Report: Jets, Bucs have Revis trade framework in place


The Buccaneers and Jets have come to an agreement on trade compensation for cornerback Darrelle Revis, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported Sunday.

It’s unknown what the Buccaneers would give up for Revis if a trade is indeed finalized, but Tampa Bay’s first-rounder (No. 13) has been speculated to be in play ever since the Bucs became the clear top suitor for the star cornerback.

Also, the Buccaneers and Revis have reached “basic” agreement on a contract if he joins Tampa, Cole reported. The 27-year-old Revis is entering the final year of his current deal.

Earlier Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported that the Jets had given the Bucs the go-ahead to give Revis a physical. Per multiple reports, the physical is expected to occur on Sunday.

Revis missed most of last season with an ACL tear, but he has been able to work out, and he is almost seven months removed from the injury.

UPDATE 11:07 a.m. ET: Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports the Buccaneers will surrender “multiple” draft picks for Revis if a deal can be finalized.

UPDATE 1:20 p.m. ET: Per Rich Cimini of ESPN New York, the Bucs will give up the No. 13 pick in a multi-pick package if Revis is traded.

61 responses to “Report: Jets, Bucs have Revis trade framework in place

  1. This is why the Bucs will always be pretenders and not contenders.
    Revis isn’t even the best CB in the game……Mr. Richard Sherman is.
    Why give up prized picks when you need MULTIPLE areas filled? He is coming off knee surgery which may or may not bring him back to 100%.

    He isn’t a playmake that is going to touch the ball 20 times a game.

    It doesn’t matter anyway, the Chiefs are going to dominate this draft and methodically move up and down while swindling other teams

  2. If the Bucs grab Revis, and then take maybe another cb in the draft (Webb, Mathieu), they might be able to make me forget the nightmare that was the Tampa Bay 2012 Secondary

  3. People don’t realize we structure our contracts with guaranteed money for a couple years and no signing bonus with the money decreasing over the years of the contract (best in the business). So, if it blows up we cut the player after 2 years and no problem. Also, we have the room THIS year to pay him 20 million if we wanted, it really doesn’t matter because we aren’t going to blow our whole cap space this year anyway, we are still 2nd in the league in space after having a pretty blockbuster free agent year last year. Same will go with this. Local reports are also saying the multiple pick stuff isn’t certain yet. I LOVE this trade. There are probably 2 players in this draft that may have Revis value and we don’t know them yet.

  4. Wow a top 15 pick plus other premium picks is a lot. The Harvin trade was for a early 20’s pick, big difference. Not sure if this is a good idea for a guy coming off an ACL with a history of wanting to renegotiate his contract

  5. Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers allow for this trade to happen. Revis did not fit the golden standard of their rule thus the Almighty Organization deem a trade to Tampa Bay to be allowable. When asked why TT allowed this trade he was quoted as saying “We are the Green Bay Packers. Our backup punters can play cornerback better than some of the inane fools other teams deem “all-pro”. Now carry on and leave me be.”

  6. i really don’t care what kind of “shut down” corner you have, if you don’t have the d-linemen up front to pressure the QB, any secondary will get picked apart. You give a Brees all day to throw he will shredd a defense to pieces, you give Matt Ryan all day to throw he will pick you apart. It starts up front, then work your way to the back. When tampa won it’s superbowl it did so on the strenght of its four down lineman, they got after the QB and didn’t allow him the time of day to throw the ball, in turn that allowed our secondary to florish. You can’t keep a corner out on an island, he will get burned all the time. I fear it will be another long season at the bottom.

  7. LOL, calling the Bucs “pretenders and not contenders” and ending your explanation on why that is with using “Chiefs” and “dominate” in the same sentence. Way to prove your point.

  8. We will have to see what the Bucs give up…

    But I see this as a win for the “Circus” giving up that diva and his money demands for some excellent draft choices…Get Revis out of the locker room…

    He is a great player but has too much baggage…send him to Florida…

  9. I’m a jets fan and was against this from day one. But after looking at everyone who has came back from acl surgery no corner back has ever came back at the level of play they were at before they get hurt. If we get olb mingk and we Austin in the first round then it was definitely worth it

  10. With this deal apparently just about done it has to be for the 1st this year, and if so I’m disappointed about that. The Jets should have had to accept no better than next years first with no leverage. Obviously this is as much about getting a huge star to fill the seats than it is the player himself.

