Branden Albert trade won’t happen unless he lowers his price


The much-discussed potential trade of Branden Albert from the Chiefs to the Dolphins doesn’t appear likely at the price Albert is currently seeking.

Although the Chiefs and Dolphins can probably agree on compensation — the Dolphins sending a second-round pick to Kansas City — the hangup is that Albert wants the kind of money that the Dolphins aren’t willing to spend. Specifically, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Albert wants between $8 million and $9 million a year on a long-term deal.

In other words, Albert is looking for the same kind of contract that left tackle Jake Long got from the Rams — the very contract the Dolphins wouldn’t give Long, which is why he left Miami for St. Louis.

If the Dolphins weren’t willing to pay Long that kind of money, it’s hard to see why they’d be willing to give up a second-round draft pick for the privilege of paying Albert that kind of money. So the Dolphins may need to look elsewhere for a left tackle. And Albert may have to settle for playing this season for the Chiefs, making $9.8 million, and hitting free agency next year.

46 responses to “Branden Albert trade won’t happen unless he lowers his price

  1. Why would Albert give up $9.8 M in 2013 and free agency after that to sign a cut rate deal with Miami?

    If the answer is “security”, he can get that in free agency.

    More poor team management and illogical thinking on the part of the Dolphins.

  2. What does this have to do with Darrelle Revis and why are you reporting on it? 😉

  3. Yeah it’s a conundrum. But why are the Dolphins spinning their wheels in this fashion is the question I want answered? They have no plan that makes any sense! And what about Tannehill?

  4. Mr. Andy Reid should make it very clear to Alberts agent that he can make Brandon look very very bad this season on the bench. Mr. Reid can also let it be known that leaks could occur that describe Albert as a trouble maker, not driven, looking for a free payday, ala Albert Haynesworth.

    Those tactics should dissuade teams from giving him the mega money he thinks he might command on the free agent market next year.
    Brandon, you better run to Miami and accept 6-7 million a year or the Chiefs just might make your future look very bleak

    The days of high salaries are over due to the new rookie pay structure.

  5. Hopefully Ireland does not cave in and pay him that much. I think it was all a smoke screen anyway. This is the time of the year you don’t believe anything that comes out of these camps. Dolphins show intrest in Albert so teams in the top 10 don’t have to worry about the Phins jumping their team to take Fischer or Johnson.

    I’m just glad that in four days all of this speculation from all 32 teams will come to an end.

  6. In breaking news, Revis left a turd “near” the toilet at team headquarters. He was rewarded with a higher signing bonus and a bowl of corn.

  7. I dont get why Ireland and the fish are taking a beating for kicking the tires on the guy. Its called due diligence. You never know if you dont ask and both the chiefs and Albert may change their tune after Round 1 on thursday. You gotta look for acorns everywhere. And who is to say that Albert doesnt hit free agency next year and the Fins are still looking for a natural left tackle if they leave Martin on that side for now if they cant swing a deal. You gotta look at every option available

  8. this is exactly the conundrum i asked about when people were acting like this was a done deal. my guess is he plays out his franchise tag this year and accepts a cheaper deal in free agency next year.

  9. The Dolphins should trade both second round picks in 2013 to Houston for the 27th pick and just draft the best LT available.
    Or they can take Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson with their pick and then trade back into the 1st round (#27) for secondary help.
    Either way would improve the team.

  10. butthatmakestoomuchsense says: Apr 21, 2013 6:50 PM

    Why would Albert give up $9.8 M in 2013 and free agency after that to sign a cut rate deal with Miami?

    If the answer is “security”, he can get that in free agency.

    More poor team management and illogical thinking on the part of the Dolphins.

    Apparently you have not read anything about the Dolphins off season moves. They have put themselves in position to seriously contend in the AFC East.

    Branden Albert is not Jake Long, and the Dolphins should NOT give up a 2nd round pick and pay what they would have paid Jake Long. Guess that’s why nobody is looking to you for decisions, because anyone who call the Dolphins NOT doing something stupid “poor team management” is clearly not too bright.

