James Harrison agrees to terms with Bengals

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James Harrison is about to become a Bengal.

Harrison, the longtime Steelers linebacker, has agreed to terms with the division rival Bengals. It’s a two-year contract, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The deal comes shortly after Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he expected to sign either Harrison or veteran linebacker Karlos Dansby before the draft, but that the Bengals wouldn’t sign both of them. Hearing that may have been just the message Harrison needed to agree to terms before the Bengals lost interest.

And now the Bengals’ two games with the Steelers will get a little more interesting: Harrison sacking Ben Roethlisberger would certainly fire up the fan base in Cincinnati, and would lead to Harrison hearing plenty of boos in Pittsburgh. He’ll get to face the Steelers twice this year, and he’s already expressing his excitement.

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  1. My most hated player now on my team. Hmmm. He def has some left in the tank as proven last year. See how this pans out.

  2. Harrison was once very good, but he’s now old and slow. The saddest part is he still thinks he merits the pay of a younger, faster player and now harbors some kind of resentment against the team that coached him up and gave him a shot.

    See ya later, James.

  3. A. He really screwed himself by not taking the Steelers offer. Now he gets a lot less from the Bengals.
    B. He won’t even get close to sacking Roethlisberger. He does not have the moves he used to have and the Steelers know him well. Remember, the offense played against him every week in practices and pre-season.

  4. He was one of my favorite Steelers. I guess that’s just the way it is anymore.

    He was injured last year but if he is healthy again he probably has another season or two of greatness in him.

  5. Signed purely for leadership for this young LB corps. He’s going to play, sure, but they need the leader more than they need 10 sacks out of him.

    Welcome James! Stay healthy and be a beast!

  6. I hope stealer fans wind up hating Harrison in the next few years as much as I’ve hated him as a Bengsla fan over these long years.

  7. He may have declined in productivity but he’ll step up his play this upcoming season, especially against the steelers, and he still gets the browns twice, and only with a two year deal, Cincinnati could’ve made a great signing

  8. Even as a Steelers fan, I hope he gets a sack on Ben. Just as long as he doesnt force a fumble or injure him. Also I hope you know that you’re not going to win another SB. Sorry.

  9. I hope Cincy cuts him next year,then he signs with the Browns so he’ll have been on every AFCN team’s roster in his career.
    Has that ever happened before?

  10. Situational player for cinc since they run a 4-3. He will do good for them I he stays healthy but sorry ravenator murder Pitts there is no way! Lol cheers ! Hate on haters ! 🙂

  11. Great signing for the Bengals. They have very good and underrated roster. Harrison brings championship/big game experience, as well as hate for Stealers for cutting him and my Ravens for passing on him twice

  12. Only good for a couple cheap shots a year when he gets loose…otherwise, he’s been pretty easy to block lately and is usually out of the play.

  13. All the Steelers haters never hesitated to call the defense old and this included Harrison. Now that he’s gone, ppl say he’s gonna kill the Steelers. Ridiculous

  14. We will miss you ……thanks for the great years in Steeler Nation. Good luck, real Steeler fans wish you the best. Keep on being a Beast!!!

  15. The cool thing is that the Bengals had 51 sacks WITHOUT Harrison. Geno Atkins is a beast. Harrison just makes them that much scarier.

  16. Funny, Steelers fans are coming out in flocks saying he doesn’t have talent any left, but yet a website by the fans “behindthesteelcurtian.com”.. Says “Don’t let people think he was cut because he’s in decline,” Neal Coolong who manages the great website Behind the Steel Curtain, said on Sunday when it looked like an agreement was in the works. “He looked much stronger the second half of the season, which, not coincidentally, was two months removed from knee surgery.”… Going on to say when he come back and was playing at full health, he was clearly the best defensive player on the Steelers team.. Was he worth what 7 million a year? No.. But let’s not lie about his level talent.. That is undeniable and he has showcased that already AFTER his surgery..

  17. Hey Timmons94- pretty sure the bengals were in the playoffs last year and Big Ben through some pick 6’s and you guys were home watching….yea that’s what happened.

  18. i’m happy for everybody (really) – but be careful what you ask for (and get)…he brings more than his badass to the table!

