Rahim Moore working to move on from bad end to season


The 2012 season did not end well for Broncos safety Rahim Moore.

His misplay of a deep ball to Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones late in the fourth quarter of Denver’s first playoff game allowed Jones to score a game-tying touchdown. The Broncos would eventually lose in overtime after Peyton Manning threw an interception and Moore wore goat horns after the game.

Moore handled it well immediately after the game and Broncos coach John Fox said that he hoped Moore would use the loss as fuel for improvement this offseason. Moore seems to have taken that advice to heart as he flew to Florida two days after the loss to start working out and hasn’t stopped in the ensuing months in an attempt to be a better safety in 2013.

I don’t want to be in this league five years and be gone. I don’t want to be a bust. I don’t want to be a guy who had a bright future and didn’t make it happen. I want to be a Pro Bowler. I want to win championships. This is a great organization, so why not live up to those expectations?” Moore said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post.”What makes you a great player in this league is how you bounce back and how you learn from your mistakes. I don’t want people to think I’m over here hurting. I’m mad because I know our vision and what we’re capable of doing. But you have to move on. In life, you make mistakes. We all suffered from it, from my mistake. I take the full blame because I’m a man. I love this team, I love this organization so much. I think God has brought me here for a reason. I’ve moved forward. And I’m on a mission. I’m hungry.”

Klis has more from Moore that also makes you feel like his head is in the right place for things to work out well next season. The Broncos certainly seem to agree, making no moves that threaten his spot in the lineup during the offseason and banking on his next time on the field ending more positively than that game in January.

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  1. I wouldn’t blame Moore. The media should layoff . He got beat on a long pass. It happens all the time. Champ B. got beat twice. Manning threw 2 picks. Just because Moore got beat at the wrong time?

  2. It is refreshing to hear someone be accountable with no excuses(even though the loss wasn’t completely his fault). Take responsibility, move forward, end of story. He is a man.

  3. That article gave me chills as a broncos fan. The kid is gonna be a great player- he improved drastically in year 2 and I expect a similar leap in year 3.

    Way to be a man, Rahim. You’re forgiven.

  4. Every player on the Broncos needs to adopt Rahim Moore’s attitude.

    In addition, they need to keep the loss to Baltimore fresh in their minds and use it as motivation.

    I am predicting the same the result that followed the stunning loss to Jacksonville in 1996 – back to back Super Bowl victories !!!!!!!!

  5. I forgive him too. I called for him to be cut at the end of last season. but this has restored my faith. Him and Quentin Carter are gonna be Probably Bowlers. From what I’ve heard the whole team shares Moore’s sentiment and that’s scary cuz this team is loaded. Watch out Baltimore, you’re gonna get blown out. You got lucky last time, you ain’t leaving Denver alive!

  6. Jeez, no horse face, forehead, dome choke comments yet? Troll must be sleeping in. Tear it up this year Rahim.

  7. Broncos fans have high hopes for the upcoming season and it’s awesome to have a player who truly wants to play for the team and the city, regardless of how the season ended last year. You got my vote Rahim the Dream! Make us all proud.

  8. The game of football always comes down to “moments.” Unfortunately for Moore, he was THE moment in that game. I think the guy will be alright, if anything it was a tough lesson that he had better learned from.

  9. Oh! RAHIM MOORE, not Raheem Morris. I thought this article was going to be about the former Bucs head coach

  10. lol theres’ nothing better than watching flip flop fans proclaim “Thou art forgiven, Rahim” as if their forgiveness given via PFT means anything at all, and admit to “calling for his head 2 months ago” again as if that means anything either.

    get over yourselves, the only forgiveness he needs is from John Elway so he doesn’t get CUT for failing in a basic duty of a Safety

    Also the fact that fans would put the game on him anyway is laughable. If you watch the tape; the Broncos were outplayed in every area except special teams. Moore’s play only stands out the most for being in the 4th quarter instead of first.

  11. I agree with Siggtacular. Moore only gave up 1 TD to SBMVP Joe Flacco. Champ B. gave up 2. He never thought any QB could throw the ball that high, and far. The safety from the 49ers gave up a couple too.

  12. Just keep losing in the playoffs and all will be good. The Donkeys don’t deserve to win anything..they are garbage.

  13. The fact of the matter is, down 7 with 40 seconds left, the clock running and 70 yards to go with no timeouts, Moore screwed up big time.

    In that situation, even tackling Jones where he caught it would have meant game over.

    So its great that Moore is being a man about it, but for all the “it takes more than one play to lose” people, youre wrong: it didnt.

    and to all the ravens fans crowing about being better…lol ok sure- because the better teams always need hail marys in which the other team blunders to pull out wins dont they?

    The only question I have left is whether or not the Ravens are going to do the classy thing, and present Rahim Moore with a superbowl ring- because he earned it for them.

  14. Not true mikemyditka.
    #1 The Jones TD tied the game. It did not win it for The Ravens.
    #2 The pass was not a “hail mary”. It was just a long pass to one receiver.
    #3 Broncos had over 15 min. to win the game. Manning’s pic in OT sealed the win for The Ravens more than the Jones catch.
    #4 Why would The Ravens give Moore a ring? It was only the Division game. Ravens had to beat the Pats & 49r’s to win the SB.
    Stop with the excuses and look at the facts.

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