Stephen Jones sees “significant improvements” for Cowboys


Cowboys Executive V.P. Stephen Jones sees injuries as the biggest reason his team failed to make the playoffs last season. And he sees plenty of reasons to believe the 2013 team will be healthier, and therefore better.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that the Cowboys have revitalized the way they’ll deal with injuries, and that will be the key to being a better team.

“Obviously, we got our eyes on not only getting them healthy but keeping them healthy,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We got some good ideas on that in terms of how we’re going to manage different players. I’ve said from the beginning, the best way we can improve upon our football team from last year is keep guys healthy. That had to be one of our toughest years in terms of the number of injuries, especially to really good football players. If we can really do a better job there then I like our chances of making some significant improvements on 8-8.”

Jones has a point: According to, which charts how many player-games teams lose to injuries, only four teams in the NFL were hit harder by injuries than the Cowboys were last season. It’s fair to say injuries were a part of the problem in Dallas last season, and whether the “good ideas” the Cowboys are implementing work or not, they probably won’t have such tough luck with injuries again this year.

On the other hand, injuries are a fact of life in the NFL, and they’re a fact that teams have to overcome. Three of the four teams whose players missed more time with injuries than the Cowboys — the Redskins, Colts and Packers — made the playoffs anyway.

So the Cowboys need to find a way to make those “significant improvements” in 2013, whether they’re hit hard by the injury bug or not.

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  1. So what about 2014-2100? Those years don’t count? And I also don’t buy that 2013 will be special either. The Cowboys seem extremely lost and confused. I am ruling them out as being a serious threat in the next decade as long as Jerry is out of his mind.

  2. Best case scenario 10-6.
    Most likely 8-8 9-7.
    Who wants to bet Austin gets cut after this next year?
    Harris will have a good year if he didn’t catch the Ogletree virus.
    Coming from a Cowboys fan all this talk is same S**t different diaper.

  3. The Cowboys always have excuses! If this team is as great as their fans think they are then they wouldve had decent backups to their so called superior talented team……6 and 10

  4. What else is he supposed to say as Cowboys executive VP? We’re screwed next season? Jerrah is an incompetent windbag? Romo is on thin ice?

  5. While it’s true other teams may have lost more time to injuries, its not that simple. It’s where you were losing and how significant the players were.

    Dallas was down to pulling people off the street in some pretty significant roster spots.

    However I do agree you cannot blame injuries as the sole cause of your woes. They had plenty of chances to win some of the games they ended up losing.

    And it boggles my mind that a guy like Tyson Clabo is available and is a spot of need for Dallas and they haven’t shown the least bit of interest.

  6. “Jones sees injuries as the biggest reason his team failed to make the playoffs last season”

    But Jerry said you fired Rob Ryan, whose defense bore the lion’s share of injuries, because his schemes were too complex…excuses, excuses.

  7. We will not see improvements until one of two things happen.

    Jerry Jones swallows his pride and hires a GM.


    Jerry Jones sells the team.

  8. bnwillard:

    He’s supposed to say….

    “I guarantee victory and tremendously successful results and everything else is just ancillary details and I can make this guarantee in confidence because I am indeed smart enough and better than my competition that I’m sure I will deliver these results thus why do any ancillary details spark any curiosity in you, what does it all matter in the grand scheme of things if I in fact deliver as promised?”

  9. The Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders between March and August. Unfortunately for Cowboy fans, the NFL season is between September and February.
    The Jets and Cowboys win the offseason headlines every year. Congratulations.

  10. DaLLAS D and O is gonna show these cowards! How to play GaME Like back in the 90’S! COWBOy’S are Gonna SteP it UP this year and Go to the PLAyOFF’S! And WiN! GAmES!!

  11. Charmed seasons for teams like SF, Seattle, and Mini. They’re due to come back down to earth soon.

  12. The cowboys are screwed as long as jerry jones is in charge. And that makes me very happy because his huge ego is not going to step back anytime soon. Jimmy Johnson was right on the money 20 years ago and all along about this egocentric clown.

  13. Call me a “hater” if you’d like. I am a hater. I hate the cowboys. And I get the last laugh every single year when they miss the playoffs or get bounced in the 1st round.

  14. Kenny has the best comment on this article, hands down.

    F the Cowboys. I am so glad they signed Romo to the biggest craptastic contract ever, so now he can stop even pretending to try cause hes paid already. The cowgirls are a complete and total joke, and 95% of their fans have never even been to Texas.

  15. If Stephen Jones fires the General Manager and puts someone in place who actually understands personnel, then the Cowboys might improve. I see the Cowboys as being similar to the Raiders under Al Davis. The league has changed and these teams cannot be operated like a family owned gas station. Jerry Jones needs to relinquish control to professional football people and quit playing owner.

  16. The terrible coaching of Jason Garrett cost Dallas 4-5 games 2 years ago and a couple last year. I agree with the Clabo comment above, but they don’t have the money until after June 1st, if they cut Free. The safety position is still a concern too, Woodson is still available, but the NFL cap penalty really hurt them.

  17. The Cowboys number of hamstring injuries have been completely off the charts. And I can’t help but think there must be something in the way they are stretching, warming up, and training that is leading to them. Maybe Stephen means they’re implementing a different approach there.

    It could help but it’s not the only issue.

  18. I’m not anti-Cowboy, but I still can’t understand why there is so much hype every year about a team that, in the last ten years, has won no more playoff games than Tim Tebow.

  19. The cowboys every year are over rated. Tony Romo chokes more than a wwe wrestler and every year Jerry Jones comes out a swingin only to end up up hitless again! Hey what can you say but Tony Romo cowboy 4 ever!

  20. Easy for a guy who just got a fat contract to say. There have been a few guys in the past who grumbled in the past there. I will say though that in Green Bay guys are more likely to get the contract they want if deserving. This happens because it is a publicly owned team with out a greedy individual trying to pocket as much as possible.

  21. Dear Stephen…AKA Tommy Boy: Your father, you and that Tony Romo fella have turned the Cowboys of Dallas into the laughing stalk of the league.

    The class of the NFC East is the Jints but wait ’til Chip Kelly gets going. Then you’ve got RG3. You Cowboys are going to toil in the dungeon for years….YEARS!

    Now all we gotta do is get the networks to realize just how irrelevant the Cowboys truly are

  22. His actual words were ‘Daddy told me we are going to be super-dooper and it must be true because I got him that ‘Worlds Greatest Daddy and GM’ mug. And he gets me milk and cookies almost every day.’

  23. Please. I’m tired of the old “if not for injuries” excuse. When the Giants won the Suprebowl 2 years ago, they had over 20 players miss at least 4 games that year, including some of their best players. The year before that the Packers seemed to lose a player for the season every week. Injuries happen to all teams. Instead of whining, how about you develop your players. But whining has always been the Cowboy way. It seems like Jerry has taught you well young man.

  24. I’ve been a cowboys fan since the early 70s. And I can’t believe some of the crap that these so called COWBOY FANS are saying about their team. We have some great pieces already in place we could use some help on the O-line D-line and in the secondary. Let’s stop crying over spoiled milk things will get better. I love the switch back to the 4-3. That’ll utilize our bookends we have already. We will be a force to be reckoned with. I like our chances this year.

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