Jets most likely will get a third-round pick in 2014 for Revis


At a time when plenty of Jets fans are feeling gloomy about the trade that sent cornerback Darrelle Revis to Tampa, there’s a tiny silver lining in the dark cloud over Gotham.

Per a source with knowledge of the trade terms, the fourth-round pick that the Bucs owe the Jets in 2014 upgrades to a third-round pick based only on the player’s presence on the Tampa Bay offseason roster in 2014.

We don’t know the precise date on which the pick enhances, but it falls at some point between the start of the 2014 waiver period and the 2014 draft.

As a practical matter, the specific date doesn’t matter.  It’s highly unlikely that the Buccaneers will cut Revis after one year, especially since his $13 million base salary for 2014 doesn’t vest until the first week of the 2014 regular season.

So, barring a highly unlikely development, the Jets will get a first-round pick in 2013 and a third-round pick in 2014 for Revis.

36 responses to “Jets most likely will get a third-round pick in 2014 for Revis

  1. Ok Ok already!!!!!
    It was only Greedy Revis.

    Not a star like Russell Wilson, Jamaal Charles, Richard Sherman, or Tamba Hali.

    Give it a break already, 20 blogs in 15 minutes basically saying the same thing about a second tier player is a bit much

  2. Curious seeing him on the field. If he re-injures or holds out etc. the bucs are double busted, by giving up sure fire top talent with the 13th pick.. and that cap space..oh my god. still not sure wether to be happy or angry about this one.

  3. Jets fans are not feeling gloomy about the trade at all. They’re happy he’s gone and that they don’t have to worry about him eating up so much of their cap space.

  4. I believe that if a guy’s gonna butt-f–k you then we got to go to butt-f–kin’ him harder. . . . Some people are tits and some people ass guys and some people want to trade the best CB in the game for just a 1st round and a future mid round 2014 pick. I mean, f–k, give it to ‘em the way they want it. And understand, the f–ker’s got the ability to know what the hell you’re doing to ‘em. Okay?”
    “F–k ‘em early and f–k ‘em often.”

    This trade is endorsed by John Freeman, VP of Sales, Pilot Flying J

  5. My word, is there nothing else going on today? How many stories can you post in a row about one player? Enough already…makes me almost wish for more Donkey/Megahead stories.

  6. Why would Jets fans be gloomy about his departure? If anything Bucs fans should be groaning over the addition of this cancer.

  7. And the GM of the Bucs still has a job?? Unbelievable!
    Absolutely a bone head move.

    Seattle gave up less valuable picks for a younger player, and who is actually a playmaker that touches the ball over a dozen times a game and can put points on the board in multiple ways.

    Exactly why Seattle is a contender and envied by other organizations, while the Bucs are pretenders and laughed at by the rest of the league

  8. Jets get the 3rd rounder if Revis is on the Bucs roster 3 days into the ’14 league season.

    And plenty of Jets fans are happy to see the Jets get something back for an injured player heading into the last year of his contract.

    Revis was/is a great player, but he’s high maintainance, that’s for sure.
    The constant distraction about getting paid and having to constantly be in the loop regarding team personnel moves gets pretty exhausting.

  9. Considering that Revis was nearly certain to leave in free agency in a year, the Jets did well to get a first round pick and probable 3rd round pick despite having no leverage due to Revis’ contract preventing them from being able to franchise tag him next year.

    Make no mistake – Revis accepting a deal with virtually no money guaranteed (just roster/workout bonuses every year) is his way of saying, “I desperately don’t want to be on the Jets anymore.”

    So the Bucs gave away 2 early picks for the right to sign Revis 1 year early.

  10. It’s a good day to be a Buc Fan. We are happy and the airwaves here are blowing up. It’s been 11 years since we won the Lombardi trophy. This is a step in the right direction again. I love how so many ate taking pot shots at the Bucs over this trade. Well keep em coming boys. We are used to it and we’ll see you Jets fans on Week 1.

  11. They would have gotten that pick if they’d have kept him and let him walk, now it just comes from TB

  12. 13 million a year. Give up a 1st and a 3rd

    For a player that threatens to hold out every other year.
    Coming off a major knee injury.
    Does not touch the football or score points.
    Does not rush the QB

    Buc fans, you can spin this anyway you want to, but your front office personnel need to be fired.

