Orioles’ manager tells Rex Ryan to worry about his own team

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Jets coach Rex Ryan took a shot at the Baltimore Orioles for refusing to move their previously scheduled game on Thursday, September 5, which required the Ravens to play their opener on the road. The manager of the Orioles thinks Ryan should mind his own business.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter says if Ryan is concerned with anything about Baltimore, he ought to be concerned about the Jets’ meeting with Baltimore this season.

“I think I’d be a little more concerned about November 24 when the Jets come here and try to figure out a way to beat the Ravens, wouldn’t you?,” Showalter said, via CSNBaltimore.com. “I’d think that would be a little bit more of a challenge. I try to stay out of things I don’t know about. Like I don’t know about the NFL schedule and the NFL challenges. So that would be my advice. I would stay in what is my area of supposed expertise.”

Showalter’s use of the word “supposed” there is a nice touch. And it’s a fair point: Ryan has enough to worry about with the Jets, that he’d probably be wise not to get involved with issues that don’t affect his team.

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  1. You tell him Buck!!!! Rex should worry about his own team, and do what he can to have a drama-free season in the NFL and not worry about the MLB.

    Rex is probably trying to get on Bisootti’s good side so he can be the DC when he is fired from the Jets and Pees moves on.

  2. Good for Buck. Tell that loudmouth blowhard to worry about his own team and job security.

  3. As annoying as Rex is he’s right on this one, baseball should always take a backseat to football especially if game 149 out of 1000 is getting in the way of an NFL Championship banner.

  4. The Ravens might as well be an MLS team. It’s hilarious to see the O’s punk out that mickey mouse franchise. The Redskins COMMAND respect. Marylands shining representative. #MDisRedskinsCountry

  5. Screw Buck, he has never won a thing, any time he gets close the team finds a real manager. What the O’s did to the Ravens was wrong on many levels. Rex may have a big mouth, but he was 110% right

  6. I am no Rex Ryan fan by a long stretch, but I think it was totally weak of the Orioles not to adjust. Rex’s remarks were spot on. Come on, 82 home games and you couldn’t try to rearrange something somewhere?

  7. Seriously, can anyone in the Jets organization do anything without stepping in a steaming pile of dog crap?

  8. “I try to stay out of things I dont know about. Like I don’t know about the NFL schedule and the NFL challenges. “…preceded by…”I think I’d be a little more concerned about November 24 when the Jets come here and try to figure out a way to beat the Ravens, wouldn’t you?


    Seems like he knows something about the NFL schedule.

  9. Normally I would agree that Rex should worry about his team & keep quiet about other matters but have to admit that he is right on this one. The Ravens are the Champions & should have the right to play at home, what have the orioles done lately??? are they the champions??

  10. Once again that dummy has his “foot” in his mouth…RYAN your a idiot! Buck not an O’s fan AT ALL, but you hit the nail on the head!

  11. “I think I’d be a little more concerned about November 24 when the Jets come here and try to figure out a way to beat the Ravens, wouldn’t you?,”


  12. That’s like saying “I have enough to worry about with my day job as a lawyer so I shouldn’t be able to form an opinion on something sport related.”

  13. This is a classic, “I had it first” arguement that kids have. If it was yours to begin with, the the other person has to ask for it, but you can politely refuse to give it to them if you want. Then the other person can cry because they didn’t get their way if they are a baby or take it like a man.

    Buck Showalter is one of the greatest baseball minds of all time. What he is doing in Baltimore with such little talent in comparison to the other teams in his division is remarkable.

    Rex Ryan is running a circus where all the performers love their job and are good at what they do, but have no idea how to work together and their ring leader can’t figure it out.

  14. MLB in general needs to get off its high horse. It’s the only one of the 4 that basically disregards the schedule for the other 3 sports.
    Rex is right on this one. I’m sure MLB thinks they’ve exacted equal payback for the NFL/NBC no longer giving them a free late October Sunday night for the World Series.

  15. I think Buck had to say something n Rex should worry bout jets, but Rex was right what he said especially since the ravens are Superbowl champs… makes the Baltimore Orioles look really selfish!

  16. I’d take Showalter in a fight with a Ryan any time.

    You tell that fathead where to go, Buck!

  17. Good for Buck; Rex looks like a fool again.

    Why should the Orioles have to move their game anyway? Is the NFL more popular than baseball? Absolutely, but to move a game based on that fact alone is stupid. The NFL should have offered to cover the lost revenue for the Orioles caused by switching it to a day game or whatever they would have had to do. The NFL didn’t want it bad enough; the Orioles didn’t make their decision out of spite…it’s all business.