  19. We don’t need him to be what he was in Pittysburg …. we have more talent than that what he adds is a veteran presence, attitude and toughness not to mention knowledge of division foes… So as the saying goes “My rival team is my new team cause my main team don’t want me no mo”…Trinidad James…lol something like that

  20. Well I wanted Dansby over him because he’s a little younger and plays all 3 LB spots. But I cant complain too much, He had his worst year last year coming off injury and he still led the Steelers with 6 sacks. I think he also feels like he has a lot to prove because everyone in the world is saying he’s done (especially his previous fans)

    Bengals do have Geno Atkins, Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap to worry about blocking already. Add Harrison in the mix and I see the Bengals with the most sacks in the NFL AGAIN this year!

  21. Finally a leader with tenacity this defense will be even better next year and it’s great that Mr. Monday Night plays his old mates on the night he owns. WHO DEY!

  22. Meh. This just makes the Steelers’ game-planning for the Bagels that much easier.

    But fear not, gentle readers, fans of the Bugles will continue to talk loud, talk proud, boast about all the Super Bowls they’ve won–uh, played in–uh, the playoff games they’ve won over the last 20 years–uh, whatever you boast about when you have nothing about which to boast.

  23. last year Ravens fans said he’s old/slow and washed up… now they’re saying that he’s a demi god and going to murder the Steelers.

  24. thanks for the years in Pitt. keep playing football the way it is meant to be played and I hope you crush every qb that doesn’t play for the Steelers.

  25. Best Super Bowl int ever!

    We will miss you James… The man is not comfortable in his own skin… A true football player.. Go Steelers!

  26. No reason for him to be motivated to play the Steelers. They offered him way more than the Bengals will end up giving him I guarantee that. Suddenly all these hypocritical fans think Harrison is Lawrence Taylor when before he was old. Lol

  27. “thesteelers says:
    Apr 19, 2013 5:33 PM
    LOL. Take our trash. We’ve never made a mistake.”


    Lol. Yeah right. If the Steelers had never made a mistake they would have won ever single Super Bowl and every single game they’ve ever lost.

    But hey, don’t let actual facts get in the way of the delusion.

  28. I wouldnt boo him, unless he starts bein a real turd…

    He gave pittsburgh fans everything he had, and one of the most memorable plays in SB history. He didnt demand his release or become a huge problem…he just made a (wrong) judgement call about his market value. Best of luck to you, James!

  29. Hope they sign Dansby now, that would be some shrewd negotiating by Marvin Lewis and the Bengals to have tricked Harrison into signing for what he’s worth and turn around and sign Dansby as well. I’m 99.9% sure this won’t happen but there is that 0.01% chance…..

  30. I think i’m going to be sick.. my favorite player over the last 7-8 years is now a bungle.. They are third on my list of most hated teams behind the ratbirds and cowgirls. I don’t know how to enjoy the steeler bengal rilvary games now.. I hate free agency.. Then again, without it we would not have had James “Silverback” Harrison in the first place.. gonna be a long season for my boys. just keeping it real

  31. LOL!

    There are women’s D2 college basketball teams that could not just beat, but DESTROY the Bengals at football. And adding a has-been like Harrison would just make it easier.

    Pittsburgh rules, while Cincinnati fights it out with Cleveland, Philly, and Baltimore as the most embarrassing city for NFL players to live in and have to pretend being proud to represent. Its like a vortex of sports suckitude, right there in the mid-northeast. With Steel City standing alone, dominating all.

  32. He’s averaging like 50 tackles, 7 sacks, and 12 games played a season for the last 2 seasons. And he’s 34. I don’t think he’s gonna help the Bengals finally win a playoff game in the Marvin Lewis era.

  33. Big talk out of raven fans who’s team barely won the division, split with the bungles, lucky to split with the steelers, and barely managed to beat the browns twice. Your team lost way more then you gained, Elvis was nice but still underwater. The steelers may have a down year but I can see them doing better then the ravens and the bungles should pull off a division title this year.

  34. I’m not a fan of Harrison or the Bengals, but I sure do hope he gets to put Roethlisberger on his ass. -Bills Fan

  35. No dog in this fight, but I know Cincy has a lot of aggression at the LB position now with Harrison and Burfict. If that animosity between PIT and Harrison has teeth, he’s going to feast on the Steelers. That front seven might be good enough to put CIN into the elite of the AFC next year because that offense is only going to get better.

  36. I think Harrison still might have a year or two left. However, the Bengals have an atrocious track record when they sign big names at the end of their career.

    Also, he’s a 3-4 outside linebacker. Where does he fit in the Bengals 4-3 scheme?

