also now gone. They need to keep both first round picks and use them both for receivers. AP can’t keep doing it all with no one to whom Ponder can throw the ball.

  55. Rick is horrible is FA but when draft time rolls around he’s a pimp! Smoke and mirrors to get teams battling and we’ll make out like we did on Harvin!

  56. @ pillow your right. I didn’t watch the draft last year. I am sorry I don’t keep track of every time a team trades up or down every draft.

    You right that has panned out if you want to grade a draft after one season. Unfortunately I believe it takes about 3 years to grade a draft.

    The time I believe was before that it was Troy Williams and Erasmus James. That was awful. If I am incorrect feel free to crucify me for that as well.

  57. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Apr 18, 2013 11:36 PM
    The Vikings truly belong in the top 5 of every draft.

    The Vikings have had only 5 draft picks in the top 5 in the entire history of their franchise.

    The Packers have had 19 draft picks in the top 5 and 8 since the Vikings joined the league.

    The Bears have had 17 draft picks in the top 5 and 10 since the Vikings joined the league.

    The Lions we all know have had too many top 5 picks to count.

    So since 1961 the Vikings have only had 5 top five picks…far from every year… Do you think before you open your mouth filthymcnasty1? Or do you just wing it and see what happens afterwards??

  58. @shaggytoodle – if you didn’t watch last years draft then don’t talk. Yes Erasmus James and Troy Williamson didn’t pan out, that happens you know… You’re telling me every player your team picked has been a homerun?? How bout the Packers #3 overall pick in 1993 the OT from Michigan St? How did that sure fire hall of famer pan out?? Not every pick is going to be a perfect pick. It’s kind of a crap shoot…

  59. If they trade up it probably won’t be for a WR. Those will be available 23/25.

    We know that Spielman will be wheeling and dealing all draft. He did so last season. Coming off a 10-6 year with only 2 starting positions truly wide open (LB and WR) it is hard to envision the Vikings staying put and using all 11 picks. They will either move up or trade out into next year’s draft with at least 3 or 4 of those picks.

    But I can virtually guarantee that Vikes will be picking two players in the 1st round. (i.e. they are not combining both 23 and 25 to move up). Maybe they’ll move up a few slots by putting in a package of later picks.

  60. purpleloki says: Apr 19, 2013 11:20 AM filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 18, 2013 11:36 PM The Vikings truly belong in the top 5 of every draft.

    Moronic statement. Look at last years draft and tell me another team that got more immediate contributors? If you don’t know what your talking about, shut up!

  61. For as many needs as the Vikes need, I can see Rick trading DOWN for even more picks and then maybe package a couple later to move up in the 3rd or 4th rounds. We are not one guy away! Regarding filthymcnasty, it’s too bad we live in a country of free speech when it comes only to this guy.

  62. @Blammy get all bent out of shape about it. You are right not every pick is HR. You think when you trade your best player away you would get something of value out of it like when they moved on Moss.

    Great gms make good choices. Based on what fits scheme & adds depth. I dont think this is good draft class. I dont think minny is going to be as good as last year.

    I don’t think they are going to get equal value out of Harvin either because of the weak class.

  63. #23, #25, and a 5th rounder for Buffalo’s #8. That way the Bills don’t have to reach to get their QB in Nassib. At #8, the Vikings would be able to get one of the top Receivers or one of the better Linebackers. Get it done Nix.

  64. blammy28 says:Apr 19, 2013 12:54 PM

    filthymcnasty1 says:
    Apr 18, 2013 11:36 PM
    The Vikings truly belong in the top 5 of every draft.

    The Vikings have had only 5 draft picks in the top 5 in the entire history of their franchise.

    The Packers have had 19 draft picks in the top 5 and 8 since the Vikings joined the league.

    The Bears have had 17 draft picks in the top 5 and 10 since the Vikings joined the league.

    The Lions we all know have had too many top 5 picks to count.

    So since 1961 the Vikings have only had 5 top five picks…far from every year… Do you think before you open your mouth filthymcnasty1? Or do you just wing it and see what happens afterwards??
    Whoah hey easy there! Packer fans cant take truth or facts in large chunks like this. Theyre so deep in the kool aid that you need to provide the truth in small bits or else they will OD from it.

  65. Wide receivers are easy to find in the 2,3,4 rounds. Trade Jared Allen for a second rounder. And Kevin Williams for a fourth rounder. Both those guys still have major value and the vikes need to rebuild there.Both are gone next year. If anybody would want him, id get rid of robison too. maybe a 6th rounder. Robison has value because he can knock down passes.

    May as well start now. Everson griffin is the future of that d line and the Vikings need to solidify the future of the interior line. They need to get another run stuffer like pat Williams. Once Kevin is gone, they are extremely vulnerable with the guys they have now.

    They need so many things they may as well stock up on picks.

  66. Vikings fans can’t handle truth either their team stinks at drafting.

    They draft goofy (Ponder @ 12? not getting picks in on time) , mostly only find great players when people land in their lap at the top of the draft.

    That’s why they had no problem trading a bunch of picks for Allen.

    They are terrible at developing QBs. That’s why they got Moon, Cunningham. McNabb, or beg Favre for one more year, and Cassell this year.

    I don’t believe this class will be good for many teams, but I think the Vikes will have a harder time getting something out of this class.

  67. filthymcnasty1 says: Apr 19, 2013 6:18 PM

    You would think the Vikings had once won a Superbowl with all the ridiculous chest thumping going on in here. But they haven’t.


    Our team does not bribe refs for favorable calls and then bitch about the replacements. Some prefer to earn a title over back room deals…… 2010

  68. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Apr 19, 2013 6:18 PM
    You would think the Vikings had once won a Superbowl with all the ridiculous chest thumping going on in here. But they haven’t.
    No fan of any team cares about the past but rather the present. Unfortunately for your bandwagon fanbase, the past is more fascinating than the present

  69. @contra

    Come on dude, teams with great history care a great deal about it, the 9ers are there great run in the 80s Cowboys in the 90s Pats and so forth.

    Every year though we hear about one teams history regardless of whether anyone likes it or not. When all the teams have eventually lost a game since 72 we hear about the Phins.

    Its ok to think about how gnarly the Purple People Eaters were.

    Its ok for Gb fans to love the tradition and history behind them.

  70. contra74 says: Apr 20, 2013 12:05 AM

    filthymcnasty1 says:
    Apr 19, 2013 6:18 PM
    You would think the Vikings had once won a Superbowl with all the ridiculous chest thumping going on in here. But they haven’t.
    No fan of any team cares about the past but rather the present.


    Which explains why the Pro Football Hall of Fame has been such a bust.

    Viking fans. 🙂

  71. The Vikings need to stand pat. With a need for starters at MLB, CB and WR the team is in a good position to upgrade in all those areas without taking a chance on an earlier pick that may not pan out. Except for MLB the draft has talent in a number of areas that can help Minnesota improve its roster.

  72. The Vikes would be silly to move up if they have to give up their 2nd 1st round or 2nd/3rd maybe a 4th rounder and flip the 25th pick only if they get into the top ten.. The Vikes can fill the four most important positions where they have needs in the 1st three rounds


    then pick up a DE & RB with their two 4th round picks and a QB in the 5th round

  73. @sterling7, you should stay a college football fan. As a Vikings fan, I’ve watched far more passes thrown out of bounds or behind a wide open receiver than I have “perfectly thrown balls” that we’re dropped. Ponder sucks, he sucked in college, he sucked in high school, he sucked in Pop Warner. He succeeded in marrying an average looking woman that everyone thinks is a super model. This dude is the biggest fraud in NFL history.

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