Lucas Oil CEO not happy with Colts schedule

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As the NFL’s schedule master, Howard Katz, told PFT Live on Friday, teams and networks do plenty of lobbying when it comes to configuring the 256 regular-season games.

Sponsors may soon be getting in on the act.

According to Anthony Schoettle of the Indianapolis Business Journal, Lucas Oil CEO Forrest Lucas isn’t thrilled with the lack of prime-time games to be played in the stadium that bears his company’s name.  Apart from an October 20 Sunday-nighter against Peyton Manning and the Broncos, the lights at Lucas Oil Stadium won’t be on at night; the other seven home games start at 1:00 p.m. ET.

“I was surprised by the schedule,” Lucas said.  “I would have thought after last year, the Colts would be off the bottom of the totem pole and we’d have gotten a few more prime-time home dates.  Those prime-time [home] games are huge for us.”

Lucas Oil Co. has paid $121.5 million to have the company’s name attached to the stadium for 20 years.

“I don’t want to complain too much because the Colts and city of Indianapolis have been real, real good to us,” Lucas said.  “Those early games kill our exposure on the West Coast.”

We appreciate his concerns, but that’s part of the risk of purchasing the ability to name a stadium.  And if exposure on the West Coast is one of the concerns, there are stadiums there, too.

52 responses to “Lucas Oil CEO not happy with Colts schedule

  1. Yet another fair weathered nitwit who hitched his wagon onto the Peyton Manning train. These are the realities of the business Forrest. You bought into the Colts when the market was high. Now you wait and hope that Andy Luck becomes the quarterback everyone thinks he could become. enjoy your oil can.

  2. WOW! What a moron.. i’ve never heard anyhing so stupid in sports especially after such a hit boston and the sports world went through this week. i guess is shows some millionaires havn’t a clue

  3. I’m sure the Seahawks will be more than happy to accommodate a 4 pm ET start for their game. They have five 10am local time games for the upcoming season, while SF has two. If you look at historical disadvantages for west coast teams playing early games, you can almost say schedule makers have clinched the division for the Niners before the draft even takes place.

  4. Yea… and I’ll bet he was thrilled when The Colts had the worst record in the NFL a few years ago. Has this man nothing better to do with his time?

  5. I know when I see that big, beautiful, Lucas Oil sign I immediately go out and buy a big can of Lucas motor oil.

    I can see his point.

    [blank stare]

  6. Cry me a river, the Bills don’t have a single home prime time game. In fact their only night game is a Thursday nighter in Cleveland.

    The NFL is very biased when it comes to scheduling the prime time games, its all about ratings, so teams like the Pats, Steelers, Eagles, and Cowboys are on prime time every week.

    I’m sure there are statistics to show that more “popular” teams translate to better ratings for SNF/MNF, but as a football fan, I’ll be watching those games every week no matter who is playing.

  7. This is the same guy who started crying when the stadium opened and people were calling it “The Luke.” He is apparently under the delusion that paying a lot for advertising makes people care what you think.

  8. Roger shoild exploit this and satrt making all the prime times games a pay to play type event. Teams bid for the opportunity to have the big prime time games.

  9. How many Final Fours, Superbowls, and other championship games have been or will be held there? I’m pretty sure they won’t be losing out on that much exposure because their Week 3 matchup against the Cardinals isn’t in primetime.

  10. I have personally met Forrest Lucas and while his complaints here will fall on deaf ears, those of you trashing him should do a little research. He is a self-made mutli-millionaire who grew up in a dirt floored shack in Indiana and also one of the nicest people you could ever meet. People like Forrest should be celebrated for there achievements and appreciated in our society.

  11. onbucky96 says:
    Apr 20, 2013 1:19 PM
    Boo hoo. In Green Bay we like our noon football, most of our games are, again, 315 or later.


    We all know why you cheeseheads love your noon games. Gives you an excuse to start drinking early without seeming like total alcoholics. Now if only you can come up for an excuse for the other 6 days in the week…

  12. LOL at the Bills fans crying that they never get a prime time night game.

    Um…yeah. The NFL is biased towards putting teams in prime time that appear to have some chance of having an exciting, competitive team in the upcoming season. Yes, many games do wind up being stinkers, it’s usually because a team expected to be good turns out not to be.

  13. I’m just an average guy who likes football. I don’t give two hoots about what name is on a stadium or how many times I see them in prime time. And besides, I don’t know if anyone outside of Indiana has ever even heard of Lucas Oil anyway.
    And does he sell more oil if they get more prime time games? WTF???

  14. 20 years for $121.5 million is on the cheaper end of naming rights. MetLife is paying $17 – $18 million a year for 25 years. Citi bank is paying the Mets $20 million a year for 20 years. I’d bet the Yankees or Madison Square Garden could get north of +$25 million a year.