  18. Two coaches that have absolutely nothing to do with scheduling, nor any control over the scheduling process, talking trash.

    Gotta love the offseason!

    Honestly though, the NFL could have given the Ravens the first Monday night game at home and called it a wrap, instead of blaming the Orioles for the NFL making a scheduling mistake.

  19. Is it the end of the world that the Champions of the World don’t get the seasons first game in their home stadium??? they’ll still celebrate exactly the same on their first home game, book it. Sage advice to stay in your own lane though.

  20. So wish Baltimore would’ve played a Noon game on that Thurs. Woulda trumped the seamheads in an epic manner. The entire COUNTRY would be talking about it.

    Oh, and Rex Ryan should still shut his face

  21. “Like I don’t know about the NFL schedule…”
    “I think I’d be a little more concerned about November 24 when the Jets come here and try to figure out a way to beat the Ravens, wouldn’t you?,” Showalter said”

    Sounds like Showalter knows a lot about the NFL schedule since he just cited the day the two teams play the day after the schedules were released.

  22. I can certainly understand Buck’s position. The Orioles have more championships than the Ravens, they have been in Baltimore MUCH longer and have a deep, rich history with the fans inside the city. Though football has become the number one sport of the country, within the confines of THIS city, the Orioles have earned the right to say, ” Age before Beauty!”

  23. The Oreos are a joke and always will be. It’s just awful that they didn’t want to help the sports fans of Baltimore enjoy a championship the way it’s supposed to.

  24. If the Steelers had to share their stadium with the Pirates it’s not outlandish to say the hordes of terrible towel wavers, by sheer force of their waving, would blow away the 8,000 Bucco fans on gameday.

  25. The only thing that’s more fun than Rex and Jets in the off-season is Rex and the Jets in the regular season.

  26. Imagine a world in which Rex Ryan keeps his big fat mouth shut. There’d be more food, peace, and the collective IQ of the nation would raise 3 points.

  27. NewsFlash ………….
    Rex Ryan tries to trade Sanchez to the Orioles, Showalter is too smart for that. He fears the Butt Balk may follow the Butt Fumble …..

  28. Way to go Buck, I’m with you on this one. I’m also soooooooooo glad that the Ravens passed on Rex in favor of John Harbaugh. Rex can run a defense like no one’s business, but as the face of a franchise…..not so much.

  29. Rex is certainly his fathers son, knows how to stir the pot, Buck should just ignore him, he will be out of work soon enough.

  30. Rex is just not leader material and he’s a horrible football coach to boot. You have to be smart to be a good one. You really can’t take anything he says seriously. And that doesn’t inspire good football.

  31. Baseball…really? Comparing baseball to to football is like comparing Latin to English. Enjoy arguing the case for a dying sport. Oh and it’s boring as hell too.

  32. Maybe Rex should mind his own business, but he is 100% right. Hard to believe the Baseball team would screw their own city out of their right to host the opening game as the world champs. What d-bags!

  33. I’m no Rex fan, but I don’t get the assertion that because he’s a blowhard with a bad football team means he’s not allowed to have an opinion on anything. I don’t know if it’s the Orioles fault, the sox, MLB, whoever, but it’s really a shame that the Ravens don’t get the play this game at home in front of their fans. I don’t understand all of the logistics, but it seems like playing the game on the road should have been about option 6 or 7. Play it Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, heck even Sunday, but let them open the season in front of their fans and on National TV like a champion should.

  34. not a Rex Ryan Fan, but dude is sort of right here.

    How often is it you get to open the season at home, celebrating your hard fought championship with your fans and kicking off the new season….

    but for Raven’s fans, that’s replaced by some generic baseball game no. 482871 out of the 50000000 games played during a boring baseball season.

  35. Why was Rex Ryan commenting about the Ravens anyway, just because he used to Coach there? If Rex put as much time in on Coaching up his players as he does talking out of his rear, then the Jets would be Super Bowl bound every year.

  36. once again people. why would the orioles opponent agree to change anything on their schedule to help the ravens. you people who are bashing baseball are truly clueless. way to go buck and go baltimore birds

  37. I love the “ratings et al” guy. Have You actually looked at the baseball numbers lately fool? Believe it or not, there are other sports doing very well besides the NFL.

