Jets get two picks for Revis

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It became clear two weeks ago that, if/when (when) the Jets trade cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers, the Jets will receive Tampa Bay’s first-round pick in the 2013 draft.

The only question was what else the Jets would get.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it’s not a whole lot.

Per Schefter, the Jets will receive a fourth-round pick in 2014 (which some would regard as the equivalent of a fifth-round pick in 2013).  The fourth-round pick in 2014 can become a third-rounder, based on certain conditions.

The package is less than the first-rounder, seventh-rounder, and 2014 third-rounder the Vikings finagled for receiver Percy Harvin.  As previously explained, however, the Vikings could have used the franchise tag for two years on Harvin, controlling his rights for a total of three.  Revis, per the terms of his contract, would have been free and clear after 2013.

The trade happened because the Jets had no interest in seeing Revis join a team like the Patriots or the Giants in 2014, and likewise no interest in paying Revis now, or ever.  Tampa’s low-risk, $16 million per year, year-to-year deal presumably could have been offered by the Jets, if the Jets had wanted to invest that kind of money.

They didn’t, the Bucs did, and now the Jets have the 13th pick in the draft, seven years after they acquired Revis with pick 14.

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  1. At first I thought the Bucs we going to get ripped off especially considering how Revis holds out every other year.

    But man oh man just the first round pick in this underwhelming draft? And a fourth rounder next year? Then Revis gets ZERO guaranteed money. Meaning they can cut him or trade him for whatever they want when they want to. Incredible.

    Saying the Jets got fleeced is a vast understatement. This is highway robbery. Gary Myers was right the Jets are like an expansion team.

  2. Great deal for the Bucs. They have an awesome secondary now. I think they bought Revis cheap

  3. It’s whatever really. The Jets weren’t gonna win this year with him, don’t have the talent elsewhere to invest in him long term, need to clean up the locker room as much as possible, and they could have potentially lost him for nothing. As a Jets fan, the 13th pick and a likely third next year aren’t going to replace Revis, but something is always better than nothing. It’s gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOONG year.

  4. Between only getting the one extra draft pick and Revis’ year-to-year non-guaranteed contract, I don’t think this was a great trade for the Jets.

  5. Tampa is not low risk, with there defense improving there going to be a fierce competitor #sleeperteam

  6. The real trade is Revis for the 13th overall pick; a third-round pick AND $16M of cap space that the Jets can use to sign two very good players.

    Getting $16M in cap space is absolutely huge.

  7. Yeah right..Jets traded for less because they were afraid of Giant and Pats ending up with him…really? Shallow reporting.

    Great trade for Jets. Use that money in future for a franchise free agent when team is a piece away.

    Most Bucs fan thought a first rounder would never happen. Haha. Enjoy the Mevis drama Tampa.

  8. This is one of the best trades the Bucs have ever made. It was like a perfect storm for us to be able to pull this off. Shutdown corners have an unbelievable impact in today’s game, even moreso than before.

  9. I think the Jets got more than the Vikings. Unless Revis blows out his knee again, he will be on the team next year. So we can pretty much say it’s a 2014 3rd rounder. Plus the 1st rounder we get this year holds more value than the one Minnesota. At least more value than a 7th rounder.

    If the Bucs want to give QB money to a CB, that’s fine with me. That’s not the formula for building a winning team. The Jets are looking a lot like the Seahawks did a few years ago. Now the Jets just need to be patient and find the right QB to lead them.

    Once Sanchez and Holmes are cut next year. The amount of cap space we will have is envious. Young talent, cap space, and more draft picks is the right way to build a team.

  10. Re: Revis’s “no guaranteed money”

    Yeah, that’ll last one year—just long enough to show that he’s healthy.

    If you think that Revis is going to prove he’s healthy and then play the remaining five years without any guaranteed money, you’re all high.

    He’s going to do what Peyton Manning did. He’s going to show he’s healthy, and then he’s going to get guaranteed money out his tucchus.

  11. Gotta love the paranoia surrounding the possibiliy of Revis going to the Pats or Giants. Any Pats fan can tell you there was a zero chance of BB investing those $$ in a DB even one as great as Revis. Thats how business in done in Foxboro based on how Belichick values DB’s.The Jets would have gotten a 3rd back compensatory next year so essentially they traded Revis for this years 1st round pick #13.