  11. Hopefully they are not giving up too much for him. Plus he is gonna hurt us in trying to sign our own free agents in the future. He is definitely better than any cb that would be on the board at 13 but moves like this are usually done when you are 1 or 2 players away. The Bucs are definitely not one of those teams. Eric Wright sucks, Ronde Barber is as old as a wizard and the rest of our corners are young and inexperienced. Bring back Donnie Abraham to play alongside him.

  12. are the jets trying to wreck the franchise by dumping revis and keping tebow? simply amazing! and ryan keeps shoving his foot in his mouth. what a blowhard

  13. Woody did right this time!

    He does not want to pay almost elite QB money to a cornerback. He didn’t forget the problems Revis caused as good as Revis is.

    Revis has a clause in his contract forbidding him to ever be “franchised”.
    He could walk after 2013 with the Jets only getting a 3rd round compensatory pick.

    OK….Jets haters……carry on!

  14. Being a Jets player can screw with anybodys head. Fresh start in Tampa for Revis and getting away from N.Y. might just work for both. Tampa is a great city and the Buc’s are fun team.

  15. I hope this works out for TB but honestly this looks like:
    1) Giving up draft picks they wdnt have to give if they wait a year
    2) Reavis is an royal pain and there is no guarantee he still wont be
    3) Reavis may or may not be able to play to his past ability and
    4) They are over paying even for a top corner given the current market and the fact that a shut corner really isn’t that.
    Why would TB do this deal – alot of risk for them IMHO.

  16. What a huge move for the Jets. If we can get this year’s first and third round picks from the Buc’s it will be a steal for us. Can’ t believe any team would trade so much for a guy they can have after this season for no picks.

  17. As a Pats fan, it’s nice to get him out of the division, not that the jets were a threat with or without him. Still, it’s good business for the jets to get what they can for him before he walks, esp since there seemed to be only one suitor. I don’t care how much $ TB has to spend or how good Revis is, they’re gonna pay way too much for a CB, and that’s before he holds out for a new contract in 2-3 yrs

  18. TB should hold onto the pick and wait until next year… jets aren’t going to resign Revis and for TB to do a deal now they will have to break the bank anyway, so just wait a year and get austin or some front seven help in this year’s draft

  19. Tampa’s d will be better, but its wondering if the jets can improve with those draft picks

  20. Be funny is if another team came into the picture and fake offered a modicum more than tb. If these two joke franchises took 4 months to trade when nobody else was in the picture I wonder what would happen if a third team popped in for fun. Giants should pay the jets back for taking down their Super Bowl walls

  21. With 40+ comments in, it’s still impossible to know if it’s a good deal without knowing the terms of the deal. Jets almost certainly win by eliminating an over valued, damaged, whiny,talented distraction in favor of possible upgrades at several positions. For Tampa, they’d better be bona fide Super Bowl contenders in the next few years and for the next few years or heads will roll and some of those heads will be the HC and GM.

  22. We still need to draft a young CB with upside, the best D lineman available when we first select in the draft and get a TE. I hope we bring Dallas Clark back for another year and pick up Freeney.

  23. After the NEXT contract, Revis will be content with his deal.

    Yeah, Yeah

    Maybe, I think……

  24. I don’t know why fans of AFC east teams are happy about this. The Jets now will have extra draft picks and may steal someone those teams may covet.

  25. Idzik played his hand perfectly. Jets got maximum value for a player who tried to hold the team hostage. They’ve made several good value signings leading up to the trade. Now, comes some quality talent through the draft at a bargain price.

  26. Why do the Bucs always seem to get involved with over paying players and have a stable of “non dedicated team” players.

    This is the worst deal they will make in their history except for Bo Jackson.

    It must be the water in Tampa or unfortunately have ignorant owners as well as GM’s.

    Dominick will be looking for a new job in 2014.

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