Jets, Revis had “substantial difference” of opinion on Revis’ value


The Jets held a conference call Sunday evening to talk about their decision to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis and it started with General Manager John Idzik saying that the team wanted to hold onto Revis and that Revis wanted to remain with the Jets.

But Idzik said “it’s not as simple as player wanting club and club wanting player” and that Revis and the Jets had a “substantial difference” when it came to their assessment of how big a contract Revis should receive. That would suggest that the team was unwilling to enter into a deal similar to the six-year, $96 million one Revis signed with the Buccaneers, although it’s unclear how far any contract negotiations between Revis and the Jets might have gone before the decision was made to trade him.

“If we had the luxury of time, if we had the luxury of Darrelle not having been injured, not having gone through rehab, I think things would have been a lot clearer,” Idzik said, via Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “We ultimately came to the conclusion that this was the best thing to do for the Jets at this time.”

It’s a tough spot for Idzik, who inherited a terrible situation under the cap and in terms of dealing with Revis thanks to the corner’s expiring contract and recovering knee. Whether it was a good deal will be decided in large part by how Idzik uses the picks acquired from Tampa, but it was a deal the Jets had to make if they weren’t going to re-sign Revis.

Owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan also were on the call, with all saying that they agreed that this was the best course of action for the Jets at the moment. Ryan also pledged to continue playing great defense even without the guy he once again called the best cornerback in the NFL. They’d better or the next big conference call might have to do with the Jets starting a search for a new head coach.

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  1. Tough situation indeed, but the trade had to be done. Jets can’t afford to pay him $16 mil/year and you can easily argue no team should pay a CB that money.

  2. This man was on a staff that drafted Sherman (though i hate his mouth, he can ball) in the 5th round and Wilson in the 3rd round…..

    Giving him a 1st and 3rd is more than enough

  3. Do did Idzik make the decision or was this a committee decision, and who is on this committee and how are the voting shares split up? I would like to know who is the guy that is calling the shots (and defining Revis’ value), is it Idzik or Ryan or Woody, or are the Jets now a single voice?

  4. This is a great deal for the Bucs. ACL injuries are nowhere close to as devastating as they used to be. He’ll bounce back. And he’s way better than whoever the Jets take at 13. IMO, it’s all upside for Tampa especially since none of his contract is guaranteed. And it’s very possible the Jets are the worst team in football this season.

  5. Enjoy the honeymoon Bucs fans .. but you’ve got THE biggest ‘me player’ on your team now. And you gave up pick 13 for him. Chumps …

  6. 16 million bucks with no guaranteed $! better not blow out the knee again. yikes. That’s a ton for the bucs to pay for 1 player per year. We’ll see. I am certain the jets are gonna have a dismal year. Sorry fellow ny’ers. But maybe many people want rex fired anyways. This will hasten it.

  7. Jets had no choices here. They simply could not pay him what they wanted given the state of their current team.

    Idzik deserves a pat on the back for getting a 1st and 3rd for a player coming off ACL surgery. Add to that, the Bucs were the only ones bidding and everyone knew the Jets had to trade him.

    As much as I love Revis, at his core, he is a money grabbing me-first player who refused to be happy no matter what the Jets gave him.

  8. With Idzik making the picks-the Jets EASY schedule-and more money to spend on free agents-I can see the Jets making the playoffs THIS year.

  9. enough enuogh about revis. they dont even know if he can be the same player he was before he got hirt. is there any islands in tampa

  10. It will be interesting to see if a cornerback of his caliber with the unique structural movements stresses required of his body for the position can follow the growing trend of quick 100% recoveries from this type of injury!

  11. Anyone who thinks the Jets got the better deal should tell Idzak to stop bending over and grabbing his ankles as Revis Island is not the same as Rikers Island.

  12. So far, 8 articles, out of 10, on the current PFT home page about Revis.

    Not including articles that have rolled off to Page 2.

    Courts issue injunctions for less obsessive behavior than this.

  13. The bugs are spending like crazy, I don’t think that’s a smart plan to win championships, Davis is just another selfish player and now he joins a team with Gold son who thought he was gonna be the face of the defense, not rooting for them just cause they spent so much this year and years to come, beat the niners and I might consider you a real team but til that time, its just for the media.

  14. gdeli says:
    Apr 21, 2013 8:06 PM
    on the up side that’s 16m a year in a state(i recommend residency revis) with NO state income tax! sweet.

    Louisiana taxes the income of players who play in the state. For example, NFL personnel who play the Saints in the Dome are taxed by the state on 1/16th of their income.

    I don’t know if any other states do that or not.

  15. Revis thought he was worth $115m a year. Couldn’t figure out why the Jets wouldn’t give it to him.

  16. They should just releaee Rex Ryan now. No way that defense is going to be better without Revis, and if the defense is worse than last year…

  17. Great deal for the Jets, great deal for bucs. So happy we got something for Reves instead of nothing after this season. idzik is doing a great job so far.

  18. Revis is an elite talent on a level with hall of famers at his position like Deion Sanders and Mike Haynes, especially when considers the rule changes that make it easier for offenses today than previous eras. Normally trading said elite talent in his prime (albeit coming off of ACL surgery) for a middle of the 1st round pick (& likely a 3rd next season – which is almost like a compensatory pick given Bucs will likely be in better half of standings this season with a healthy Revis) is not good business. Especially when this year’s draft looks like 2008’s – i.e., a year when the draft is deep but not elite at the top 1/2 of first round and we are seeing OT/OLs in the top slots.

