No other teams got into Revis hunt

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Last week, when the Jets pressed “pause” on the Darrelle Revis trade talks, some thought that another team or two could try to jump into the fray.

It didn’t happen.

In fact, it never happened.  Per a source with knowledge of the process, it was always Tampa — and only Tampa.

That reality kept the Jets from getting more than a first-round pick in 2013 and a fourth-round pick in 2014 (which will become a third-round pick if he’s on the Tampa Bay offseason roster next year).  It also kept Revis from getting anything more finite than a pay-as-you-go contract that promises him annual compensation of $16 million, with nothing guaranteed.

In the end, it was the best deal the Jets and Revis could get, because it was the only deal they could get.

“If we had the luxury of time, if we had the luxury of Darrelle not having been injured, not having gone through rehab, then I think things would be a lot clearer both from our standpoint and in the case of potential trade suitors,” G.M. John Idzik told reporters on Sunday.

He’s right.  Only one team was willing to give up a first-round pick plus a 2014 selection for the hope that Revis will be back to his old self after ACL replacement.  Only one team was willing to commit $16 million to him for 2013.  (Though it’s not actually guaranteed, there’s no way he’ll be cut before Week One, when his $13 million base salary becomes guaranteed as a practical matter by the labor deal.)

Perhaps most importantly, only one team was willing to do a deal that, if Revis goes back to being Revis, will necessitate an adjustment or risk his third career holdout.

The thinking was that the next contract for Revis would have to carry enough guaranteed money to make him or his agents never complain again about his compensation.  The Bucs instead have created a situation in which it’s highly unlikely that both sides consistently will be content with Revis earning total compensation that equates to $1 million per game.

If he plays poorly, the Buccaneers eventually will have to explore paying him less, or possibly moving on.  If he plays well, the Bucs will have to brace for Revis wanting more.

Still, after blowing a first-round pick in 2008 on Aqib Talib and a third-round pick in 2010 on Myron Lewis, the Bucs will now gamble those same two picks on the chance that Revis will get back to form.  If he does, and if he wants more money because of that, it’ll be a very good problem for the Buccaneers to have.

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  1. I don’t know if this move will turn out good or bad. If it turns out bad, it will only add to TB’s reputation for being poorly managed since that Super Bowl run.

  2. When you all say the money isn’t “guaranteed” that’s a huge misnomer — Revis is “guaranteed” his money this year and next, that’s a $32-million guarantee though this base salary and the fact there is zero change the Bucs would cut him before game one of next season. Part of the way the Bucs have stayed out of salary cap hell is by not giving out signing bonuses. Instead the Bucs front load contracts which act like signing bonuses basically, but if later, say in year 3 or 4 the Bucs cut a player it doesn’t impact their salary cap. It’s a smart thing to do and something I’m surprised more teams don’t do. I know for years when I’ve played Madden I’ve always done the same since it means you can give out huge contracts but the second the player doesn’t perform you can cut them. Meanwhile the player is still getting the same money, just in a different structure and over the course of say 24-months as opposed to day 1.

  3. You couldn’t be more right. But, the Bucs still win. They now have a corner who can limit what the Falcons do offensively. With Welker out of the picture in NE you dont need Revis. So, the Jets did what they had to do. The NFC is a battlefield, and if you aren’t prepared for war, you end up bringing a knife to a Plaxico party.

  4. Considering the fact that it was always just the Bucs as a serious team for Revis, the Jets did all right.

  5. Why did the Bucs give up a high first rounder when there was no way Revis would have been a Jet this year and no other teams were interested? It’s like they negotiated with themselves.

  6. Maybe I’m in the minority but why trade for Revis? He’s coming off a serious knee injury and his contract demands are steep. Who really knows what kind of player you’re getting?

  7. I’m kind of pissed Carolina will now have to face him twice a year.
    His presence decreases the fantasy value of Steve Smith, Marques Colston, and Julio Jones (maybe roddy white).