  37. Oh you awful, arrogant Steeler fans. You’re just upset because your front office didn’t plan for the future. Mike Brown might be a cheap ass but he helped keep parity in the NFL. Have fun hating

  38. Harrison will be great for Burfict and I also think Rey.. Should be a good fit, the 3 4 to 4 3 isn’t a big deal in Zimmers D he play a mix of the two any how.. From we dey to who dey love it..

  39. We’ll miss him in the `Burgh. He likely has one or two above-average seasons in him (6, or so, sacks). It’ll suck seeing him coming after Ben twice a year, but it was just his time to go elsewhere.

    I still don’t see how he fits in the 4-3 unless he comes off of the bench as an edge rusher on passing downs.

  40. Well that settles it, the final piece of the puzzle for the Bengals, all there is left to do now is to start designing a superbowl ring with tiger stripes on it.

  41. Good luck to James. Bungals may sweep the Steelers this year the way things are going. It’s been a tough off season and I don’t see even a glimmer of hope for the future. Ugh. Seems pretty evident to me Colbert benefitted from Cowher’s input on personnel decisions. We’re just starting to see the impacts of that. Please, Mr. Rooney, make a change…Mike ‘the sports cliche machine’ Tomlin needs to get in line at the unemployment office.

  42. This would be a big signing for the Ben Gals if it was the Harrison of three years ago and before. He is slow, injury prone, and average at best now. He does have the attitude of a Pit Bull, but the bite of a toy Chihuahua. Should be good for a couple of helmet to helmet penalties in crucial moments, and a few jump on the pile tackles, or a half a sack next season. Good luck with the playoffs next few years Cincy, join the steelers at the bottom of the AFC north.

  43. Wow…AFC North is going to be interesting this year! While the Ravens are still going to be tough, the Bengals will give everybody in this division a real run for their money but I would never count the Steelers out and the Browns now have the best defensive coordinator in the NFL so should be some good football!

  44. timmons94 says:
    Apr 19, 2013 5:11 PM
    from 6 rings to zero
    from Big Ben to Andy Dalton
    wow…enjoy your time there…
    as Bill Cowher would say We Dey !!!

    I didn’t know that by being part of a franchise that won six Super Bowls meant you automatically had six rings. Somebody call Romo and tell him he was a winner this entire time!

  45. Hes washed up. Used to love the guy but by being a bch and not taking our offer…forget him.

  46. Our linebackers (except Burfict) were a weak link. Harrison will help us improve in that area.

  47. FoozieGrooler says: Apr 19, 2013 7:12 PM

    Name one linebacker cut by the Steelers that went on to achieve any measure of success elsewhere.


    Joey Porter (32 sacks in 3 seasons in Miami), Kevin Greene, Chad Brown. That’s just off the top of my head. If you’re a Steeler fan, you should be ashamed for not knowing that.

  48. I guess Steeler fans forgot old Joey Porter. He had his best season (at least stat wise) for the Dolphins. So yes, the Steelers have cut ties with at least one player a bit too early. That being said, Harrison will be a SAM on run downs and occasional pass rusher. They aren’t asking him to do much, besides add a little nasty to an effective, but a bit vanilla defense.

  49. jmblosser82 says:
    Apr 19, 2013 6:31 PM
    Big talk out of raven fans who’s team barely won the division, split with the bungles, lucky to split with the steelers, and barely managed to beat the browns twice. Your team lost way more then you gained, Elvis was nice but still underwater. The steelers may have a down year but I can see them doing better then the ravens and the bungles should pull off a division title this year.


    That’s World Champion Ravens to you bud. Oh, and that split with the Bengals might have had something to do with the Ravens resting Flacco, Rice and many others after only two series. Even with the backups in the score was still 23 to 17.

    Baltimore and Cincy will be playoff teams, yet again, while your steelers are stuck in the 6-10 and 7-9 range. Good luck in salary cap purgatory.

  50. there is no way he’ll play an entire season anyway, maybe we’ll see him once this year lol enjoy going no where with the rest of your career along with mike Wallace! and coming back for a one-day contract when retirement comes….. nobody plays for the love anymore, its all a business sadly!

  51. I hate the business side of football now. What ever happen to hatred towards a division rival? I am a Bengals fan and I hate this signing.

    I do not want this Steeler, nor any Steeler on my team.

  52. Isn’t it interesting that now that Harrison, is no longer with Worthlessbooger & Co, he’s suddenly “over-the-hill”, not worth much, on his last legs, ready for the retirement home, etc. Two weeks ago, he was a beast, best player we got, etc. Sounds like sour grapes, methinks.

