Darrelle Revis: My six years with Jets were unbelievable


Someone in Darrelle Revis’ camp reportedly had some salt to throw into the Jets’ wounds after the trade with the Buccaneers was finalized on Sunday, but Revis himself had a more charitable way of saying goodbye.

Revis, the team’s first-round pick in 2007, spent six years with the Jets and ranks with Joe Klecko as one of the most decorated defensive players in the history of the franchise. It was a complicated relationship, with two holdouts and the little dance both sides did before the deal with the Buccaneers was done, but the higher points were what Revis concentrated on in his farewell.

“I been sitting around for the last hour trying to figure out what to say to the Jet Nation & I came up with this. The six years I played for the New York Jets were unbelievable. I put my body on the line everyday & did everything could to help the team win. I experienced a lot & & learned a lot. The memories I had in New York I will keep dearly to my heart. I want to thank all the jets fans for making me feel welcome,” Revis wrote on Sunday evening.

The ending was ugly, but that tends to be the case in the NFL and the constant contract issues made this divorce seem more inevitable than most even before Revis tore his ACL during a sinking Jets season. Both sides were well prepared to move on without the other, although it might take the Jets a bit longer to find their way back to a winning record.

19 responses to “Darrelle Revis: My six years with Jets were unbelievable

  1. I understand wanting to get paid. But holding out for every last penny–especially when you’ve already got $30 million in the bank–is counterproductive. Before long, the owner, the GM, your teammates, and the fans get sick of you.

  2. The two biggest mistakes the Jets have made in the last few years (among VERY many):

    1. Not building a stadium in Manhattan, which would have separated them from the shadow of the Giants and gave them the bragging rights of really being a “New York” team.

    2. Not managing their relationship with the best player on the team better, leading to this trade.

    But hey, I’m a Bucs fans, so I’m happy.

  3. I love when bozos have to themselves point out “I put my body on the line everyday”. Big whoop. You knew that was the job you were signing up for when you got your first rookie contract. You are paid handsomely for your sacrifice. You are trading physical risk for financial security, and everybody understands that point. You do not get a gold star for doing your job, you didn’t do it for free. Great player, top notch mercenary/negotiator, still a pinhead in my book.

  4. Finally. Hate to see him go, but $16 million a year for a CB??? At least a 1st and 4th(3rd) is better than free agency and a compensatory pick in 2 years. Now, just avoid taking Vernon Gohlston, Browning Nagle and Mike Nugent.

  5. Good Luck to you Darrelle in Tampa. I’m just happy you didnt get traded to Chicago, Minn or Detroit.

  6. Unbelievable run for Jet fans too! Best of luck, can you blame a player who is the best at his position for trying to get as much money as possible?

  7. Cornerbacks have a very shaky shelf-life in the NFL. I don’t blame him one bit for cashing in. He’ll put in more than one good season for the Bucs.

  8. Regis Revis leaves for no guaranteed money? That’s a guy with balls. Look at Sanchez making 8.25 million and he was worse than the worst starter in the league. Is the turnover king going to give that money back? or the $15 mil he made in last year’s embarrassment? Revis making a statement that he believes in his own ability and why should he stay with an organization that wouldn’t match an offer that’s meaningless unless he performs and a Jets organization that has absolutely no chance of winning anything except the Buttfumble bowl? They did nothing to improve this offseason and are relying on a weak draft this year to rebuild? Would Woody give Revis $50 million if he got hurt again next year? Revis went to the team that wanted him the most. He was in a class by himself on a classless team with a clueless owner. Godspeed, DR, and may all hour picks be sixes.

  9. green41563,

    Says the guy not in his position. Stop counting his money or telling him hat he’s worth when nobody tells you that.

    He deserves whatever he’s worth, which is obviously $96 million considering what the Bucs signed him for. He’s only going to be young and in his prime one time, which is now…so when did any people think he should have chased the money, when he’d been done with his original rookie contract this year, or maybe when he was in his 30’s and on the down side of his career?

    Everyone criticizing him should be even more impressed since he’s rolling the dice on himself with no guaranteed money on this deal.

    Even seeing how scummy owners can be with Jimmy Haslem’s Fed dance and what Stephen Ross is doing to fleece Dolphin fans out of tax money, not to mention how much of a dope Woody Johnson was way before Revis showed up, you miserable people still side with the owners every time, huh?

  10. @AKA Slow Joe

    1) jets tried to build a stadium in manhattan but the city, led by madison square garden, said no.

    2) jets did everything they could to appease the revis camp. heck, they offered him a $122 million contract that he turned down because it didnt have enough guaranteed money.

    3) as for the jets so called many mistakes. we’ll see how this one goes. you guys are giving an injured player a lot of money and you’ll probably still stink.

  11. Note to bucs, there’s a reason no elite hardly pursued revis, do you really think teams like the niners or pats were gonna give him 16 million a year. You will soon realize that 16 million for one guy won’t make you any better than the other millions you poured out for high profile players.

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