Trashing of Combine room shouldn’t harm draft stock


At the Scouting Combine in February, a room assigned to receivers DeAndre Hopkins and Mark Harrison (pictured) reportedly was trashed.  Not with broken furniture or other property damage but with toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, partially-eaten food on the bed, and feces and urine on the bathroom floor.

Though young men should behave more responsibly, does anyone really think a team that wants the player won’t pick him because he may or may not have pooped on the floor?

Teams routinely draft players who have done far worse than allegedly defile the bathroom tile.  And before playing the “it’s a job interview” card, why is it not a “job interview” when teams are asking a player if he likes girls?

This isn’t a normal employment setting.  That reality works to the NFL’s benefit when exploring ordinarily forbidden topics like sexuality.  It should work to the players’ benefit when teams would be inclined to wag their fingers over something fairly trivial like this.

It also underscores our (or at least my) developing concern about the draft process.  Though it’s never going away, it’s fundamentally unfair to not let an employee decide where he’s going to work.

More importantly for these purposes, the fact that the applicant has no say over which of 32 distinct employers for whom he’ll be working make this situation far different than a prospective Apple employee dropping an uncontained road apple in his hotel.

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51 responses to “Trashing of Combine room shouldn’t harm draft stock

  1. With your plan, the poor would just get poorer. Would you choose to goto the crappy jets or the budding broncos? This is why there’s a draft

  2. Why shouldn’t it harm their draft stock? It shows that they are immature, disrespectful idiots. What happens when they actually have money? Are they suddenly going to treat people and property better? Or they going to continue to embarrass the league, or worse?

  3. Unfortunately, these acts don’t hurt their draft stock. However, we feel that these kind of things should. Whatever team picks up these guys will be taking their character and lack of better judgement which could potentially effect the team’s public appearance.

  4. Not sure what planet you live on Mike, but yeah, I would pass on an adult that defacates on a bathroom floor.

    I’d venture to say it speaks ill of his character. Being that most grown men don’t take a steaming grumpy on the floor of a hotel lavatory.

  5. “Though it’s never going away, it’s fundamentally unfair to not let an employee decide where he’s going to work.”

    So right Florio. Lets change the system:


    I agree with you that what football needs is to destroy any hope of competitive balance. Drop the salary cap, and basically ruin fandom for all but 5 teams.

  6. Mike, as an attorney, you know this. Absent a collective bargaining agreement – there can not be a draft.

    In order for there to be a competitive balance, team holders agree to things like revenue sharing, and the draft – otherwise teams that generate a lot of revenue – Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, etc would buy up all of the good players. Wellington Mara (among others) realized that you need to have opponents to play every week. Providing a more competitive balance enables other teams to have a chance at being successful.

    In turn, the union realizes that the more teams there are, the more jobs there are for their members. Having a draft is one of those trade offs.

    Remember, football players don’t have to play football. If they are set on working in a specific geography or industry (other than the NFL) they can apply to work wherever they want. Football players (on a whole) are compensated at a significantly higher level then they would receive in almost any other industry. If the average football player lasts 3-4 seasons – does it matter if it is in Kansas City or New York? They have the rest of their lives to choose where to live.

  7. It “Shouldn’t hurt their draft stock”? You can justify this anyway you want, in the end, it goes to speak about their morals. In light of what happened if I were a GM; I would eliminate them from list. Based on moral reasons….

  8. “Does anyone really think a team that wants the player won’t pick him because he may or may not have pooped on the floor?”

    Florio, you have to be joking. Either that or you’re far closer to the West Virginia mountain region you hold dear than we ever thought. Defecating on the floor may be acceptable there, but not anywhere else…on earth.

  9. Unless you were raised by feral dogs, you probably shouldn’t be pooping on floors. It saddens me that millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet, but an idiot who poops on the floor can become a millionaire because he can run and catch.

  10. It is this enabling attitude that resets the arrest meter, because these fools never learn anyway.

  11. This is odd. I’ve read several articles that says Hopkins really wowed teams in his interviews and is a well spoken and nice young man. Wonder who is at fault here?

  12. Listen, I have played college ball and lived in athletic dormitories, this kinda of stuff was a common occurrence when players do not get along with each other. Any football player will be able to give you stories like this.

    These players did not do this, another player or players went into their room afterwards and tried to sabotage their draft stock by framing them.

  13. Hey, no big deal.
    I’ve awakened to find a a half eaten pizza in my bed and a steaming pile NEXT to the toilet before too…

  14. nyfootballgiants:

    Good post and I agree. I also think that there should be more rules regarding revenue sharing. Such that the teams that perform poorly should have to cough up rights to shared profits. Every team should have the same rule and you get penalized a portion of profits for every loss. It would be ideal to squeeze out the horrible owners and once money and profits are HEAVILY tied into the act of winning, then only the smartest and best that have a solid plan to win would be left to compete and bring the best integrity and effort towards trying to build a solid team.

