Giants players spend day in Newtown, Conn.


It’s one thing to put a sticker on a helmet.

The Giants proved they’re in it with Newtown, Conn., yesterday, with about 20 players making the trip to spend the day with kids from Sandy Hook Elementary and other area schools at a sports camp.

The team and the league set up the visit, with players hanging out, talking and just playing with the kids in the community devastated by the school shooting four months ago.

“My daughter is 6 years old. You couldn’t imagine having that happen to your family and how tough it would be to have your daughter at the school and be in harm’s way like that,” Giants tackle David Diehl said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “When it’s your family that’s never been put in that situation or you have a healthy daughter, it’s your obligation to go out and help others. I know if my daughter has a cold, I would do anything I could to take on the cold so she wouldn’t have to. Here, you’re dealing with major things adults have a tough time handling, let alone children.

“It wasn’t about being a New York Giant and doing this thing for PR or any of this stuff. I don’t even like doing this interview because we did this strictly for the kids and for them and took the night so it was all about the kids. It wasn’t about us.”

In times like this, it’s important for everyone involved in football to know their roles — as entertainment, a distraction.

And while everyone remembers the tragedy in that community, like the one so fresh in Boston right now, Diehl said there was no mention of the shootings during his visit.

“It was all looking at the now,” Diehl said. “That’s the thing, everybody was so positive and so uplifting and it was just so positive. You look at these kids and hear them talk about goals and different things – ‘I want to be a football player,’ or, ‘I want to be a lawyer’ – just listen to kids talking. That’s what it’s all about – helping them recover and look toward the future.

“You could definitely see the positive all these kids have.”

Hopefully, there will come a point in time where the same feeling will be possible in the Boston area, while the country watches and waits.

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  1. Very proud to be a Giants fan reading this, and very proud of the men in the NFL and other leagues who have gone out of their ways to reach out to the victims of the senseless tragedies we seem to witness on a regular basis now. I have family in Newtown, CT and the whole community is still beyond devastated, will never be the same. Despite the cliche, it literally is the last place you would expect something like this happen. If the Giants and any other players who have pitched in over the last few months/days made anyone there forget what they experienced just for a moment or two, they did an extraordinary job.

  2. Props to the G-Men, good people there.

    I still can’t believe that someone could do something that evil…. just awful what happened at Sandy Hook for those innocent people.

  3. great job giants. in situations like these the team you root for doesnt even matter. if you can bring people 10 minutes of happiness after all theyve been through youve done a great thing

  4. That is why the Giants are and always will be the class of the NY and the NFL.

    Yeah I am a fan of the Giants and damn proud of it.

    The ownership does more of this anyone one outside the area could ever guess.

  5. Good on you Gents! Glad to see this as this will make any child’s day…as well as for the parents and the community.

    Signed a Pats fan…

  6. “…It wasn’t about being a New York Giant”

    But if you look at the picture in the story everyone of them is wearing NY Giants stuff.

  7. While certainly a noble gesture, imagine what could be accomplished if they would lend their collective respect toward getting some manner legislation that could possibly prevent even one potential occurrence such as this from ever happening again?

  8. Here’s all you need to know about NY football.

    Look no further than the 10 most recent PFT blog entries.

    One team is visiting families of the most horrific event in US history and seeking no publicity.

    The other…well….

    Their QB is blaming his franchise for making the team a circus.

    Thank you Lord for making me a Giants fan!

  9. Proud to be a Giants fan! Life does not always deal you a good hand, but thank God for the good people that He surrounds us with.

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