  38. logicalvoicesays! U have done serious issues. I wonder what you will do if the Redskin don’t make the playoff, you probably harm yourself….PFT! Please try to find this guy & get him some therapy.

  39. Why didn’t they have the game on wednesday like last year? The super bowl champs should open at home.

  40. The O’s were right. The NFL wouldnt move their game if it was vice versa. MLB schedule comes out like 8 months in advance. Why wait until the baseball season is about to start to bring it up NFL….NFL screwed up. Its their fault, GOOD JOB O’S. Ppl saying, oh…its just 1 game out of 81 games…not 82 first off. But all those 81 games matter. O’s lose the division by 1 game last year

  41. I really don’t understand how people could still throw any blame in the direction of the Orioles for this, they had a home game scheduled for that date before the Ravens even won the Super Bowl. It was the NFL’s responsibility to be sure that there wasn’t a conflict in the schedule, they refused to move the game to Wednesday, even though the season opened on Wednesday in 2012. The Orioles have in the past made adjustments to their schedule for the Ravens, one year that even moved a Sunday game to Saturday and played a doubleheader. In this case there could be no adjustment made.

  42. It’s beyond pathetic how many people think this decision was all on the O’s. First lets note that before MLB writes their schedule, the NFL reaches out to any teams they believe have a shot at a championship and tell their respective baseball teams to not play that Thursday just in case. It’s been reported- the NFL did NOT reach out to the O’s. translation? They thought the Ravens had no shot. The other thing to realize? This decision on the baseball side was made by the MLBPA (cannot have a day game after an away night game per union rules), MLB and last but not least the O’s. and as a for hard BALTIMORE fan? I like this all around. The Ravens get to prepare for Denver on the road for a few weeks, get their longest road trip of the season out of the way, and follow it with a 10 day break.

    Anybody gonna argue that?? Thought so.

  43. Nice to see logicalvoicesays is back. Wasn’t on any posts for a week bosting the redskins. I guess his mother took him off of being grounded since he cleaned his room.

  44. exactly mp….the nfl could have scheduled the game on wednesday…they did it last year. goodell doesnt like being told no so this is what happens. this is totally on the nfl

  45. both teams would have to agree to the change , Chicago wasn’t going to budge , not the Orioles

  46. Rex’s interest has soared in the game when he heard 400 feet to center at Camden Yards. He’s the jealous type.

  47. The Ravens might as well be an MLS team. It’s hilarious to see the O’s punk out that mickey mouse franchise. The Redskins COMMAND respect. Marylands shining representative. #MDisRedskinsCountry

    Baltimore Ravens 3-2 all-time vs Redskins
    Ravens 2 Superbowl championships vs none for Redskins in the 17 years they have gone head to head
    Baltimore Colts 15-7 vs Redskins
    Baltimore 5 NFL championships in 47 years
    Washington 5 NFL Chanmpionship in 76 years

    Winner Baltimore

  48. yeah… I’m with Rex. Football is king in this country and I’m positive the financial benefit from hosting a football game at that time will massively dwarf anything MLB can come up with. The Ravens are the world champs in their sport, something I highly doubt the Orioles achieve… As far as Showalter v. Ryan, I’ll take the football guy everytime, provided bats are not allowed.

  49. In a battle of wits between Buck and Rex, Ryan is unarmed.

    And he is wrong, too. NFL has had games on Rosh Hashana before, they could have moved this game to Wednesday, but they don’t want to lose ad revenue.

  50. If Rex Ryan says you lack class, then you need to at least consider it. It’s like if Honey Boo-Boo calls you white trash. Nobody knows classless like Buddy’s boys.

    Buck should have stuck with “It wasn’t our decision”. And then maybe add the “supposed expertise” shot….

  51. Any other town with a MLB team and a SB champ team would’ve accommodated. Totally classless city.

  52. I hate Rex but I for once agree what he said. The Orioles should give way for the hometown champions. Who watches baseball anyway? Boring @$$ sport.

  53. fdugrad says:Apr 19, 2013 7:29 PM

    “I can certainly understand Buck’s position. The Orioles have more championships than the Ravens, they have been in Baltimore MUCH longer and have a deep, rich history with the fans inside the city. Though football has become the number one sport of the country, within the confines of THIS city, the Orioles have earned the right to say, ” Age before Beauty!”


    Uh… 2 Super Bowls in their 17 years as the Ravens, 6 league championships since they joined the NFL in 1950, and 4/4 in the AAFC before that.

