NFL has no plans to ask Jimmy Haslam to step aside


As far as the NFL is concerned, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam can remain actively involved in running his team while the FBI and IRS investigate his other business.

Responding to the report that the NFL could ask Haslam to step down, NFL spokesman Greg Aielo told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that “there are no such plans.”

The federal government is investigating whether the truck stop company Haslam and his family own has engaged in fraud to keep millions of dollars worth of gas rebates that should have been distributed to its customers. Haslam plans to appear at company headquarters today to make a statement about the accusations. Media members have already been told that Haslam will not take any questions.

But as far as the NFL is concerned, these are just allegations, and Haslam is, for now anyway, free to continue running the Browns.

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  1. Of course not; he’s an owner. If he were a player, of course, he’d be docked his salary and suspended.

  2. do you really think billionaire owners want to set a precedent for anyone that comes under IRS scrutiny….offshore accounts anyone……anyone…..

  3. The NFL created this mess by bringing him in to buy the team from Lerner, they better clean it up.

  4. Players, guilty until proven innocent.
    Owners, innocent until proven guilty.
    That is Roger’s NFL.

  5. Look at the photo…….would you trust that guy?
    Of course the league isn’t going to make him step down. What Haslam has done to the trucking company customers is no different than what all the owners and the league do to all the hard working fans that buy season tickets and merchandise.
    Kickbacks and freebies go to the league sponsors, politicians, and lobbiests. While the average fan gets the shaft to recoup the costs.

  6. Goodell proves once again what protecting the shield and integrity really means.

    If Haslem is indicted on Fraud and Tax Evasion charges and is NOT forced to sell, Roger needs to step down.

  7. Educator, you are a dope… If this were a player, he would be docked his salary and suspended AFTER conviction.

    Overall, it is just another product manufatured at the “Factory of Sadness!”


  8. I need a Republican with knowledge of the situation to inform me whether or not this counts as a job-killing regulation.

  9. Goodell: I don’t have to wait for legal action to suspend or fine a player that makes the league look bad.

    Goodell: One of my owners possibly engaged in fraud and made millions from it. No biggie.

  10. The primary difference here is that the owners are Goodell’s boss, not the other way around. He cannot make an owner do anything. I challenge any of you to walk in to your bosses office and try to suspend them.

    Regardless of if you like or hate him, this has absolutely nothing to do with Goodell.

  11. In America, them that got the gold makes the rules. If you ain’t got any gold, you are a victim.

  12. Yeah sure no problem. Let the guy who’s company has stolen millions rome free and continue running the Professional Football team he owns. In the meantime i’m gonna go steal a loaf of bread to feed my family and hope i don’t get 6 months to a year for such a heinous crime.

  13. This is a Steelers conspiracy. They knew about this last year before the team went up for sale. This was their way of dumping Haslam onto their rivals and keeping the factory’s stacks billowing.

  14. As much crap as Browns fans have gone through, they have to be the best fans in the NFL. Of course some teams have more fans, but Browns fans are REAL fans.

  15. Read the FBI informant phone transcript on the indictment … He’s guilty as hell. So lets review, Browns fans….our current owner is an interloper billionaire who bought our team with dirty money, the previous two owners were interloper billionaires that didn’t even like football and conspired with Modell, and then there’s dear old Art… I’m not even going to go into that. I think now is the time to make the case for public ownership of the Browns… This team really belongs to us folks, the people that have bled brown and orange for generations, not these aforementioned aholes. Lets get together once again, lawyer up with one voice , and go for it. Maybe we can build a organization like the Packers and never have to worry about someone taking what really belongs to us, the fans.

  16. Adam “Pac Man” Jones sees no problem with this double standard.

    “Innocent until proven guilty” is a nice idea…only.

  17. Meanwhile the Cleveland Browns are enjoying the most media coverage they’ve seen since Tim Couch.

  18. We’ll see what penalties the league applies if he’s arrested and charged.

    If he’s not charged outside of a possible fine I don’t think there’s much the league could do.

  19. I always post in favor of the owners to be honest here, but this has got to make the other 31 owners livid. They look like idiots for not being able to properly vet this guy, and will be forced into a bad spot if he is indicted. This will be very interesting moving forward.

  20. “mikebrownfaux says:
    Well, how is he going to “own” the team from a Federal Prison?”
    You have obviously never heard of John Gotti.

  21. THe other owners don’t care either, because half of them do the same thing. Just look at the Glazers for example. Half of ManU IPO was supposed to pay off the team debt, but they pocketed half, made city of Tampa pay for 100% of their stadium and want them to pay for their upgrades now too! This is just surface talk.

  22. Why let a little tax fraud get in the way of the NFL monster, right? The question is how much is it going to cost Haslem to buy off the FBI?

  23. Looks like a lot of guys have inside indictment but almost every post has him convicted…

  24. In a special meeting of all the owners, the NFL responded to the news of Haslam’s fraud by suspending 3 more players from the Saints, taking away $10 more from the Redskins cap space, and making tackling illegal.

  25. @ educator7:

    Of course the NFL won’t dock his pay because they don’t control his pay. His income is from his company and they have no control over that.

    They could, perhaps should, and maybe will dock his portion of shared revenue if this goes to trial and he is found guilty, but if that happens I’m sure that anything the NFL imposes will seem like a slap on the wrist compared to whatever else he’ll be dealing with!

  26. “Uhhh, his check cleared and it’s all good. Besides, we’ve already deposited it, so no, we’re not giving him his money back.”

    Roger Goodell

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