  53. There is no loyalty in sports anymore. Tweeting, “Whodey”? Joe Greene would rather retire with dignity, rather than dawn another uniform, let alone a bitter division rival. It’s all about the cash…

  54. big talk out of a steelers fan whose team went 8 and 8 and have done nothing to get better. and talking about loyalty in sports. if the steelers were so loyal to their players as you say then why not honor harrison’s contract? its a business. as far as harrison goes i am sure if used properly he has a lot to offer. plus we know of 2 games this year he will absolutely be ready to go

  55. Keep posting. Ravensnation is laughing. Not gonna put the Bengals over the hump…please. One and done to the Texans three years in a row? U should b so lucky.

  56. I wish James all the best.

    He was a heart and soul guy who worked his tail off, and he also played through a lot of pain and injuries that keep other players in street clothes.

    James gave us some epic seasons of play and made some absolutely spectacular plays for the Black & Gold. He won NFL Defensive MVP and could have won a second.

    And as everyone knows, he set one hell of a tone in between the white lines – and – outside them as well.

    What a player.

    Much gratitude to Debo for what he did for the Black & Gold.

    I hope my Steeler Nation brothers and sisters recognize what he did, and don’t act like scorned babies about it. For the majority of us, monetary compensation (and organizational respect) are key considerations in navigating one’s career path.

    Good luck Cincy — you guys got the REAL DEAL, and unless he gets hurt — the Queen City is going to see some fireworks out of 92. That cat detonates on people, and I see two more strong seasons out Debo.

  57. To the handicap steeler fans

    -Arrest Jokes
    Rly are you still livin in 2006/07? Do some research steelers have had more arrests in the past 6 years.atleast we dont have a rapist for our franchise QB

    -Enjoyfor the losing season with the bengalz.
    Really? Can i get what your smokin Bengals look to challange for the division where steelers look to challange the browns for the bottom.

    6 rings vs 0
    How many superbowls would be the steelers have without roids.

    -Harrison is trash/Done
    Rly? Before he was signed you guys were all over his nuts,U jelly bro?

  58. Sure, maybe he has lost a step – but he still has the smarts – and does anyone think he can’t still HIT?
    He went to a division rival – that should be interesting.

    Loyalty in sports? Really? That ended with free agency – get over it.

  59. @therealpittbull, okay, so where was the “loyalty” from the Pittsburg front office to Harrison? You’re right, it is all about money… A quote comes to mind,

    “Everytime I call this a ‘Sport’, you call it a business, and every time it call this a business, you call it a ‘Sport'”.

  60. Foozie:
    In addition to Joey Porter, Kevin Greene and Chad Brown, there also was Mike Merriweather, who went on to have an outstanding career as a Viking.

    The Steelers stuck it Harrison by refusing to honor a contract they and Harrison had agreed upon.
    The Steelers didn’t ask Harrison to restructure his deal. Instead, they demanded that he take a hefty pay cut.
    That’s simply no way to treat a six-year starter, a five-time Pro Bowl selection, a Defensive Player of the Year and a Super Bowl game-changing, difference-maker.
    Unfortunately for the Steelers’ pathetic offense, the disloyal Steelers organization hasn’t seen the last of James Harrison.
    I suspect Harrison will have the last laugh. And I personally wish him nothing but the best.

  61. I think the happiest guy on the planet over this signing is Andrew Whitworth who had to block Harrison 2x a year over the last 6 seasons.

  62. @the realpitbull

    It’s a business therefore it is about cash! You think the owners are loyal when players get cut without guaranteed money. Rookies salary caps in place so veterans can make more? C’mon man, crock o s%^t! Veteran free agents are getting shafted left and right for younger unproven players because there cheap! Get your money old man. This will be the last you may see!

  63. @84sg1
    Lol. You are just dfferent but its ok. The world would be a boring place without people like you

    @timmons94,, please tell that to james harrisons face. I’m sure he wont slap u silly but its that kind of talk that motivates him. Look how he plays against the Ratbirds. The team that cut him..u are a steelers fan so u should know this. Harrison is a motivated player. Everytime they say his old and slow he shows up. Your steelers will get embarrassed on both primetime games. That’s right..check the schedule

  64. Good signing. This guy has enough pride where im sure he will perform well at least for this year in hopes of proving Pittsburgh wrong. Theyre not going to enjoy facing him. I think its a win as long as they didn’t throw a lot of guaranteed money at him

  65. This is on Tomlin. He wanted to go with Worilds at LB and show everybody how smart he was to draft him in the second round even though the kid couldn’t even crack the starting lineup. Say what you want about Harrison he still has some gas in the tank and just seeing him across the scrimmage line still will make plenty of guys aware of his presence. Cannot say the same thing about Jason Worilds. It will be a long year for my black and gold unfortunately. All the best to Silverback. You were and are a true beast.

