Seahawks re-sign Steven Hauschka

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The Seahawks have re-signed placekicker Steven Hauschka, the club said Friday.

Hauschka, 27, connected on 24-of-27 field goals in 2012. He also averaged 65.9 yards on kickoffs, forcing 36 touchbacks in 87 attempts.

Hauschka’s first try as a full-time No. 1 kicker didn’t end well; the Ravens released him during the 2009 regular season. However, he’s rebounded nicely, and in Seattle, he’s hit 49-0f-57 field goals in the last two seasons.

Hauschka’s return to Seattle takes perhaps the best veteran kicker off the market. Lawrence Tynes, Billy Cundiff and Neil Rackers are among the experienced kickers still unsigned.

9 responses to “Seahawks re-sign Steven Hauschka

  1. I remember this guy costing my Ravens a game against the Favre led Vikings back in 09. Flacco and Rice led what should have been an epic comeback 4th quarter comeback, but Hauschka missed about a 40 yarder to cost them the game.

    Cost him his job with Baltimore, but I’m glad to see he found a stable spot in the league.

  2. At first I liked the idea of a sure kicker inside 50 but a fellow Hawk fan reminded me that Seattle punted on many occasions from 50-55 yards. Yet Rams have a kicker who can hit accurately from 50 and even made it from 60 yards to win. Min drafted a stud who made the Pro Bowl. Now I want Seahawks to be in the draft for a elite kicker especially with all those late picks we have. Our punter is underrated and but people are starting to notice he is one of the better guys in NFL.

  3. I said that in another thread – Seattle started to punt from the 50+ as a rule. That is not good. I think a kicker should be at least 50% from 50-55.

    The fact Seattle stopped trying past 50yrds shows they think he simply cannot make those kicks….not that he just missed some in game time plays.

  4. I like him but he’s never had to make a game winning kick, mostly because of the great Russell Wilson. Would like to upgrade if possible.

  5. Pete Carroll does not avoid 50+ yd kicks of Hauschka’s limitations, he does it because he feels like the Hawk’s defense is good enough to hold the opposition, pinned down by Ryan’s punts. I think Carroll loves having a kicker consistent from >50, and would prefer someone 100% from under 50 than someone more inaccurate who can hit a 60 yarder. When you have an elite defense, you can play field position more

  6. Nobody wants a game to come down to a clutch field goal, but playing late in the year and playoffs, it can’t always be avoided. If he is good, chances are better he will also be clutch, but the Seahawks will no doubt settle for never finding out. As for beyond 50 yds, even with the big legs its a crapshoot, with the low trajectory being easier to block. Misses come back to the line of scrimmage so it’s very high risk, low chance of reward. A great punter and strong defense is the smarter move. Another good move for the Seahawks.

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