Al Michaels arrested for DUI

Legendary broadcaster Al Michaels, the play-by-play voice of NBC’s Sunday Night Football, was arrested Friday night for misdemeanor DUI, according to multiple reports.

Police in Santa Monica, California said that Michaels, who was released on his own recognizance, was extremely cooperative throughout a process that began at a routine DUI checkpoint.  According to TMZ, breath testing showed that his blood-alcohol concentration was at the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

“We are aware of the situation,” NBC Sports said in a statement.  “We have been in contact with Al.  We have no further comment at this time.”

47 responses to “Al Michaels arrested for DUI

  1. I don’t condone drinking alcohol and then driving but .08 is the legal limit. It is still legal so unless there are aggravating circumstances (wreck, weaving, one-way violation etc.) I doubt his lawyer will have a hard time getting it dismissed.

  2. DWI laws are stacked to just rake in money for police agencies and madd.

    An average size woman can have 1 glass of wine and if she is having her monthly “visit”, then she can easily blow over .08 yet have perfect capabilities.

    Nyquil, other medicines will cause a reading over.08

    I know Mr, Censor will probably delete this, but its the facts, do research. It’s a money racquet for agencies and madd

  3. If he was at the legal limit then what is the problem? That’s like being pulled over for doing 55 in a 55.

  4. Nobody will care…he wasn’t at the club all night getting tanked and blowing a .17 or something. I bet he took the wife out for dinner and had a glass or 2 of wine with it. Before taking shots at him think about how easily this could happen to you. I wouldn’t call a cab in that situation; I bet most of you don’t as well.

  5. .08 is a joke. That’s no even buzzed. Even worse, the limit for me is .04 because I have a class A CDL. If I even gargle with mouthwash I’ll get a DUI. Oh well, one should be drinking and driving anyhow, but the law is indeed ridiculous.

  6. Is the law AT or OVER .08? I would like to know, because, in this case, it is crucial to his case.

  7. .08 is the limit. You are allowed to be at .08

    If you test .08 on the road the police can legally detain you, at which point they take another test at the police station. Generally by the time paperwork is filled out and you do the 2nd test it is usually lower than .08 at that time.

    He won’t be charged.

  8. And DUI checkpoints are an infringement on our rights. There should be a need for probable cause to block off access to public roads for a DUI checkpoint. RIDICULOUS. But this is how cities keep their jails and courts full. It equals paychecks for corrections officers, court clerks, and judges. Frankly it makes me sick.

  9. They charge you with (1) driving while intoxicated and (2) having a BAC of .08.

    Michaels makes $5 mill a year. Hire a driver or stay home.

  10. First off, its DUI if your BAC is greater than or EQUAL to .08, not just greater than.

    Second off, the attitudes on this board to drinking and driving are the reason we still have 10,000 alcohol related deaths on our roads per year accounting for 30% of traffic fatalities. Apparently a number of you find nothing wrong with driving impaired.

    I for one think its incredibly irresponsible. For those saying “it doesn’t take much to be over .08” – that may be true, but it doesn’t take much to be impaired enough where you shouldn’t be driving. Studies have shown that the ability to drive becomes impaired with as low a concentration as .05. In fact at BAC between .05-.09 you are 11 times more likely to be involved in a FATAL accident and 175 times more likely to be involved in ANY accident.

    I’d post the link to my sources, but that usually gets snagged in the comment filters. Google “the .08 alcohol concentration limit” and its about the 6th result down and its a research report by the Minnesota state house of representatives.

  11. Even though .08 is the legal limit in most states for a DUI, most people don’t even realize that you can be charged with a DWI — driving while impaired — for blowing anywhere between a .03 and .07 (again, depending on state laws). The only difference between the two is the penalty although a lot of judges treat them all the same for first time offenders (probation, education classes, community service, etc.).

  12. All of the above comments are full of bull, if this was a player comments would have been like he doesnt deserve the nfl, call a cab, why are you on the streets. IF YOU DRINK DONT DRIVE PERIOD

  13. Statistics also show that people that wear eyeglasses are highly more likely to be involved in an accident.

    Anyone can manipulate numbers to advance their position

  14. California Vehicle Code-
    23152(a)- DUI
    23152(b)- having BAC .08% or above.
    Checkpoints are not violating anyone’s rights because driving a car is a privilege, not a “right.”
    Most deaths and injuries are caused by drivers with at or close to the legal limit(s) because they feel fine, but their reflexes are slowed. The people with high BAC’s know they’re drunk and use more caution while driving.
    Until you’ve seen the damage caused or been directly affected by a DUI driver, you have no “right” to argue.
    If you don’t like the .08% law, run for public office and change it.

  15. Except for most of the posters on this site, there aren’t too many more people as self-righteous and sanctimonious as Al Michaels. Most of his colleagues think he is a jerk.

  16. Al’s a small guy… he has to know that he’ll reach 0.08 well before other (larger) guys.

    Report out today that the bassist for 3 Doors Down was charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication for a DUI crash he caused Friday night in the Nashville area that killed another motorist.

    If you have this kind of cash, you HAVE to have a driver. Even for a glass of wine over dinner. My uncle was a corporate chauffeur for decades (he drove a company CEO around) and one can make a good living doing that. Al need only ask his old partner John Madden what he’d do without his MaddenCruiser drivers. For a guy like Al who travels from place to place for work, you bring the driver with you and have him/her rent the car at that city.

    No excuses, especially when you have the resources entertainers do to completely avoid the situation.

  17. @jrmbadger
    While some of what you say has some merit, most of the people on here have a point. I have a drink occasionally and just one is enough to put me at or over the legal limit but does not impair my driving abilities at all. Just because some politician, scientist or lawyer says most people are impaired at a certain level doesn’t make it true. How many of you went to a restaurant, had a beer with your food, and drove home? I agree there are so many people out there that drive intoxicated that should be busted, but .08 is what a lot of people have after a Saturday night dinner with your spouse or friends. I have never had a DUI or OWI, but I still keep an open mind about this subject. Think back people. Unless you’re a kid. Think back to the night you had a beer while eating with your wife or friends and drove home, where you could have been arrested for a .08 and charged with a DUI while not even being intoxicated.

  18. Oh please. The guy prob had a night out with the wife at a nice steakhouse, has a drink or 2 like anybody would and is perfectly coherent. Goes home to call it a night but no his night is wrecked because “captain america” cop wants to arrest Al Michaels for having a .08. Wow, congratulations there buddy. One less “hardened criminal” off the streets. What a joke.

  19. I don’t get it. Why was he arrested and charged with DUI if it was the legal limit?

    Like one PO said, it’s like driving 55 when the speed limit is 55.

    How stupid seriously. This upsets me.

  20. This limit of .08 is because of MADD

    Myself, I’m a member of DAMM
    (Drunks Against Mad Mothers)

    I would have said more but I just fell out of my chair and my keyboard landed on my head.

  21. A good DUI attorney should be able to get Michaels off the hook. Then again, based on who employs him (NBC), I’m not sure he’ll be able to afford it. #DoYouBelieveInMiracles!?

  22. hate how the limit is moving.
    if your at .08 your not illegal, is .07999999 the legal limit now.

  23. Personally I trust the majority of people to drive with a 0.08 blood alcohol level. That is certainly a bit of impairment but its nothing that is going to cause serious problems.

  24. It’s almost funny how this site rails against players who are stopped for DUI, but almost sounds supportive of Michaels because…well, you know, he is a fellow NBC employee.

  25. If this would have been a 21 year old professional football player getting arrested for this, I think the tone of this article and comments would be slightly different. Shame on all of you.

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