    The good news is Tampa didnt bother to improve their pass rush, relying on Bowers, Clayborn, and McCoy to do it. McCoy is a force, but Bowers only flashes at times when he’s not on IR and Clayborn won’t be more than an 8 sack a season guy at best.

    Should be a great battle for the division though. I could see any of the four teams come out with it.

  8. The bucs gave up a high 1st round and 3rd next year which they should’ve kept to improve the team and waited on Revis next year in free agency…just a bad move by’s not like the bucs were 1 player away from the Super Bowl..these guys finished 7-9 Good Grief! Learn Patience and be smart, instead of acting desperate, The Jets got better end of deal with 2 extra picks if they draft right.

  9. I don’t see a win here for TB. You gave up 2 draft picks and 15% of your salary cap for ONE player that isn’t a qb. At best revis can eliminate one contributing player. In a year that quality players have been signing for less TB agreed to pay more. Resources invested in Revis could have added 5 solid players to the defense, that is half the defense people! For just one player.

  10. I would say the Over/Under on Mevis demanding a new contract is one season. He’s amazing, just ask him and his cronies.

  11. Impossible. A bucs fan on one of the other threads said the niners desperately wanted him despite what Baalke and everyone close to the organization said

  12. As with all trades like this only time will tell who get the better deal. If the Jets get a pro-bowl quality player at 13, then they will have done ok. If Revis can return to the player he was before the injury, the Bucs will probably be in the hunt for the playoffs next year. And if Revis can play quality football over the next 5-6 years he’s going to make a lot of money in Tampa. Only time will tell…but i think Revis will probably be at least 95% by the time the season starts, in which case Tampa’s secondary ( and defense as a whole) will be much improved!

  13. 8 of 11 articles on the PFT “home” page are about Revis. “C’mon, Man!!!” That doesn’t even count the rest of the stuff written over the last few weeks. We get it. He was a good CB, got hurt, wants huge money, likes to hold out, is not happy with the Jets and signed an unorthodox long-term deal with Tampa who happened to be the only team that wants him. OVERKILL.

  14. @huskersrock1..I agree 100%, no other team was gonna pay Revis what he wanted, especially how deep this draft is and paying a corner coming off ACL injury 16M is beyond insane…Bucs were in position to get an impact player at 13 a lot cheaper under rookie salary cap exactly like doug martin last year…build team thru the draft and save the money to get talented, younger and healthier players..good luck with this arrangement buc fans

  15. The Bucs are definitely not ONE PLAYER from a Super Bowl. However, they’re several players from being a very serious Super Bowl contender and Revis is one of those players. Dashon Goldson was another.

    We have a draft still and nobody said we were done in free agency as to depth on the D-line (which was built, by design, to stuff the run, hence the beefing up of the secondary – if Ronde comes back, watch how many times they play Nickle defense with 2 LB’s). We need a TE and some depth on O-line, D-line and the secondary (still) down the road.

    We’re definitely going to be a contender next season. In fact, I’ll predict us winning the NFC South next season. Whoop! There it is.

  16. A few things…

    The Bucs didn’t waste a first round pick on Aqib Talib. Sure, he was a player that had his troubles, but they were mostly off the field. Before Talib became injury prone, he was well on his way to being a true shut down corner. He was the best CB in a first round that included the Bills selecting Leodis McKelvin in the top 10 and the Cardinals selecting Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie top 15. Maybe it didn’t end well for Talib and the Bucs, but Tampa was still able to obtain a solid draft choice and Talib is still a very capable player on the Patriots.

    As for Myron Lewis…so far, total waste. He could barely get on the field last season when the Bucs were starting undrafted free agents and practice squad players.

    I’ve posted my thoughts in some of the seemingly hundreds of Revis stories posted today; both teams came away winners in this trade, even though the Jets didn’t get quite the bounty they expected, they still were able to get a first round selection and the Bucs get an elite CB to help their secondary. But enough with the speculation of Revis holding out in the years to come, it’s completely ridiculous. The man finally got the contract he was looking for; franchise player money each and every season, but he’ll have to earn it each year. I believe Revis will be up for the challenge.