    You did not help your team at all by adding Revis. You tied up a huge amount of money.
    You gave up two picks that would have been better used in other areas.
    You still have a head coach that doesn’t have a clue

  13. i find it funny bucs fans are happy with the contract.

    only 2 ways this one plays out:

    A) The injury kills revis…..and you get out of the contract after a year or 2, thus blowing your first round pick.

    B) Revis dominates this year……and holds out next off season under the stance that: I have proven i am healthy, now gaurantee me some money

  14. Well I have been griping about the Jets quite a bit this offseason, however I do give them credit for salvaging a good trade return since I think Tampa Bay should have toned down the aggressive display of interest. But this is only good news for the Jets if they now follow up with additional moves that make sense for the team so that they can actually accomplish something positive for a change. I’ll give Izdik some more time to follow this up with a good set of moves since he’s earned some extra grace period for now.

    If he pulls off a trade to get rid of Sanchez then that would score some points on my scorecard. If he pulls off a trade for Matt Stafford, then I’ll send him a love letter. And he has lots of ammo to work with to target anything he wants, just sayin’!

  15. Being a Pittsburgh guy, I love to see him get his money. But, this deal will end up being horrible. Forget the Jets, they will never win, but the Bucs gave up picks and cash, for a player, that doesn’t make them a difference maker. He doesn’t watch all three receivers on a 3 receiver set of Atlanta or Saints, and he doesn’t throw and catch with himself.

  16. Omg I rather have no nfl news than hearing the same thing about Revis the most overrated player this league has ever seen

  17. Breaking News: Revis stopped at a Krystal on his way to the stadium. He bought 4 Krystal’s with cheese without mustard and an order of chili-cheese fries.

    Can’t wait for the next story on him. Should be hitting the wires just about the time I finish my post.

  18. Tough decision for Idzik. I would have preferred to keep him but then again I don’t get paid the big bucks. Can’t say it is the trade I had hoped for or much of a win for either team. Was wanting an additional lower round pick also this year in addition to the pick next year. Can’t believe Bucs didn’t insist on any hold out insurance like Jets had but I guess that’s a tradeoff with not having to put up guaranteed money. Why pull the trigger though if your not going to go all in and protect the risk in the things you are giving up? Not so smart.

    Good luck Bucs with the whole Mevis persona thing, giving up those picks not knowing if it will be a one year purchase AND if he makes it back to 100% playing form or not will be interesting to see. Being on the roster of his volition or yours would be a miracle in the making.

    Show us your play stance by Bucs quickly will = show me the money by Revis camp. Don’t kid yourselves. It’s kind of a lose lose wait and see at best scenereo for the Bucs. If he doesn’t recoupe fully its a loss of those picks + money and if he does he’ll leverage you for every last dime & be a distraction. If you got the moola that your best outcome. If its a mediocre to half way decent season on his end it will be even a tougher contract call and contentious.

    Good Luck with the headaches….

  19. Hey shinedown…….is a “preMadonna” like Madonna before she was famous?? Nice of you to wish harm upon somebody, really mature. For future reference you should utilize spell check ya big prima donna.

  20. Rex Ryan was asked about the Revis trade. he was quoted as saying, “Now lets go have some lunch!”

  21. Jetx jumped ahead of Steelers (who had him in their sights) to draft Revis. He’s a great talent but I Steelers dodged a bullet then.

  22. shinedown37 says:Apr 21, 2013 6:06 PM

    Hopefully he blows out his ACL and his career is over. He is nothing more than a PreMadonna.

    Your 18 word post tells me three things.

    1. You’ve never played football, probably
    dispensed the Gatorade.
    2. Your heart is as black as coal.
    3. Your formal education lasted about as long as Revis was with the Jets.

    PreMadonna? Is that who came before Madonna????

  23. The real question is how much is Tampa going to pay him? The trade seems like 1/2 the battle. For Idzick to get a 1st and 3rd for a guy that would have been nearly impossible to pay in NJ…bravo.

    I am not even a Jets fan, and I think Jets come out way ahead. I think its a killer to go pay 1 DB $15m a year. Now, Tampa gives up a 1st and 3rd – and then pays $15m a year – bad news for you guys.

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