John Madden says “I love you” at Pat Summerall’s memorial

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In 1994, when John Madden and Pat Summerall broadcast their final game together on CBS, Madden closed by saying, “I’m not going to say I love you, but I like you an awful lot.”

Madden saved the fondest farewell for Saturday, at Summerall’s memorial service.

Bye, Pat. Rest in Peace. I love you,” Madden said, via the Star-Telegram.

Madden joked during his eulogy that he was going on too long — as he was known to do during his 22 years as Summerall’s partner.

“I got up this morning and I thought, ‘Pat, I need you,’” Madden said. “I couldn’t get the tie straightened, a button buttoned. It was the same old thing. . . . I know Pat’s up there saying, ‘brevity, brevity, brevity.’ But just one more time I’m going to talk over you.”

And with that, the best broadcasting duo in the history of American sports said their last goodbye.

30 responses to “John Madden says “I love you” at Pat Summerall’s memorial

  1. “the best broadcasting duo in the history of American sports”

    By far

  2. These two guys were the voice of autumn Sundays, just like Keith Jackson was the voice of autumn Saturdays.

    RIP Pat Summerall.

  3. I didn’t watch football until I was 12 but I knew of both of these guys before then from videogames and the big playoff games that we’re on in the background. Pat will be missed, even when not directly talking to someone his calm voice and cool character was even heard by a young child paying no attention to his broadcast.

  4. Pat Summerall on CBS and Curt Gowdy on NBC. Two voices of football that I’ll never forget.

  5. 10, 20, 40 years from now on a lucky day when you still hear Pat Summerall’s voice it will be like time travel. His style will stand and point to that distant Brokaw-like era of our parents and grandparents when broadcasts were a little less self-important, with announcers who cherished the role as much as the game. Pat Summerall is first in the Pantheon.

  6. Pat Summerall was like a grandpa just hearing his calm voice put you at ease. He was a legend. Growing up he was involved it seems in all my favorite things. Watching football on sunday, playing madden hell my first drivers education class had a Pat Summeral video on not drinking and driving. Rest in Peace Pat.

  7. It absolutely amazes me how good this broadcasting team was. Honestly, watch some video on youtube of this group and then compare them to the absolute jokes like Jim Nantz and Joe Buck.

    RIP, Pat. I’d say “you’ll be missed” but you’ve been missed from the moment you retired. That won’t ever change.

  8. As always, John Madden knew talent when he saw it. Two class acts, who worked to the benefit of the sport. Pat Summerall has an honored place in the annals of the NFL for all time.
    Goodby Pat, we will be less without you.

  9. Pay even did the introduction for The Masters a few times.
    One of the best voices in sports, along with Vin Scully.

    RIP Giant

  10. Nothing but class from the winningest coach in the history of the NFL, John Madden.

    RIP, Mr Summerall.

  11. I still feel disappointment when I turn on a football game and there is a voice other than Pat & John.

    On a different not – the article states that John said “I like you an awful lot” while the linked NYTimes piece says it was Pat. Anyone know the truth?

  12. If there was a big game on Sunday growing up in the 80’s Pat Summeral was covering it. His voice and consistency was the NFL. He was big figure in any sports fans life who grew up during that time and before. RIP

  13. Madden/Summerall was one of those rare combinations of personalities that was as timeless as it was perfect. They were, together, the voices of Sunday afternoon for multiple generations of NFL fans, and even though there are some excellent broadcast teams out there right now, no one has figured out how to be as great as those two were.

  14. I remember Summerall and Madden as the most boring announcers for football and that was the reason their last broadcast was in 1994. Too dry.

  15. RIP Mr. Summerall. How in the world has it been almost 20 years since they last broadcast a game together? Where has time gone?

  16. Loved hearing him on NFL network in recent years. Many fond memories of the duo calling games growing up… especially around Thanksgiving!

    RIP Pat, we already miss you!

  17. Listening to Pat & John announce the Cowboys game was a Thanksgiving tradition. Rest in Peace Pat. You will be missed.

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