  15. If men this age are not yet potty trained, what else are they lacking in life skills?

    They supposedly want a position (job) that should require them to be example setters – maybe the Player’s Union & the owners need to start from the beginning – if you can’t brush your teeth & wipe your self after going the bathroom you are not old enough to play professional sports.

  16. “Though it’s never going away, it’s fundamentally unfair to not let an employee decide where he’s going to work.”

    Many people in the military don’t get to decide where they’re going to work. The US Government laughs at “unfair”.

  17. something fairly trivial like this

    You weren’t the one who had to clean human feces off a hotel room floor…

  18. Mike….

    How can you honestly question this given the amount of flack that you have thrown at Najeh Davenport through his entire career?

    Come on ?

  19. true. players have done worse. i think the embarassment alone will help him learn his lesson. the nfl is full of bad character some just hide it better than others. yeah he pooped on the floor that one time but what if they guy is also a great teammate and a gym rat. teams will take the good with the bad. i mean as long as he isnt crapping on the 30 in the middle of a play he will be fine.

  20. You guys sound like idiots. He’s not saying get rid of the draft but since there is one it makes the NFL unlike any other job. Stop trying to be so righteous! We’re not impressed

  21. I don’t know, Mike. A lot of teams value
    what a guy brings to the locker room.
    I’ve never heard of doody being that
    “intangible” a club was looking for.

    Toothpaste? Just good clean fun.
    Food on the bed? Tacky, but no biggie.
    Urine on the floor? Uh, gross…getting a bit weird.
    Crap on the floor?!? WTF?!? Unless that bathroom lacked a toilet, human excrement left on a floor, indoors, requires a helluva explanation!

  22. My biggest question is…why? Why would you crap on the floor? How is that, what, funny?


  23. Actually, a young man of that age that defecates on the floor intentionally and without remorse speaks to some unsettling mental issues.

  24. So this wouldn’t hurt their stock but a poor wonderlic score would? In my mind, this is way beyond a low wonderlic score. Not even Vince Young is this dumb.

  25. Yes, those turds that he left “around” the bathroom were truly impressive! What the heck were they feeding them at the combine?

  26. Typical liberal media viewpoint.

    “No one should have consequences for their actions. Its up to the employers to look past their mistakes, the player should be able to act like a 3 year old and it should have no bearing on where he is drafted or how a team should view him”

    Its called accountability and responsibility. The players have a right to act like morons, but society and their potential employers has a right to hold them accountable too. Quit giving the guilty players a pass.

  27. Players do decide where they are going to work, Florio. They can either work at Wal-Mart with their fake educations or they can be NFL players. If they choose the NFL, their bosses decide which department to put them in and that is decided through the draft.

  28. I would draft Manti Teo before whoever dropped a deuce on the floor. Teo’s story actually makes sense next to this one!

  29. The draft is fine by me. I continue to be puzzled by the thought that De Smith didn’t fight harder for no RFA tenders, or at least limiting the uses of the franchise tag. I think those are more unfair to players than the draft.

  30. I recently saw a show about the New Mexico prison riot in 1980. An ex-con remonisced that he could smell feces…and he knew what had just happened.


  31. The draft is fine with me. It’s almost like a “starter job” where guys get to prove themselves, and make pretty decent money to boot. What I don’t get is the union not fighting against RFA and the use of the franchise tag. Those are more unfair to proven players and to me once you are proven, that’s when you should be able to max out your ability to make money.

  32. Good point packerbackernj, people say that Mathieu has character issues and he will go in the 3rd or 4th round even though he has 1st round talent. Yet these idiots crap on the floor like 3 year olds and it won’t hurt their stock? I don’t know how players can be this dumb.

  33. Actually from a sociological/psychology point of view pooping on the floor and leaving it there is very telling. At the very least it shows an inability to act like a human being as pooping on the floor near a toilet isn’t a socially acceptable behavior. I could almost guarantee that you will have behavioral problems with these kids. For example, you train a puppy to go on the paper, once he has mastered the paper and is big enough you train him to go to the door as a young dog, now if your dog hasn’t figured out how to pooh by the time he is in his twenties… good luck with that.

  34. packerbackernj says:
    Apr 19, 2013 11:49 PM
    I’ll take the guy who smokes pot over the fecal phantom anny day.


    Thumbs up for you sir for the use of “fecal phantom”. Well done.

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