  19. everyone who is saying the jets just got worse….do you not know they had the 8th ranked defense with only 2.5 games from revis last year?

    i’m a jet fan and i LOVE this trade. revis will either a. come back 100% and hold out or
    b. not come back at 100%

    either way, jets free up cap space and strengthen their draft.

    good move #1 by idzik. let’s see how he handles dirty sanchez

  20. Are we about done with this Revis stuff now? As I opened the web site, it’s 8 of 11 PFT bylines about the player who was formerly the best cornerback in the NFL.

    Enough already.

  21. Jets clear 10 mil off their cap and get rid of one of the biggest locker room cancers in the league.

    Hope the Bucs enjoy it if he returns to earlier form because he’ll hold out next year for 20 mil instead of 16.

  22. Let me understand the Jets philosophy correcctly. Mark Sanchez is worth 8 or 9 million dollars per year as a underachieving, scrub quarterback but the Jets do not think the best DB in the NFL Darrell Revis is not worth 16 million dollars per year.
    Yeah, right. Revis has a better chance of scoring than Sanchez every game.
    The Jets are the Cowboys of the AFC.

  23. I have read multiple reports that the 49ers desperately wanted him but didn’t have the cap space. This was a perfect storm trade for the Bucs. Assuming he is healthy (admittedly a big assumption), we are talking about THE best defensive player in the league. 4 years in a row of shutting down an entire side of the field. We spent 7 years in a row of spending no money on free agents, now that the Glazer’s ManU business has settled and the financial crises has somewhat stabilized, we are in the same position we were in the late 90’s. We are close.

  24. One word, NAMDI. Hey the Jets did the right thing for the first time in a long time. When you start putting 25 million dollars plus guaranteed are these players going to play like they did before? Plus, he is coming of a knee surgery and rarely do you see a player get back to the form he was the first year before the injury. Almost never actually, it takes two years. And, he was in the last year of his contract. The jets secondary played pretty well without him for most of the year.

    This is a positive move forward for the Jets. Now if they can just clean up some of the QB mess they made and find a real starter.

  25. I think a lot of it hinged on the fact that, last year when he was injured, they learned that they could do just fine without him. And his bloated salary.
    I think it’s a good move. Let the Bucs tie up 12% of their cap on a cornerback.

  26. At the conclusion of the conference call, Rex Ryan could be heard in the background saying, ” Now let’s go have some dinner!”

  27. What exactly do the jets think revis’ value is? The 96 million is almost meaningless being there is nothing guaranteed. It’s basically 6 16 million dollar per year contracts. He can be cut and there is no really salary cap punishment. Did the jets forget that they paid revis approximately 16 million per year in 2010 and 2011? I think woody just shoes not like revis.

  28. Some idiot seabitch fans need to get a clue. Revis was the best without a stud surrounding cast and more importantly… without the DOPE

  29. Idzik can’t make this large a admission that the jets are rebuilding and resign Rex Ryan in a year.

  30. Fitst comes pride, then the fall. Revis is good, but not as good as he thinks obviousely! The Bucks are idiots. 4 players could have been had for that price and for a team that will still miss the post season!

  31. haha at the Jets fans. Spin it anyway you can! Locker room cancer? That is butthurt fan talk. People in the know say thats nowhere near the actual case.

    The Bucs needed a starting CB and got that with the 13th pick. And not only a starter but a pro bowl caliber player from day 1.

    Funny Jets fans can say you cant pay a CB $16M a year but their team is paying $12M a year for a QB who throws more INTs than TDs.

    But with the #9, #13 in 2013 and top 4 overall pick in 2014, 2016 should be the start of good things for the Jets.

  32. When healthy he’s the best corner in the game. However, $16 mil/yr. and coming off a torn ACL no thanks. I know AP and Welker have come back to elite levels after theirs but even them $16 mil for CB is too much.

  33. Look. This team hired Ryan.
    Drafted Sanchez.
    Brought in Tebow.
    And traded Revis.
    They have no clue.
    The inmates are running the asylum.

  34. Amazing how one guy almost breaks the rushing record after an ACL tear and suddenly medicine has figured everything out. Won’t be long now til ADP fades and shuts this talk up. Revis is bound to fade out as well

  35. on the up side that’s 16m a year in a state(i recommend residency revis) with NO state income tax! sweet.

    Well, not really. Its 8M in a state with no state income tax. The other 8 depends on the opponents the Bucs are playing this year,

  36. Pretty fair assessments on this article by the non-Jets fans. Surprised me.
    Then you still have a few of the non-objective Jets haters. Right ampats?
    Saw a blog by you regarding another team where you were whining about some anti-Pats comment.
    Pot kettle black as it were.

  37. Great job Idzik, now go draft the best players available. Don’t reach. Trade back if value isn’t there. Please don’t draft a QB in first 3 rounds. Need O-line, Linebackers and TE.

  38. I’d be interested to see how much money Revis is going to save just because of the move from New York to Florida.

    Florida has no state income tax, whereas the taxes paid by residents of New York City and State residents is quite substantial.

    Revis comes out the winner in this trade, hands down.

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