  66. This move does surprise me a bit as Harrison doesn’t really fit their scheme and teams sign a seasoned vet like this when they want to make one last shot at a title run. Bengals aren’t in that position. They are making title runs for sure but they are young enough that it’s not their last shot. Not sure if they will go all the way as there is some tough teams in AFC but wouldn’t be surprised if they are in playoffs again and make past the first round. Maybe he’ll be a situational player. I just hope those situations never come up against the Ravens.

  67. @seaeagle707

    Steeler fans are the most fair weathered and sour grapy fans on the planet. I just hope Emmanuel Sanders knows how the fans trashed him during the time it appeared he might go to the Patriots. They have no loyalty to anyone and do nothing but talk about those six rings, which are actually four net* rings, three of which were awarded in ancient times when they could get away with a lot more cheap shots. Of course, Hines Ward was the king of cheap shots when you think about it, so that probably accounts for the sole net ring they got in the last 10 years.

    *Steelers LOST two Superbowls, to Dallas and Green Bay

  68. If Zimmer wants him then that is good enough for me. Fact is, the Bengals need his attitude and leadership more than anything. Any big plays he makes is just icing on he cake.

  69. Yes, I’m a longtime Bengals’ fan. I just don’t like the fact that it seems to be acceptable for NFL franchises to sign players to (often long term) contracts, and then decide NOT to pay the agreed amount! This is blatantly deceitful, and contractually wrong. I don’t care how old, productive, etc., a player is at that point in his career…it’s crooked business. I didn’t care were James Harrison finally went. He was another NFL Player that just isn’t allowed to play out his agreement. I’m very excited to have him as a member of my favorite team, and I hope all works out well for him. James Harrison is a Father, and as a Father myself, it is important for us to set examples…especially when it comes to keeping your word.

  70. randallflagg52 | Apr 19, 2013, 6:08 PM EDT
    Can’t wait to see him sack Ben. Maybe he could sack Nofool while he’s at it, that would be awesome.

    I bet that would get just as excited as you were while watching a group of Baltimore cowards beat an out numbered Red Sox fan…..you need help dude. You give even the raven fans a bad name. But hey with 52 in your handle no one expects morals.

  71. Isn’t it interesting that since now James signed with another team, some people say he is now the beast that will murder Ben and the Steelers, but meanwhile the same people were saying he was old, slow, injury prone and washed up last year?

    I would have liked to see James stay a Steeler, I think he probably has some gas left, but players move on and so do the teams.

  72. I think he’s going to be hyped, as much as the first Cinci /Steelers game will be. Both will be a disappointment – the game, and the likelihood he won’t have any impact.

    But, I’ll still enjoy them both struggling to retain 2nd place in the Division! :-))

  73. Ravens continue getting younger and faster on defense as the other two competitors in the AFCN get older and slower.

    Sorry Browns, but you still have some work to do. Call me crazy but I think adding Elvis is a better sign than James Harrison. However, let’s remember that it’s only April. I at least know that much.

  74. I love it when Steeler fans have to go back to “the Bill Cowher days” to have something clever to say!

  75. Thanks for your service, James. I’ll always be proud of your work in the Black and Gold and you’ll always have your place here in the ‘Burgh. In that case, be careful what you wish for. You are now the hunted. BAD MISTAKE.

  76. LOL. Take our trash. We’ve never made a mistake

    No thanks…. you guys can keep Roethlisberger!

  77. Big Ben will know how it feels to be laid flat on his back while his “rescuers” are being held back by Bengal “bodyguards.” Oh, how I love poetic justice!

  78. Steelers fans are just bitter and a bunch of classless clowns. Check out James Harrisons facebooks page. They have posted a bunch hateful and I mean hateful comments. Making personal attacks against a man that gave his blood, body, sweat and tears for your city and team for 10 years. Now he moves on and you all come swinging at him as if he murdered someone in that ugly steel city. Its embarrassing because the female fans from pittsburgh are wishing him the best and thanking him for the memories but the male fans are saying, “lets just be boys and throw dirt on this guy” .gosh!

