Saints sign Chris Ivory

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Chris Ivory is under contract with the Saints. Which doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll play for the Saints this season.

Ivory, a running back who has played his entire NFL career with New Orleans, was drawing some interest as a restricted free agent, but the Saints announced today that Ivory has signed a contract. So Ivory will not be leaving in free agency.

However, before Ivory signed with the Saints, he visited the Jets, and there was talk that the Jets and Saints might work out a deal in which the Saints ship Ivory to the Jets for a late-round draft pick. That is still a possibility.

In three NFL seasons Ivory has played in 24 games with 10 starts, carrying 256 times for 1,307 yards (a 5.1-yard average) and eight touchdowns. With the Saints he has often been buried on the depth chart in a crowded backfield that also includes Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram. It might make sense for the Saints to trade him to a team that needs a running back and could give Ivory more than the 40 carries he got last year.

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  1. I think it would make sense to hang onto him. Thomas and Sproles are both starting to get up there in age for running backs(28 1/2 a almost 30 respectively) when 30 is usually considerd that danger zone where backs can suddenly fall off. Guy has shown great promise.

  2. Once he gets some touches everyone is going to be mad they didn’t jump on him and the Saints because they should’ve been using him sooner…. this man has talent in the words of Keyshawn Johnson just give him the damn

  3. As a Falcons fan, I really appreciate the way Chris Ivory runs with violence and love to watch him play. I was hoping the Falcons would try and make a run for him in the offseason to replace Turner and pair up with Rodgers. Looking forward to the battles between our most hated and respected rival this year.

  4. This kids a beast when healthy. I’d much rather trade Ingram and run Ivory. Ingram gets a lot of touches (156 to be exact compared to Ivory’s 40) and has a 3.9 yard average and Ivory has never had a season where he’s averaged less than 4 yards per carry, in fact his lowest total is 4.7 ypc which I would take over Ingram. Only problem with trading Ingram is that Ivory’s trade value is probably better than his.

  5. if they would stop wasting time on that sorry BUST ingram – he’d get his carries! Trade him for something – if anybody would be stupid enough to bite.

  6. The Saints have no cap room, yet are paying FOUR RB’s and still can’t run the ball, I think something is wrong here.

  7. Add me to the ranks of people who would rather see the Saints get rid of Ingram and hold on to Ivory.

    The only two issues with Ivory are durability and fumbles.

  8. im surprised no team jumped on him, hes a violent runner and could be a viable #2 being a pound it runner, he will be a unrestricted FA next season, get him to a team that wants to run the ball, i was hoping my colts would take a look at him

  9. Well said falconfan44, well said. Appreciate you and looking forward to the first game of the season.

  10. Don’t follow the Saints, but this guy seems like a darn good back. Why isn’t he used more often Saints fans? I know you are forced to remain committed to Ingram, especially since you traded up to get him, or does Ivory have an injury history?

  11. I am hoping that one of the things that Sean Payton learned while watching for a year is that the running game is not what it could, should, or needs to be for the Saints to win another Super Bowl. Aaron Kromer – who was running game coordinator – has to shoulder a big chunk of the blame for what has happened to the running game since 2009. He is now gone, and that is Step 1. Step 2 is to dump Mark Ingram, who should never have been drafted in the first place. Step 3 is to draft or sign a young FA runner of the future during or after the draft. Step 4 – and most important – is to GIVE THOMAS, IVORY, AND SPROULES THE D##N BALL.

  12. Jets serious about trade but arent serious about what pick. They need to realize it needs to be a win_win for both teams not just them.

  13. It’s down right silly that this kid remain buried on the Saints RB depth chart. He is a poor man’s Marshawn Lynch.. think about that.. Who knows what he could achieve with 100 touches a season. Free Ivory!

  14. I really don’t understand this signing. With Sproles, who still has plenty to give the Saints, Thomas, still churning yards and the future of their franchise in Ingram, why re-sign Ivory? If you ask me, they already were crowded with the three. Most teams have two backs and one on the practice squad. New Orleans has four! Maybe they will cut one or two after training camp? Otherwise, carrying four Running Backs on a game day 53 is a waste IMO.

  15. Buried on the depth chart is ok as long as he’s getting a paycheck and not on the field getting injured. Some players had rather have it that way.

  16. Ivory is by far the Saints best back. Anything less than a first rounder would be idiotic. This guy is a top five back in the entire league. He actually leaf the NFL in broken tackles as a rookie. He can carry teams in his back. Not many can do that.

  17. Yeah, that TD run last year against the Falcons was incredible… Saints’ best pure runner… I’m with everyone else, get rid of Ingram’s a$$ and give Ivory, Sproles and PT Cruiser the d@m ball!!!

  18. What’s really sick is Chris Ivory can do more in space with a screen pass than anybody. The Saints never use him like that. Its almost like they’ve tried to sabotage him and it personally makes me sick as a huge saints fan. I remember as a rookie in preseason he took two screens to the house both over 60 yards. Thing is they got an udfa on defense that’s great too that they never use called tyrunn walker.

  19. If you don’t understand why they would sign Ivory then you know nothing about these running backs. Ivory makes the backfield go. He makes everyone better. His smashmouthstyle is contagious. The saints are unbeatable with him in the backfield. He is there running game.

  20. As bad as the D was last year, Kromer didn’t help the situation by refusing to attempt to get any run / pass balance. Ivory is solid; I say get rid of Ingram who has been a waste of a 1st round pick, especially considering we traded up to get him…

  21. Saints fans apparently are constantly drunk. A 3rd round pick? And it needs to be win win? No it doesn’t, that’s the entire point in leverage. You have 3 RB s ahead of him and if you don’t trade him in next 6 days you get nothing. Zero leverage. You’ll be lucky when you get the Jets’ 5th rounder

  22. hey EJ – if ingram is the future of the franchise – we are truly SCREWED! Don’t know who your team is – but you are WELCOMED to take his sorry butt! Dem Saints should KEEP Ivory!

  23. As a Jets Fan i really hope they can get Ivory. Compared to Shonn Greene and pretty much every RB on the roster now, Ivory would look like AP

  24. Let’s be completely accurate, the Saints carried 5, (FIVE) running backs on the active 53 last year: Sproles, Thomas, Ingram, Ivory and Cadet. They can carry four, and they should carry at least four in case of injuries, that’s why there are 7 inactive spots each week, they can carry two of them as healthy inactives each week. If the Jets want him, then they need to fork over a #2, if they don’t want to do that, then they can sit on the tarmac till the end of training camp, at least.

  25. The sad thing is that Ingram is really good, when Ivory is active. I don’t want to question Ingram’s heart, but he only seemed to perform in the last two years after Ivory made some great runs.

  26. Ingram is a better back than he has been allowed to show. Last year in particular,he seemed to get hte ball in only the most obvious of running downs and he simply does not fit the blocking scheme as run last year. Previous to that,he looked very good and had a clear nose for the endzone. A bad toe slowed him down,with gacked ankle to go along with it from favoring the toe…..You will see more production from him with the HC back in control.

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