Jimmy Haslam: I haven’t done anything wrong


The NFL has no plans to ask Jimmy Haslam to step away from the Browns while the FBI and IRS investigate Pilot Flying J, the truck stop company his family founded in 1958.

And Haslam has no plans to step aside from either the team or his role as CEO of Pilot Flying J. That was the message he sent while addressing the media on Friday. Haslam also sent out a statement saying that the investigation dealt with a “a very narrow band” of the company that doesn’t include 99 percent of the workforce. He pledged to cooperate with authorities in their investigation, but was emphatic that he would be remaining in his role.

“Somebody asked me today if I was going to step down as [CEO of Pilot Flying J],” Haslam said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “I thought to myself, ‘Why would I do that?’ Candidly, I haven’t done anything wrong, No. 1. And No. 2, if there’s ever a time the company needs our leadership, it’s right now. So our plans are to remain CEO for a long time, candidly.”

There wasn’t any football discussion while Haslam addressed the issues with his family’s company, but a reporter did manage to squeeze one in as Haslam made his way out of the room. The owner was asked if the Browns would make it to the Super Bowl while he owned the team and Haslam replied “eventually, yes.”

That may contradict Haslam’s assertion that it would be “business as usual” for the Browns, but it probably sounds good to fans in Cleveland all the same.

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  1. Browns fans should look on the bright side, at least your owner is just an alleged criminal. You could have Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones as your owner. That would be infinitely worse.

  2. poor Cleveland, the question was will u make it to the sb, can’t even as will they win the sb, LOL I’m a giants fan and I can’t see anybody hating Cleveland, I’ll root for them every year until they win one or I die, probably the later, no offence. Hang in there browns fans n good luck to the factory of sadness.

  3. Bobo, maybe your post would have more power if you didn’t put an apostrophe in “Browns”.


  4. This investigation will last for a while, It won’t be solved overnight. The Browns should just focus on their season and keep their sights on the Super Bowl. Even if Haslam is proven wrong, the Browns will still play. Keep your head up Cleveland.

  5. This is for Booboo and all the other (and sadly, there are many) unoriginal, unfunny posters that seem to have some sort of fetish about posting negative comments about the Browns.
    First off, the following phrases are PLAYED OUT:

    Factory of Sadness
    Mistake by the Lake

    And as an added bonus, for ALL posters, “just sayin'” is played out as well.

    The comments section is designed to be somewhat informative and mostly entertaining. When you post the same old quaint “insults” like the above, you just show how unintelligent and shallow you really are. Come up with something original (for once!) or please, don’t post at all!

  6. He’s smart enough to not address the media if he were guilty of a criminal offense…the fact that he did tells me he’s probably not involved directly in the fraud…this happens and is continuing to happen all over the USA

  7. You know, I’m a huge Browns fan and season ticket holder. I even go to the games!

    And yes sometimes that stadium does feel like a “factory of sadness”! That’s not an insult. That’s just what it feels like sometimes.
    There was a time when “Cleveland, you’ve got to be tough!” was the battle cry of the city. Well, the city has come back and has more to offer than most cities around the country.
    But, “Browns Fan, you gotta be tough!” is still true. And the Browns have some of the best fans in the league. For sure the most loyal!

  8. Snakeman40,

    It appears that being a Browns fan has tainted your objectivity. Instead of crying that someone taped a note to your back that says” Just kick me, I buy all my stuff at the “Factory of Sadness,” try holding your ownership accountable. . Quit filling up the owners seats and pockets until he provides a decent product.

    Just saying….


  9. Every other word out of this guys mouth is “candidly”.
    Seriously. Ever heard him do a presser? It’s quite irritating.

  10. Many don’t get this. But he probably didn’t know. He’s a billionaire and it’s not worth the headache to even orchestrate this for a few million. But for a regional manager or some VP that’s making $200k per year it is. If said person can make his/her division seem a few million more profitable (while hiding why) it could mean significant bonuses or pay raises.
    Case closed.

  11. I wonder how the NFL will feel when the truth comes out if the money’s being scammed is how the Browns were purchased.

  12. I hope Jimmy didn’t know about the wrongdoings, but find it hard to believe he was in the dark until the raid. Unfortunately even if it was his managers pulling shady stuff without his knowledge, that just means he wasn’t running a tight ship or holding his people accountable. Definately, doesn’t do much to improve the browns image that was finally starting to gain the respect is much deserves. Hope this distraction is gone before the season starts! Go Browns,!

  13. You look at some people and can just tell by their face that they are a jerk. Haslam has that fishy look about him.

  14. Haslam doesn’t matter. The Browns will be here for the next hundred years win or lose. If he’s guilty, he’s just another piece of crap who happened to own the Browns. The NFL will take over the team until another owner is found. I’d like to see Cleveland go the Green Bay route, candidly.

  15. Can’t wait for the Browns to hit the field and play. Nobody quite understands what it’s like to be a Browns Fan. Candidly, there isn’t a more passionate fan base in all of sports. Everybody loves taking shots/digs at us. Thanks to the Giants fan that posted above.

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