    I think the Jets were in a no win situation but I don’t know about trading one of the best defensive players. Time will tell.

    I respect how the NY area has supported Boston thru this tragedy so I am on my best behavior on my post.

    Soon it will be back to normal business with my Jets “friends”.

    We’ll see what they do on Thursday.

    Kyle Brady anyone ???

  12. The 13th-overall pick plus a 4th-rounder next year is better than 25th-overall, a 7th and a 3rd next year.
    If it jumps to a 3 instead of a 4 next year then it isn’t even close. It really isn’t even close as is.
    How could anybody think the Vikings got a better deal?
    I’m a Vikings fan and would have much preferred what the Jets got.

  13. For those saying it wasn’t a good trade for the Jets, what were their options?

    They already established they wouldn’t pay him what he wanted. They had two choices: get as much as they could for him now, or let him play out the year, get basically nothing, and run the risk of having him sign with a division rival or the Giants.

    They got what they could (a 1st rounder is not bad, even given this draft class), and they got rid of a big distraction in a year when everyone knows they aren’t a playoff team.

    Given the circumstances, they came out really good.

  14. Bucs were the only team making the offer. Plus he’s coming off a knee injury. So the Bucs came in and bought him up when the trade value is lowest. Could be a massive steal.

    Also, the Jets wanted to get him out of the AFC and out of New York. Imagine the horror for Jets fans if he went to the Giants.

  15. Trade works for both sides right now, with time telling how it ultimately ends up working out.

    Jets got 2 picks out of dealing an injured player going into the last year of a contract.

    Bucs gave up 2 picks, get a top CB, and get an opportunity to get out of his contract (13 mil in salary, 3 mil in off season bonuses, per year) with no financial penalty after any season.

    So the Bucs gave up their #1, a 3rd rounder next year to pay Revis 13 mil this year, and 16 mil in subsequent years. And they get a lockdown CB if Revis returns healthy from his injury.

  16. No one ever seems to mention that Revis is coming off a major knee injury. He might not be the same player. Not everyone is Adrian Peterson. Bucs are taking a huge gamble.

  17. Positive deal for the Bucs. You could not have moved up in this draft to get a cb certain to START this year. Moving into top ten would have required a 3rd and possibly another High draft pick in this years draft to draft an unknown commodity albeit a younger cb. A high first pick would by necessity have to start day one. Even if he is not ready to play against monster receivers in the South. Guaranteed money on a top ten 1st round pick is something you must absorb over 4 years minimum. If he underperforms he just kind of HAS to get playing time. What works is the non guaranteed money, club option, locking him up every year. Given the salaries paid for cb in free agency, hard to see Revis having any real leverage to restructure unless he is just off the charts outperforming expectations. In which case, good for him, great for the bucs. A fourth is what we received for Talib this year, so not giving one up till next year is a bonus as well. Again it only becomes a third if he performs.
    I bet there are quite a few teams that after 2 years (sometimes even 1) of watching how a highly paid guaranteed money first round draft pick is clearly a bust, would love the option of dumping him, getting rid of the hefty contract with no cap consequences. Thats basically what this is. But with NFL film to back up your player assessment. Common knowledge from most GMs that missing on a high first round pick can and does have long term sometimes devastating cap consequences. Jets get 2 rolls of the dice here. Who knows what they do with it.
    I was not big on this trade at all. Didn’t see how any combination of picks and contract extension for Revis spelled anything but disaster. This was a pretty creative deal. Sure opinions may vary but Revis accepting a year to year deal with no guaranteed money or bonuses indicates he feels he is healthy and confident the bucs will choose to pickup options from here on out.
    Bucs had 16 million to spend. Wouldn’t have spent it anywhere else anyway. And if they had, pretty sure any one worth that $$$ would have asked at least a portion of a multi year deal contain guaranteed money.
    Just my opinion.

  18. Check any draft trade chart and the Jets clearly got more value for Revis than the Vikes got for Harvin. If the Jets would have gotten only the 13th pick, they would have more value than the three picks the Vikings got. Add to the fact that they may end up with a higher third.

