E.J. Manuel: Rob Chudzinski says I remind him of Cam Newton


Quarterback E.J. Manuel met with the Browns in Cleveland last week and then had another private workout with the team on Saturday at Florida State and Manuel says that Browns coach Rob Chudzinski wasn’t shy about comparing Manuel with the quarterback that Chudzinski coached in Carolina for the last two years.

Manuel said he was watching tape with Chudzinski on Saturday when the Browns coach told him that he “reminds me of somebody I used to coach.” Chudzinski has worked with several quarterbacks over the course of his coaching career, but it wasn’t Derek Anderson that he had in mind.

“He already brought up Cam when I was up in Cleveland on Monday,” Manuel told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I think coach Chudzinski sees a lot of Cam Newton in me, so that’s kind of in my favor as far as being a guy that’s very similar to Cam’s playing style.”

Manuel was flattered by the comparisons to Newton and has the size/running ability combo that the Panthers quarterback has, but Manuel said he spends more time trying to model his game after Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. That’s gotten him meetings with most of the quarterback-needy teams in this year’s draft and Manuel said he anticipates going early in the draft to a team that he plans to start for in 2013.

If it is the Browns, he’ll need to beat out Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell. It will take more than comparisons to current NFL starters to make that happen, but it’s not the worst place to start the process.

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  1. E.J. continues to tell the media what coaches from all the teams are supposedly complimenting and praising him.

    I hardly doubt all the coaches are saying what E.J. claims they are saying, and teams know he is just trying to boost his stock into a higher pick.

    But, I see this backfiring on him. These teams/coaches aren’t going to be happy that he is spewing out nonsense at the expense of the teams/coaches and sharing info to all the other teams.

    I would not be surpised if the Browns and/or others have taken him off their board now

  2. Hilarious, EJ.

    Chud obviously hasn’t watched him play an entire game at FSU. I’ve never seen a QB unable to feel pressure like EJ Manuel. Its unbelievable. A pick on Manuel is a wasted pick. Period. Watch EJ in the UF this past season. He’s horrible.

    Cam Newton elevated his team in college. EJ prevented FSU from reaching dominance.

  3. I’m interested in exactly what Chud meant by that. Very talented guy, but too immature to handle adversity?

  4. I don’t think Cleveland taking him in the second round this year would be a bad idea. Give him a year or two on the bench and he can take over in a couple years when Weeden is over the hill and retires

  5. Nothing wrong with EJ using the media to try and propel himself into the first round. Just a smart career move, a lot of dollars at stake with that distinction. Remember when Drew Rosenhaus manipulated the press to get McGahee drafted in the first round? Most importantly, EJ is keeping it positive, think this will only help him. Good chance a QB needy team that wants a versatile QB trades their early second rounder for a late first rounder to draft this kid.

  6. Every time Ponder went down in college(frequently), Manuel led the team to a win. He is not the runner Cam is, but his upside, is as high.

    He’s a very bright young man who did not have the best coaching at FSU. Jimbo is not ready for prime time. In the right system and coaching, he’ll be very good for a long time.

    Chud knows of what he speaks. He goes 1st round. before Barkley and Nassib.

  7. Maybe physically he can compare. But still. Cam is better in that area. Football wise though EJ is no where close to cam. I see no similarities. EJ Manuel will hold a clip board on the sideline his whole career if he can makes it that far. Stop with the promoting already, the NFL guys know you suck.

  8. He’s gonna be really good. Some of the internet geniuses need to watch some film instead of reading scouting reports. Kid has a cannon and is really mobile in the pocket, his release is quick and he can make the difficult throws that most QBs cannot. I think if he goes to the right team then the sky’s the limit.

  9. Not as fast as Cam, but seems to be a lot more mature and intelligent. Those intangibles are more important than what he does with his legs.

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