Antonio Cromartie laments Darrelle Revis’ potential departure


The Buccaneers are reportedly engaged in what appear to be serious trade negotiations for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Consider Antonio Cromartie disappointed in this news.

“It sucks. That’s my reaction: It sucks,” Cromartie, Revis’ position mate in New York, told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News on Sunday. “Losing a guy like that just sucks.”

In remarks to Mehta, Cromartie referred to Revis as the “best” cornerback in the NFL and praised his leadership ability across multiple facets.

For most of the last three seasons, Cromartie has played opposite of Revis at cornerback, giving the Jets an uncommonly strong one-two punch at a key position.

“We had the best tandem,” Cromartie told Mehta.

Even with Revis missing 14-of-16 games, the Jets held up well against the pass in 2012, allowing the second-fewest yards through the air. Cromartie played a key role in these efforts, earning Pro Bowl honors.

At 29, Cromartie gives the Jets one sure thing in the secondary. However, free safety LaRon Landry departed for Indianapolis in free agency, and Revis could also be on his way elsewhere.

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  1. “…strong one-two punch at a key position.”
    What position on an NFL team is not a key position?

  2. Two reasons the Jets “excelled” at stopping the pass–one, there wasn’t the normal need to throw on the Jets, because everyone could run at will against them; and Two, opponents may have played it conservatively on offense, knowing the Jets’ offense would provide all the opportunities they needed.

  3. It’s crazy. As a Patriots fan I thought we were going to have to deal with Revis for a while. Now the Jets are sending him to the NFC for draft picks that have no chance of matching what Revis can do for them.

    He takes away half of the field. No other corner in the NFL can eliminate another opponents number one receiver like Revis can. Sherman thinks he can but he still gets burned.

    There’s a reason the Jets are the Jets. Trading away your best player by a wide margin is beyond stupid.

  4. Until the jets figure out something on offense. The defense really doesn’t matter.

    Sanche shouldn’t even be there. And while tebow is easily better than Sanchez… They HAVE to release him after the BS they pulled last year.

    Just stashing him away so he can’t go to another team is just wrong.

  5. From what I’ve read of Revis’s relationship with the jets organization, even if he never got injured they wouldn’t pay him the 12-15mil a year he wanted? Am I correct about that?

  6. Revis is very good when healthy. But a team cannot afford to devote about one-eighth of their salary cap to a cornerback.

    So, while I wish Revis continued success as a player, I think his salary expectations are such that he will end up on a poor-to-mediocre team. Good teams can’t afford his asking price. The good teams are good (in large part) because they spread their money around to more players.

    And that sucks… Because as a fan, I would like to see Revis matched up against great players in games that matter. The Bucs won’t be playing in games that matter.

    Maybe the NFL needs an exception to the salary cap for one player on each team that they drafted ?

  7. The Jets are a dumpster fire of a franchise. They would rather win the back page in the off-season than win on the field during the season. Must be really hard to share stadium and metro area with such a rock-solid franchise. And I’m not a Giants fan, but how these two teams share so much, yet function so differently is pretty amazing

  8. The Revis trade process is ridiculously long.

    Cromartie has already had 4 more children since discussions started.

  9. No way this trade would happen if they were going to keep Rex after next season. Bye Revis.Bye Tebow. So long 2013 season.

  10. Very tough decision on the part of the Jets!!
    I’ll be sorry to see Mevis leave given our D backfield is our core strength and don’t want to see that messed with. Offensive game plans are altered when he’s in the game, he limits half the field of play & keeps points off the board through the course of a game will all be missed. I’ll have to count on the Jets building off the strengths of last season’s secondary without him.

    With the cap issues & exodus of starters to free agency we’ve been stuck between a rock & a hard place although that would have been cleared up some with Sanchez & Holmes off the roster next year, which would have freed up space to sign him for a longer term deal. I won’t criticize but rather see it as a judgement call to meet the practicalities in where we are & what is needed right now for the good of the team.

    Idzik’s been doing a good job so I can only put my trust in Him drafting & trading well & seeing how it pans out this & next season.

    So long Revis thanks for the memories.

    J. E. T. S. Jets Jets Jets!!!

  11. bucemdown says:
    Apr 21, 2013 2:00 PM
    From what I’ve read of Revis’s relationship with the jets organization, even if he never got injured they wouldn’t pay him the 12-15mil a year he wanted? Am I correct about that?

    Correct, they needed to get something for him, because next year he would become un-restricted and they were not going to pay him what ever he wanted.

  12. The Jets sucked with Revis – why not suck without him, get some draft picks, and then suck-for-this-year’s-Luck?

  13. The Jets need to get rid of Tebow and Sanchez, and Rex Ryan.

    Nothing against any one of them, there’s just too much baggage there with them. The Jets would do much better without them, and they would do much better without the Jets.

  14. Can’t wait to see how Cromartie’s year goes without Revis around to defend half the field which allowed safeties to help Cromartie out.

  15. hey cromartie, there’s a couple of guys in SeaTown that would debate the “best tandem” point with ya, and I’m 95% sure they are right. Plus, quite frankly, Sherman’s better at life than you.

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