  19. As a Jets fan, the 13th pick and a likely third next year aren’t going to replace Revis, but something is always better than nothing. It’s gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOONG year.

    Ill be right there with you…again!!!!

    anyways, this gives them the freedom to draft a qb if they so choose….Im thinking Buffalo cant wait til round 2… if they want a guy, now they almost have to take him at 8…the jets have an expendable pick now to take a qb

  20. TB traded Talib plus a 7th to NE and got back a 4th(NE didn’t have a 5th). So, net result, TB traded Talib and a 1rst for Revis. He’s coming off an ACL, he’s a pain in the butt and they have to pay him(although they have plenty of money). Unless Revis was the last piece of the puzzle for a SB team, I don’t get it. Don’t see TB as a serious SB contender, but you never know. Think the jets did a good job getting what they could, considering there was only one suitor. Ryan may disagree, good luck to him.

    Yeah, the jets got 16 mil of cap room this yr, so what. All the best FAs have been signed. You want to give it to Sanchez?!? They can always roll it over, I guess, but it’s no big score.

  21. Wow, the Jets just got F’d so hard, this team is absolutely unbelievable… 1 pick for the best player on the team since Namath, ridiculous.

  22. also Jets fans have such a short memory. He was your best player on a team where Mark Sanchez took you to the AFC title game twice. You are delusional. Three great moments in Buc history: when the Jets pass on Warren Sapp in the draft, we get Keyshawn (we don’t win the superbowl if not for Keyshawn or Sapp), we get Revis.

  23. Heads up Tampa, Revis is great to have when you’re playing a team that scores a lot of points because of a star receiver, as he will shut him down, but against teams that lack a star receiver, he will have very little impact on the game as the QB will just avoid throwing to Revis’ man.

    Sure, he’ll shut down “half the field”, however, I’d rather spend $16 million of my salary cap on a pass rusher or two who have an impact every play on limiting the QBs’ time to throw.

  24. BTW Bucs fans. I love draft day as much as anyone. Crack open a couple of beers now and enjoy. We were on the clock and we got a starter. Some players get hurt some players don’t. Some players comeback to pre- injury form, some don’t. Some days it rains and you can’t play golf. Enjoy your Thursday and tune in on Friday.

  25. Why would they care if he joined the Giants? I get the media standpoint, but they Giants are in the NFC. The Pats, sure, they’re in their division, but if they could have gotten a better deal from the Giants they should have taken it.

  26. How did the Jets get screwed? They received the 13th overall pick to go along with their 9th pick.. They got great value for a guy that they didn’t want anymore.

  27. To quote are great man”If they are going to butt Fu_k you, then you got to butt fu_k them harder” and “fu_k them early, and fu_k them often” John Freeman, VP Sales, Pilot Flying J

  28. So in a draft where the experts are saying picks 10-30 in the first round are basically the same as far as talent goes, Jets fans are trying to talk themselves into saying that they got a better deal than the Vikes did? Sure, and Mark Sanchez is a Pro Bowler and everyone loves that fireman Ed guy too.

  29. As a vikings fan I can assure you the 13th pick and a 4th round pick next year is better than what the Vikings got for harvin. Having said that Tampa is crazy. Acl and going on 28 is a huge risk. Harvin may be just as much of a head case but he’s 24 and healthy.

    Jets win. Bucs lose. Clearly.

  30. I think the Jets made the best of the situation. And the Bucs got a proven performer. Someone already said it; win-win. Good for both teams. Sometimes deals happens where both teams are better.

    Oh…Go Patriots!

  31. I see it as a great deal for the Jets.

    They got seven years service out of the guy and essentially got their draft pick back that was used when he was selected.

    What’s wrong with that?!

  32. It was previously explained here but not all 1st round picks are created equal. The Rams and Skins obviously proved that fact last year. A #13 overall is worth more than a #25 and a 7th and a future 3rd…

  33. Can’t wait for that troll Richard Sherman to appraise his own value in light of the Revis trade. You can see him putting gas in his mouth now in preparation.

    3 first rounders and 20mill a year guaranteed, Richard?

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