  11. Ireland has done a good job this year and is doing the right thing now by not over paying Albert. Phins might trade up to get Lane Johnson. Staying younger and paying less seems to be a smarter way to go.

  12. This is good news for my Brownies, seeing how they want to trade down and pick up a 2nd round pick. They are a team that would drive up the price for the #6 overall pick.

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  13. The trade will happen. Albert will realize hes not gonna get what he wants & will negotiate. The dolphins want this guy other wise they would have not gone this far to attempt to make it happen. Dolphins fans wont be disappointed by Alberts play if they get him . He’s a good LT & will prove he was worth the trade.

  14. We’re not pressed to sign albert, he thinks he’s pretty smart by raising his price to stay in k.c. and wait for FA. Fine with us, ride that pine buddy, I wasn’t sold on a guy who can’t make the pro bowl in a key position anyways. Lane should be a much better investment. Seems like a waste to give the factory of shame a 2nd rounder though, that pick will be out of Cleveland in 3 years.

  15. The Dolphins finally have a real brain trust. They are correct in not paying Albert and moreover were correct in not paying Long $9M. There is a reason why the Rams can get out of their 4 year deal with Long after the second year and much of the money was not guaranteed. Both Long and Albert performed with marginal results and should not be paid the kind of money they are seeking.

  16. Oh great another year of 1st round offensive linemans. Because the past 1st round linemans got us several superbowl rings already. Better yet – the entire leagues record of 1st round linemans generated tons of superbowl rings. I hate this

  17. Miami is not trading up, if Lane J doesn’t fall to us then we get a tackle later, give him a year to learn on the bench, Martin plays lt and we sign Winston to play rt

  18. It makes no sense to forgo $9.8 Million in salary to sign for less than $7 Million for 2013 and beyond.

    But who is going to protect Tannehill’s blind side now that Long is gone? Then maybe if the Dolphins were certain Albert was the man, they would have forked over his asking price.

    Without a good tackle, the Dolphins pocket is going to a hot meeting placed for defenses.

  19. Albert is a solid LT but there is no way he should be paid like an elite LT. Paying him that kind of money would be an act of desperation while there are FA and draft options available. Makes no sense to give him that kind of money and any one who say Miami should give in to his asking price needs to do some research on Albert’s stats and compare that to what LT who perform at his level is making.

  20. dolphincult:

    Because Branden Albert is not a nutrient you can freely pluck from a tree. He’s an expensive bottleneck that comes with massive depreciation and opportunity cost charges. The diligence is done through doing research and homework to identify valuable options that provide a capacity for efficiently leveraged utilization of capital. Those are the deals that you dig into, the best ones that you can possibly find. I don’t think Albert qualifies and I think the Dolphins are on the wrong track with trying to identify strategic opportunities to enhance their long-term positioning.

  21. The Phins will find a way to muck up anybody they get or anything they do. It really doesn’t matter what they do, we all know it won’t work out.

  22. So there’s finally a player the Dolphins won’t overpay. Unless the latest champions of March make the playoffs this season all those back-loaded contracts Ireland frivolously handed out will gut this team in 2014.

  23. I hope he enjoys his next year at guard and the league blackballs his greedy butt in 2014! The dude thinks he’s Orlando Pace! He’s a descent pass blocker who is also a descent zone blocker. He has ZERO power.

    There are 15 teams that need a LT and this draft has 3 that are as good (or better) than him. If he wasn’t so greedy, all 15 teams would be after him, now he’s running off Miami(the ONLY team interested in him).

    He just cost the Chiefs a 2nd round pick, $10M to sign Dansby and another descent veteran. They also have to draft a LT at #1, or face the same problem next year, but won’t have a shot at the best OT in the draft.

    As a Chiefs fan, Im not a happy camper! It’s tough enough being a Chiefs fan lately, now our players are even screwing us!!

  24. Another day, another fraudulent “Miami needs a Left Tackle” post. This is almost as bad a the “Tebow’s a winner” line.