    While I’m sure there is many an Oriole fan who remembers that golden year of 1983 when their team last took home the big prize, at the end of the day, 3 titles in 112 years, in a league that ranged from 16 teams to 30 hardly gives the Orioles anything to chirp about.

  54. It really doesn’t matter if Rex is right or wrong in his opinion about the Orioles. He should try to exhibit a tiny bit of self control and shut his pie hole. The relationship between the Orioles and Ravens is none of his damn business.

  55. Why if John Harbaugh had voiced complaints? I bet Buck would be signing a different tune. Of course, thanks to Rex, Buck gets to look like a good guy AND deliver a zinger.

    Ryans being Ryans, I guess.

  56. I really wish Rex Ryan wouldn’t say every little thing that’s on his mind. I appreciate honesty but that’s just a dumb comment. You guys are going to miss him once he inevitably gets fired and has to take a Defensive Coordinator position somewhere. He really makes it easy to criticize

  57. Oh yeah cuse Buckshowalter has managed in 2 straight. Alcs series and has a perfect managerial record…no wait he’s been fired how many times??? Maybe he ought a shut his mouth Rex ain’t perfect but ill take him over 99% of coaches in the league

  58. Buck comes off like a real jerk on this one. Rex is right. The Ravins just won a Superbowl. It doesn’t get bigger than that. No class by the Os. Really lame.

  59. Love seeing the baseball trolls… Just wait til Sept. 5 so we can see the Orioles attendance for that game n the tv ratings comparison that night vs BAL-DEN. Baseball is for the clowns

  60. What I still don’t understand is why they are on road for the first week,period. So Whats wrong with Sunday night at home? Besides Thursday night football sucks! The only time pro-football should be played on a Thursday is Thanksgiving! The NFL created Thursday night football for their own network, so they can get part of the market share.

  61. I believe Baseball is a thinking mans game, let me make my case: I’ll bet Joe Toronto hates baseball and raider apologist loves baseball. Help me prove my point guys buy chiming in…

  62. In Ryan we trust…To make us laugh at his expense almost every single time he opens his mouth to say something.

  63. If Rex spoke up against terrorism, the Jets haters would give him a thumbs down!

    Buck…the manager who tried to tell Ken Griffey Jr. never to wear his cap on backwards.
    How’d that work out?

  64. For once, I agree with Rex. Bigtime. As he said, no one knows what true forces were at play. However, from a glance it appears that MLB still sees itself as the great American pastime, and would not relent to the upstart NFL. The people who run baseball likely despise the fact that the NFL is garnering so much attention right now, and baseball is more of a way to pass the time until football returns. The reality is, all sports actually serve a certain purpose, and coincide with one another in a basic rhythm over the course of a calendar year, and in this case, it would serve everyone better if we could sustain the tradition of the Super Bowl champ opening in their home stadium the following year. The Orioles, and MLB, dropped the ball on this one.

  65. He was asked by a reporter, he didn’t go out of the way to make those AWFUL Bashing comments. He answers questions honestly and 90% people in the NFL just BS you! Sheep like BS!

  66. Ryan was out of line, but regarding the issue of scheduling, the N.F.L. has always tried to accomodate baseball and not have games conflict with baseballs playoff games in the fall.

    As far as I’m concerned, the NFL should care less about baseballs playoffs and just schedule whether there is conflict or not.

    Baseballs ratings are not great anyway.

  67. AGAIN, to all the uninformed: this had more to do with MLB/NFL than the Orioles/Ravens. There are a ton of variables leading to the decision by MLB to hold their ground. Let’s be realistic and understand that the odds are very slim that the schedules happen to work out this way. Believe it or not, but this will actually work out better for the RAVENS in the end. They will get what will be a tough road game out of the way early. Peyton is tradionally a slow starter and his success derives from his preparation and repition. Otherwise, the Ravens would have to make the long trip to Denver in likely a short week in November where it’s tougher to play. Instead, they have plenty of time for travel as well as preparation for the week 2 because Thursday night games are almost like bye weeks.

    As a fan, I understand why Baltimore feels they’re being shorted the limelight of opening night. News Flash! Be happy that you have two relevant teams! Be happy the O’s have a leader in Buck that stands up for his team and city. Buck and the O’s are huge supporters of the Ravens. See all the Adam Jones and company’s pictures,tweets, etc from the playoff run. Keep it up Buck!