  15. randallflagg52 says: Apr 20, 2013 1:41 PM

    We all know why you cheeseheads love your noon games. Gives you an excuse to start drinking early without seeming like total alcoholics. Now if only you can come up for an excuse for the other 6 days in the week…


    Drink Wisconsibly 😀

    Don’t be jealous, because Freshmen at a Brown County high school can out drink you.

  16. You are glossing over the real issue by minimizing him. These sponsors have expectations beyond naming rights. The way the league covets money it is only a matter of time before other stuff is sold to the highest bidder. Company logos in the end zones could easily be done just like that yellow line that denotes a first down. Commercialization will not be a good thing

  17. One prime time game for a team that is only a season removed from a 1-15 campaign? Hmmm. My Skins have 5! Looking at you Peytonsneck18 ; / HTTR

  18. One prime time game for a team that is only a season removed from a 1-15 campaign? Hmmm. My Skins have 5! Looking at you Peytonsneck18 ; / HTTR

    its too bad that the guy that u traded all those picks for, will be wearing a redskins sweat suit on the sideline throwing the ball back n forth to one of the ball boys, while on national tv

  19. Stop whining!

    Just look at the Panthers schedule, or even the Vikings schedule.

  20. Yeah he is complaining about sumthing dumb. He sponsored one of best if not the best stadium in all of football, cause like one fan said he does get the advantage of the week long combine and it has already hosted a SUPER BOWL! So lack of prime time home games is disapointing from a fans precpective not a fat cat millionaire wanting exposure! Don’t worry bout the lack of prime time home games they will come with Luck at the helm, and prolly more playoff wins than Manning had. So sit tight be a true colts fan and quit complaining to people in the media it will hurt your business and upset alot of middle class fans that buy your product alot more than the lack of prime time games ever will.

  21. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 20, 2013 1:41 PM
    u folks do know that the Luc was voted best facility 2 years in a row now

    In Indy yes
    Ummm, NO! Google It!

  22. theclaim says:

    at least our field isnt tore up and tore up our franchise QB, u guys are still looking for yr franchise QB

  23. I would think a CEO would negotiate a long 20 year contract with favorable terms and conditions that wouldn’t later need to be complained about. Sounds like he made a bad deal for his company if there is any relevance to the lack of exposure. You get what you paid for, so if you wanted more you needed to pay more, or if you overpaid for what you got, then that’s your own darn fault. I’m surprised that a comment of surprise would come out so soon.

    Somebody is not on the same page and is horribly confused to what is going on. I vote that the CEO is that person.

  24. I had no idea that the NFL was all supposed to revolve all around a guy whose only thing he did was to have a stadium named after the company.

  25. …..he says while giving an interview sitting on his toilet as he wipes his ass with $100 bills

  26. This is interesting: Even eastern teams don’t like the 10AM PT / 1PM ET early start time because of (in part) the steep drop-off in west coast viewership.

    So why are there so many games in that slot, and relatively few in the 1PM PT / 4PM ET slot, especially when teams and fans west AND east are expressing a clear preference for that later slot?

    The NFL and Godell seem generally committed to evolving the game, but remain curiously deaf to this topic, which comes up EVERY year. How hard would it really be to bias west coast team road games to the later slot, or at least institute a hard cap on early starts (say, three in a season) for west coast teams?

  27. fitzmagic1212 says: Apr 20, 2013 12:55 PM

    at least they get 1! in buffalo we get 1 home night game every 3-5 years it seems.
    And that is even too many. Your team stinks out loud and your franchise is irrelevant.

  28. peytonsneck18 your continued obsession with RGIII and the Redskins is a statement to your football IQ. Worry about the Texans and try to win your division. What a loser.

  29. Apparently, due to the large amount of morons on the internet, all important people should just not answer any questions at all. Of course they will be seen as snotty and rude, but they really can’t win either way, so why waste the breath.

  30. peytonsneck18 says:
    Apr 20, 2013 1:41 PM
    u folks do know that the Luc was voted best facility 2 years in a row now

    Hey moron the nfl dosen’t schedule prime time games based on how good your facility is rated, it bases prime time games on how many viewers watch that team.

  31. Who cares about this millionaire. I also have no beef with the Colts… The real story here is I actually gave a thumbs up to what the PFT all-time greatest Troller @logicalvoicesays had to say. Go figure?!

  32. You’d never hear Ted Thompson make such a foolish statement. The man was NFL Executive of the Year, twice. What is Lucas Oil, anyway? I wonder if it’s anything like Lambeau Oil – a little libation me and my buds enjoy in my camper before Packer games. Never mind.

  33. Hey Forrest, its because you brought your money to the only sport that I care about, that I’ve purchased your products. I could just as easily have gotten similar things from your competitors, but I believe in helping those who help us to have the greatest sport in the world. Wish the Hawks game with you qualified for the Flex schedule, but c’est la vie.

  34. Please just pound MegaHead into the Lucas Oil turf during his homecoming and everything will be OK.

  35. I guess a Final Four every 4 years, the Big 10 football championship through at least 2015 and the NFL combine every frickin’ year isn’t enough…

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