  79. So when Harrison hits Big Ben the way he did Colt McCoy, are Steeler fans going to call it a cheap shot, or “football the way it is supposed to be played”?

  80. If Big Ben, Troy Palamalu, and Ike Taylor jumped over to Cincy, they would STILL be the Bungles!

  81. @edisbetter- you’re right, dumerville is a better signing, mainly due to age though. Bengals are still one if the youngest teams in the league. We didn’t bring Harrison in to fix our d, he’s going to be a role player, on a d that returns most of our starters, and was top 5 or 6. He’s certainly better than manny Lawson who he is replacing.

  82. I love all the hate from the steelers fans!! They make no sense.. Harrison wont get to Big Ben?? Have you seen your offensive line??? Hes old and slow?? Remember your team wanted to keep him, they just wanted him to take a pay cut which he thought was crap considering he has been one of your best defensive players for years!! Steelers fans keep hating, September 16th will be here soon enough, and we know whats gonna happen on MNF!!

  83. getyourownname | Apr 20, 2013, 11:22 AM EDT
    So when Harrison hits Big Ben the way he did Colt McCoy, are Steeler fans going to call it a cheap shot, or “football the way it is supposed to be played”?

    No we are going to blame it on the refs like you want to .Big Ben had his nose twisted by a fat raven, no penalty, no whining….just wear your big boy pants sometime will ya?

  84. James was much Healthier towards the end of the season..That being said just RUN right at him or pass his way..No worries, he’s not good in coverage or setting the Edge..

  85. I love it Bengals sign one guy that’s a little older and the Ravens fans now say they’re over the hill like the steelers c’mon man I’m almost sure the average age of the Bengals roster is younger than the Ravens. Also Dumervil isn’t going into his prime he’s at the tail end of his prime he will be watching the play-offs in January with the rest of the Ravens at his 30th birthday party.

  86. i think its a great signing for the bengals. harrison isnt what he used to be but he has lots to offer a young team. and there will be at least 2 games where his intensity will be off the charts. as far as the comment on loyalty…where was the steeler loyalty in honoring his contract. not a knock on the steelers. just how its done. you cant call out a player and not a team. and nfnd…really? a fat raven? and you wonder why you are considered nothing more than a joke

  87. scoobies05 | Apr 20, 2013, 3:15 PM EDT
    i think its a great signing for the bengals. harrison isnt what he used to be but he has lots to offer a young team. and there will be at least 2 games where his intensity will be off the charts. as far as the comment on loyalty…where was the steeler loyalty in honoring his contract. not a knock on the steelers. just how its done. you cant call out a player and not a team. and nfnd…really? a fat raven? and you wonder why you are considered nothing more than a joke

    Ah now you call me a joke…..to quote “enough with the cheap insults” very sensitive about large raven d-tackles. You don’t have any skin to be called thin…relax dude you are very sensitive. Not afraid to throw trash but unwilling to duck when it’s thrown back at you. Can’t have it both ways…like you say deal with it.

  88. Nofool, you are the definition of the word joke. You post on EVERY SINGLE article involving the Ravens, and now I assume bengals, scroll through the comments and insult people for what they say. Over the internet mind you (like a true coward). Act your age old man, not your shoe size.

  89. I read this garbage just to read all the hare towards the Steelers..Like Katt Williams says “If you not hated, you not doin ya MF’n job” We’ve been doin our job for years now! The Only thing that kept us from more success in the 90s was the QB spot and we still got to multiple AFC championship games under Cowher just couldn’t get over the hump. We will never fall back into being a punching bag like in the 80s and will always compete for the AFC north. The fait of the Bengals and Ravens always will depend on what we do.

  90. Being hated is not necessarily a badge of honor. Sometimes it comes from just acting hateful. Steelers fans are getting their just desserts for acting the way the have all these years. I can’t wait to see their team get crushed this year. I know the Elite Joe ” Montana” Flacco can’t wait to see their withering secondary run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Buck, buck, buck. Yikes!

  91. What’s with all the secrecy and non-reporting about what the contract’s worth? Is Harrison’s agent embarrassed or something?

    It all comes down to this: if Harrison signed for more than what the Steelers last offered him, his agent’s a gem. If he signed for less, he got taken. And he looks like a moron.

    Usually the first thing they report is the amount of the deal. Not this time. Again, why?

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