    Jonathan Martin, last year’s 2nd round pick, who guarded Andrew Luck’s blindside while playing for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, is Miami’s LT. He was a good prospect, started every game as a rookie, graded out well and covered for Jake Long when he went down with his predictable year-ending injury.

    So, no. Miami still doesn’t need a Left Tackle. But they could use a Right Tackle – are you listening Eric Winston?

  25. I agree with BeachSideJones. Maybe Albert hasn’t paid attention to this years free agency. Long sat a long time before he got a phone call. The ONLY call he got was from the Rams. If Albert thibks he is going to get a long term 8 – 9 million dollar deal – on a long term contract, after this year he is crazy. I don’t know if its collusion, but you don’t see teams bidding against each other very much. Albert better have the year of his entire career this year, with no injury, if he hopes to land a long term deal. Wont be 8 – 9 million guaranteed, and will be an incentive contract with little guaranteed money. There is no security in the NFL, for anyone. Get real…

  26. I don’t mind the articles so much it is the morons that post afterwards. Miami doesn’t NEED a LT. Could they use one with more experience then Martin?? Yes. Miami’s backloaded contracts aren’t going to screw anybody in 2014. If you aren’t going to look up the cap numbers and the effect on future years then don’t post about them. The team is still about 15-20 million under the cap for next year even if the cap doesn’t raise thats why they gave the backloaded contracts.

  27. As a Die Hard Chiefs Fan, I am still holding out some hope the Chiefs and Albert can put something together so he can stay a Chief. Albert has been a solid player. I wish he had been a little quieter and complained less. The Chiefs have been Very Fair with him. He has made millions playing for our team.

  28. Shouldn’t even offer a 2nd round pick. KC has to trade him. Nobody else is interested. 4th rounder, tops.

  29. What KC did was let Albert go out to try to get his big pay day. Well it did not work out so good. Now maybe he will lower his asking price. KC can now say see, we told you. His agent is way over assessing his value. Have a piece of humble pie and resign with KC before the draft. Who knows the may draft a different position other than tackle.

  30. It is funny how most everyone assumed this was a done deal, forgetting the trade compensation is just one part of it. There is no way in the world Miami will give Albert Jake Long money. Ireland would get crucified for giving more money for inferior talent. I still think Miami would be wise to sign Winston at 3.5M and securing the middle of the offensive line through the draft. This gives Martin a year to prove himself. Albert will be a free agent next year.

  31. There is security in the NFL if your a QB jetrainer. Unfortunately for both your jets and my dolphins we haven’t had a QB worthy of security in quite some time. I would love to see things pan out for our teams and watch them take over the AFC for years to come, those battles would be fantastic. Jets vs. Dolphins has always been a great rivalry and it’s about time they both become great, bye bye NE.

  32. I dont blame the Fins or Alberts people or anybody for not budging now. I beleive its how business is done. Desperation is the enemy of all negotiations i dont think either is really that desperate to get a deal done now. As far as greedy players is concerned they will not get another chance to earn big money again. Once their value is gone clubs soon give them the old heave ho.

  33. As a Phins fan, the prospect of acquiring Albert was only exciting because it frees up the #12 pick to take more of a best player available approach. But my concern has always been what kind of money Albert would want, and this story makes me think two things:

    1. It’s not worth it. Albert’s good, but he’s not $8 million good, especially when he could presumably be available in free agency a year from now.

    2. Even if his cost comes down, I’d be weary. Albert’s been pouting and detaching on and off for a while now, which you can understand from the perspective that he’d just like clarity for his future. But if he slinks down when he’s unsure, I don’t want to know what reaction he might have if he signs for less and feels shortchanged.

    I agree with those who’d prefer to see them sign a discounted deal with Eric Winston at this point. They need a RT anyway, not a LT as others have pointed out, and it would come at half the price. It’d only be a stopgap, but I think it’s worth a shot. I’d also be cautious of making a deal before that #12 pick is in the books. It’d be a shame to trade for Albert and then see Lane Johnson or D.J. Fluker sitting there at that pick.

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