    And for the baseball haters, are you the same people that sit around watching golf on tv for 10 consecutive hours?

  68. Steeler fan here. There’s no place or people I despise more than Baltimore and their fans. And you know what? I think a selfish baseball team really screwed the local pooch on this one.

    A Baltimore team just won their world championship, and they gotta start the next season on the road? Baltimore fans deserve more. This was Ray Ray’s ride into the sunset, many other big story lines for this franchise, and they got bounced from their home start by a baseball team that has nothing to celebrate on opening day?

    You just KNOW something is screwed up when a Pittsburgh fan is defending Baltimore fans.

  69. No Ravens fan here but just sayin…..

    1. MLB will change the date of a game due to rain! Rain mind you!!! They have a gazillion home games a year & won’t make this one minor schedule adjustment for their Super Bowl Champions neighbor & city? It’s hard to get much wronger than this.

    2. Buck hasn’t done diddly with the Orioles who haven’t won a World Series since 1983 so he needs to shut his beak! Maybe they are just too darn jealous of the Ravens championship. Sad really…

    3. What the heck is Ryan spouting off about the Raven’s for? Be the Jets head coach if thats possible, put a cork in it & focus on putting a winning product on the field Rex. Or maybe your just jockeying for your old position for when you get fired at the end of the season.

    4. Goodell has no guts & caved in too easy and should have just scheduled the game & continued to work out a solution parking wars be damned. I mean its only March/April and the season doesn’t begin for 5 months. Get the rest of the schedule out in the mean time.

    5. What’s going on with the Orioles & MLB? Don’t they have any community pride or unity? Sports is here to lifts our spirits & have us come together not remind us of the human ignorance of our species. I guess it’s just all about them! They should be ashamed of themselves. This is screaming to come back to bite them really hard one day…

  70. Nice to see Idzick has put a lid on Rex talking about the Jets. Now it’s time to put a lid on Rex for his own sake in general.

    Ps. He is right about the baseball team not showing respect. Rot option would be a double header on another day. Come on, your team won a championship. Give the city their moment MLB.

  71. Its not about the Orioles. My goodness I wish you people knew what you were talking about. The NFL easily could have opened on Wednesday..they have before. The Orioles the White Sox the players union and Bud Selig all would have to sign off to change the date. All of you that blame the Orioles or say Baltimore has no class are ignorant and uninformed on this issue

  72. I’m amazed at all the stupidity on here. There was no way the MLB game was getting moved. the change would have to be approved by the Orioles, The white Sox, the MLB and the MLBPA.

    the NFL tried force the MLB to change. why wouldn’t MLB such it to Goodell and the NFL it’s their only opportunity.

  73. “That’s like saying “I have enough to worry about with my day job as a lawyer so I shouldn’t be able to form an opinion on something sport related.”

    That is spot on. Orioles coach is taking a shot at every fan, not just Rex.

  74. Okay, everyone get ready to jump on me because you don’t like facts but even though Rex should mind his own business, at least his teams have done something in the playoffs. Maybe Buck can’t talk about his supposed expertise once he wins a playoff series.

  75. I will say this about baseball, their fans are generally more civil on the blogs and websites ( Yankee/Red Sox , Dodger/Giant rivalries aside). I’m personally a little tired of the your team sucks, is irrelevant, stinks etc espousing meatheads on this site.

  76. Jabba The Rex

    It talks, it slobbers, it continues to discredit the Jests, it continues to involve himself in matters that don’t concern heim.

    Will he never learn?

    Guess not!!!

  77. I’m not a baseball fan but I think it’s great when a fatmouthed ryan opens his mouth and get’s put in his place.

  78. Rex should tell Buck..

    Worry about your own CITY, not your own team. The Ravens are not his team, nor are they Schowalter’s team.

    The Orioles are so bad at damage control. If ever you had to wonder about how cooperative the Orioles were, this pretty much sums it up.

    I blame the NFL for creating a false excuse for not playing on Wednesday. The last time tradition was broken, was when the Ravens won the last Superbowl – now again. I blame the Orioles and Peter Angelos for being so stupid as not realize the public relations nightmare that they could have avoided. Most fans don’t even know this yet.

  79. If the Orioles were really interested in moving, they would have publicly turned up the heat on anybody/anything that prevented a switch. ie. MLB, Chicago White Sox, etc. Instead, they did what lawyers do…just let the clock run out and pass the Buck.

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