  17. Thank god that’s over with already. I was getting ready to suggest a new tab at the top of the page saying “DRT” for Darrelle Revis Talk slotted amongst the other sites so the rest of us football fans wouldn’t have to be force-fed Revis updates anymore. Let’s hope the Jets hit on those picks and Revis and the Bucs are happy so we can all get on with our lives…

  18. During all this Revis myopia you’ve missed Rolando McClain getting arrested in Alabama again. Howz that look on a professional football rumor blog?

  19. Did you read the small print Buc fans? Sanchez is your problem now too!! Check what pops out of Revis’ luggage!

  20. Someone in Tampa needs to be fired for this trade. I still don’t think Revis is worth a 2nd round pick.

  21. Interesting that the Bucs made the condition of the conditional 2014 pick simply the fact that Revis is on the roster or not. As the reported terms of the contract suggest, it seems like they are viewing the deal as a series of one year contracts with a team option longer.

  22. Good value from Jets standpoint. No other suitors, Tampa fans said there was no way Jets would get their number one. Well, I guess you were wrong.

  23. Bless Mark Dominik. I know the Glazers forced your hand to get their new toy. If the Bucs don’t make it to .500 soon, they will blame it on you.

  24. Seriously?

    Why would any team want a malcontent, egotistical, selfish turd, coming off a bum knee, and then on top of that, pay him $16 million a year? And oh yeah, they want a first rounder for him, plus MORE! And dont forget, he will sign that new contract, and hold out 6 times…once every offseason.

    Gee…I cant figure out why 26 other teams werent knocking down the door offering their whole draft this year for him. Hrm….doesnt make much sense.

  25. The Bucs overpaid (the Jets were desperate to trade Revis for whom there was no market) in trade value and salary but they made a proactive move to inprove their team in 2013. They can always dump Revis and just be short the vlaue of the picks which substantially limits their risk. The Jets made the right decision to move a player that had to be moved and got value in both picks and salary cap relief. Short term the trade helps the Bucs and long term it helps the Jets.

  26. I agree with some on here about Revis being overrated. He got dogged numerous times with the Jets. I remember a few times that when he was burned he would grab his hamstring in an attempt to justify getting burned like old toast. Of course nothing would appear on the injury report the next week. Now he has a knee injury to point to as his reason for being burned.

    TB may just be getting hosed in this deal.

  27. Instead of the 4th rounder, the Bucs should have asked about acquiring Tebow. They need a QB, and Timmy is a proven winner and nobody works harder than him. Plus he would fill up all those empty seats in Tampa.

  28. jets should have thrown tebow in that deal to help balance that out.. revis not worth
    16 mil…very overrated…

  29. Has there every been so much attention – or money – paid to an injured CB who contributed almost nothing to an 8-8 team who was traded to a 4-12 team? Sheesh.

  30. I welcome anyone one here with a logical argument to please explain to me why this is Bad for the BUCS.
    Yes, 16million but they “we” have 30+ to spend. Who would you have spent that on next free agency? No one of Revis caliber. Not to mention that they “we” have the potential to cut more players to get back up to that mark because a lot of dead money will be moved off the books.
    Now the 1st round pick, who at the 13 position would’ve came in and contributed to “us”? Milliner won’t be ready for camp and we would’ve had to move our third to get him, Rhodes is hurt all of the time in college so no different then Revis but not the same level of player, Trufant we could still move up to get, and could still move up to get a DT or Eiffert.
    They went 7-9 last year and 4 games at minimum were lost because of cornerback play just at the end: Saints at home, Giants up 17 to start 4th, Falcons at home, Eagles at home, and the list could continue (Skins at home). So they have the potential now with the first ranked rush D and a revamped pass D.
    So again, shoot at me a legitimate argument why the Bucs should not have made this move?

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