Report: Haslam tells Browns employees his position not in jeopardy


There was a report early on Friday that the FBI and IRS investigation of Pilot Flying J might cause Jimmy Haslam, who owns both that company and the Cleveland Browns, to step away from the Browns temporarily.

Haslam said earlier this week that it would be “business as usual” with the Browns while the FBI and IRS look at his other business and Ed Werder of ESPN reports that he’s still holding fast to the belief that his status with the Browns will not change. Werder reports that Haslam, who is in Cleveland for draft prep, has reassured employees that “his NFL position is not jeopardized by fraud allegations.”

We’re not sure how vital Haslam is to the draft prep since he probably didn’t have much time to scout the college ranks while buying the Browns and running his truck stop business, so this probably wouldn’t be the worst time for him to step away from the team while the fraud investigation plays out.

The league has yet to make any comment since news of the FBI’s visit to Pilot Flying J’s headquarters broke on Monday. With Haslam making it clear that he won’t take a voluntary leave from the team, it will be up to the NFL to decide whether or not they want some distance between the Browns and their owner.

17 responses to “Report: Haslam tells Browns employees his position not in jeopardy

  1. Here is the thing…We have a President, GM, Assist. GM, and Head Coach that are supposed to do the drafting. All I want as a Browns DIEHARD is for him to be in the clear so we don’t have to go through another coaching and GM change because we would have a new owner.
    It doesn’t work changing all the time!!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  2. As a general football fan, I’ve interacted with fans from all different teams. Browns fans are very truly awesome fans who always get the short end of the stick. Their fans deserve better and their time will come. Keep your head up, Browns fans.

    —Niners fan

  3. He’s an owner of the Browns, not a player coach, talent evaluator, etc. he basically just writes the checks. If the NFL made him step down, Cleveland would be sold to a new Billionaire in a NY minute. Cleveland is one of those teams that has a dedicated following.

  4. considering how bad the Browns have been run
    during the last 25 years I think it is safe to say he is not really needed for his draft imput.

  5. “OK guys! I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that my position’s not in jeopardy. The bad news is that yours are. But don’t worry; you can pick up your rebate on the way out.”

  6. What a shame for Cleveland, the Browns, and the fans. They do not deserve such bad luck.
    I must say, if Mr. Haslam is indeed another perpetrator of big corporate fraud then I don’t want his hands on the Cleveland Browns.
    I say shame on the NFL. They obviously did a very poor job in vetting this guy. The FBI appears to be in possession of some very incriminating evidence against Haslam. I would hope that Haslam would do the right thing and immediately relinquish his control and ownership of the Cleveland Browns.

  7. What exactly happened during the wait for NFL approval of his purchase of the Browns?

    Goodell just hit the closest Flying-J for jerky & no-doze?

  8. Guys, he is a Republican in a red state. Look at the companies the Feds have been cracking down as of late, where they are located, and who is running them. I’m not saying there was no wrongdoing, I’m just saying there has been some rather selective investigations of late.

    If you want to see real fraud in action, take a gander at all the green energy companies that have filed chapter 11 in the past two years.

  9. fanofevilempire, I think it’s unfair to say the last 25 years. Last 15 yes. And we Browns fans should feel right at home with this controversy. N.E. Ohio has been run by crooks for a long time!! This should be right our alley!! JK. Hopefully we’ll get through this stuff and keep going forward. I’m a half full person so let’s get after it!!!

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