Bengals likely used Dansby to leverage Harrison


When linebacker James Harrison agreed to terms with the Bengals, our first thought was that the Bengals had extended an offer both to Harrison and linebacker Karlos Dansby, with a simple message:  Whoever accepts first gets the job.

That’s the obvious inference flowing from comments by coach Marvin Lewis suggesting that one of the two linebackers, but not both, will be signed before the draft.

While it’s possible that the Bengals were going to sign Dansby if they didn’t sign Harrison, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Dansby heard not a peep from the Bengals since visiting the team on April 10.  This suggests that the Bengals used the possibility of signing Dansby as leverage to close the deal with Harrison, with whom the Bengals had been regularly negotiating.

It’s a valid tactic, and it apparently worked.  How well it worked will depend on the details of Harrison’s contract.

The fact that nothing has been leaked from Harrison’s camp regarding the value of the deal means that, from Harrison’s perspective, the deal likely isn’t anything to crow about.

29 responses to “Bengals likely used Dansby to leverage Harrison

  1. Harrison is a fine waiting to happen and way over the hill. Dansby had a phenom year last year. He will be signed within 24 hrs of draft concluding.

  2. James Harrison called Marvin when he got cut. Marvin treats the NFL like family.When Vontaze Burffict reached out to him, he did the same thing. He asnswered. When he met Ray Lewis in 1995 at a combine he said I wont forget u. That time Marvin was Steelers LB coach. When he became Ravens DC it was draft time for Ray Lewis and he pushed to get him drafted. Hue Jackson called him after he got fired by the Raiders and the bengals had to make up a position just for him. Its no secret. All the NFL players especially Afro-Americans feel comfortable reaching out to him.

  3. If Dansby had such a phenominal year last year why did the Dolphins dump him and give Ellerbe, an undrafted free agent, $7 million a year for 5 years.

    Believe me…Ellerbe was WAYYYY overpaid by the Dolphins…BUT we all know the owner is having big problems putting butts in the seats. And getting a player from the SUPERBOWL Ravens gets everybody’s attention. But as we all know all that glitters is not gold.

    Need I mention Asomugha, Haynesworth, Bart Scott, LeCharles Bentley, just to name a few…

  4. I think Dansby is better than Harrison, maybe the Bengals will be smart and sign them both.

  5. I’d love to see Dansby on the Eagles. For a team that is switching to the 3-4 it would be nice to have a proven veteran linebacker on the inside even if he is a little past his prime.

  6. I think once LT Albert is traded and some cap space if freed up…Dansby ends up in KC where there is a huge void at ILB. Right now they are bringing in bodies but no one is a proven starter at the position.

  7. I wonder how long it took for him to regret not taking the 4ish million plus incentives up 6.57 mil offer he had from the team where he played his whole career…he must have got some bad advice from his agent!

  8. This May Harrison will be 35….this November Dansby will be 32…usually that’s referred to as an AGING defense.

  9. @bengalskuta82

    Ridiculous post, Marvin Lewis remembers black players that reach out to him??? Harrison had not one offer and got a crap contract from Cincy. Ray Lewis was all American at Miami, not hard to miss…

  10. So what if they used Dansby for leverage? People can hate Mike Brown all they want but he knows how to make a damn deal. Ask Oakland.

  11. And Joe Flacco leveraged the lack of legit QBs available to get a huge contract. For legit QBs => Low supply + high demand = high price. For old LBs => High supply + low demand = low price. It’s basic economics and Mike Brown loves a low price.

  12. ravenmuscle says:Apr 20, 2013 1:08 PM

    Believe me…Ellerbe was WAYYYY overpaid by the Dolphins?

    Sour grapes still for losing your next “Ray
    Lewis?” LOL!

  13. He can sack big bum 3,419 times next season and the next and it will never equal what he did for Pittsburgh and the 100 yard pick six that won our city and team a super bowl yeah our 6th we are 6 for 8 in the big dance what are the ben gals 0 for 2 oh well im sure you guys wont be LOSERS for ever or maybe YOU WILL!!!!!

  14. One has to realize to that it was reported yesterday that Harrison contacted Lewis shortly after confirming he wouldn’t be a Steeler anymore. His first priority being staying as close to Pittsburgh and his children as possible. Next priorities being a good coaching staff and a top D. So according to the report Cincy was his first choice. He didn’t get an offer so he then sought out Baltimore. But ultimately that screwed up fax in Denver ended up making Harrison a Bengal instead of a Raven. I don’t care if he ever plays a snap, his leadership will help mold the LBs already on the roster.

  15. modellforprez says:
    Apr 20, 2013 1:59 PM

    While Pittsburgh has had a great run from 1972 on (less the mid 80s), they did nothing prior to 1972; As in ONE playoff appearance by the Steelers for their first 40 years. As mediocore as the Bengals have been since inception, they still have been better than the Pirates/Steagles/Steelers for their first 40.

  16. Pittysburg got it’s panties all in a bunch….lol Come and throw as much trash as you want trolls remember nothing can save you from what will a become bi-annual thrashing ….The changing of the guard has commenced and all the crying in the world won’t stop this plunge to the basement

  17. And everyone picks at the Bengals Brass for their management style…

    Played beautifully…

  18. i think he came to the BENGALS just for the chance to CRUSH rothlensbooger…i heard he signed for FREE just to do that!!!!!!!WHO DEY!

  19. Sat what you like but the Bengals are doing it the right way. Getting talent, at the right price. Tons of cap room and one of the most talented young rosters in the league. Everyone talks like Harrison. Is a main guy like he was In Pittsburgh. Lol. We took a worthless CB supposedly on Terrance Newman and he had a great year. I will take the same gamble with Harrison. What will Pitt fans say when he produces more now that he has young talent around him????

  20. Pitt fans are going to see their team plunged in the AFCN basement. My guess is that the only thing you’ll hear from them is a lot of whining about officiating.

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