The floor is yours for the last segment of PFT

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We’ve been putting the final topic of each day’s Pro Football Talk out to a vote.

And while we’ve joked about being too lazy to pick a topic, we now have to pick three so that you can pick one.

Vote on one of the three for today below.  The topic with the most votes will be discussed by Erik Kuselias, former NFL running back Dorsey Levens, Bob Glauber of Newsday (who looks just like Indiana hoops coach Tom Crean) and yours truly.

11 responses to “The floor is yours for the last segment of PFT

  1. Aside from these topics, you should discuss if the Sanchez – Tebow feud hurts the chances that Sanchez gets a higher-paying contract; whether with the Jets or with another team that shows interest.

    Also, does the fact that Jeff Garcia and other members of the Sanchez camp continue to bad mouth the situation between Tebow and Sanchez make Mark truly look “fragile minded.”

    Does it make it harder (as if it could be any harder already, what with the line of teams out the door) for Tebow to latch on to another team?

  2. Haslam I’ll watch on the News.

    Hotel room.
    Many college jocks.
    Poop on floor.
    “This” is noteworthy?

    The DRAFT is soon upon us. Now “what” do you think is on most football fan’s minds?

  3. logisticalvoices says: Apr 19, 2013 3:56 PM

    I’m curious how Redskins fans will react when their team is 5-11 this year.

    BTW this wasn’t even about the Redskins, so why should you even mention them at all?

  4. The Redskins will not be 5-11 but they also won’t be 16-0,most likely somewhere in between.

  5. If RG3 is healthy through the season – 11-5.

    If he is hurt on and off – 6-10.

    I am unsure how Skins will tell him to play this year. Will they say go play the same way?? if so, 6-10 here you come.

  6. its seems like the winner is bashing Washington n pissing of the redskins fans, Hey I’m all for a good redskins bashing but I think we should wait for the right headline so they can at least defend themselves..

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