Jets, Bucs opt not to try to keep Revis trade under wraps

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As of Saturday, the biggest question regarding the potential Darrelle Revis trade was whether the Jets and Buccaneers would finalize a deal before the draft or whether they would opt for an off-radar “agreement in principle” that would remain secret until the Bucs are on the clock with the 13th pick in the draft.

The teams have picked the first option.  (Or, possibly, they tried for discretion and discretion already has failed.)

Either way, the cat is out of the bag — and it will be very difficult for the Jets to keep Revis if the Tampa doctors emerge from poking and prodding Darrelle’s knee with the same quacking sounds that the Dolphins’ doctors had for former Miami coach Nick Saban after getting a closer look at Drew Brees’ surgically-repaired shoulder.

That’s an unlikely outcome.  The Bucs’ docs surely have inspected the medical records and MRI results before the teams struck a tentative deal on compensation.  Tampa seems to be willing to assume the risk that Revis won’t be the same guy, once it’s time to get on the field and cut and change directions on a new ACL.

It’ll be interesting to see how that risk is reflected both in the trade terms, and in the player’s new contract.  At a time when many assume that the deal will be worth more than $15 million per year, there are distinct rumblings that the numbers won’t be that high.  Likewise, the Bucs could ask for an adjustment to the trade compensation in 2014 (or that gives a rebate of sorts to Tampa), if there are setbacks that limit the player’s availability in 2013.

For now, it’s clear that the Jets want to trade Revis, and that the Bucs want him on their team.  The coming days will reveal plenty about the extent of the risk that Tampa will assume for the privilege of adding someone who, if healthy, ranks with the top defensive players in the league.

7 responses to “Jets, Bucs opt not to try to keep Revis trade under wraps

  1. The Bucs need help at QB, TE, Depth on both lines, Lb, CB, and especially a competent HC.
    Why give up such valuable picks for the 2nd best CB in the league(see Mr. Sherman) who the Jets arent even going to pay anyway?

    I could possibly understand if you are trading for a playmaker that will touch the ball many times a game such as a new QB, but not a washed up, greedy CB!

    The Chiefs are going to pillage the rest of the BUCS picks from their clueless front office, and dominate the draft. The Chiefs have a dynasty team 80% completed and will finalize thru this draft.
    Notice served

  2. J E T S…Just End This S@#%. I hate the Jets. If possible, I hate Rex even more. He’s going to have lots of foot fetish time once he gets fired. Mmm, toe jam. That’s nice…FREAK!

  3. Why are bucs so hot and willing to work with the Jets on a deal for Revis?

    Do the Bucs think they are one playmaker away on defense from the superbowl?

    With the Jets having him for only one more year and not being able to franchise him, plus Revis’ propensity for creating media induced distractions, I would think the Bucs had the way stronger negotiating hand.

    Give Revis enough time and he’ll bring down the asking price for the bucs.

  4. If Revis is healthy its a steal for the Bucs no matter what they are giving up. They are getting one of the two best CBs to ever play the game.

    Revis is worth two to three players on defense. Normally a team plays their number one CB on the opposing teams number two and then double teams that teams number one. Revis single teams that teams number one and does it much better than any double team. Revis essentially lets a team with play one additional defender on defense and takes the oppositions best receiver out of the game. No CB in the history of the game has been able to do what Revis has done against number one receivers.

    The Bucs could give the Jets 5 numbers ones and its still a steal. The odds of getting anyone near as good as Revis is almost nill.

    Revis can do it all. he can play physical, press, man to man, zone and he can tackle. He has no weakness in his game.

    Sad news for the Jets and great news for the Bucs. The Jets give away the best player in franchise history for a couple draft picks people will likely have all but forgotten in 5 years.

  5. Iknoweverything, You know you’re the least functioning member of the family when even Logical Voice makes you look dumb.

    ATTENTION MIKE FLORIO, get control of the trolls… It’s getting sickening and lessening most of your customers desire to come back more and more each day. Heed the warning… If you allow this crap to continue the hamsters to get fat and lazy because no one but the crickets will come around to work them out.

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