Report: Packers “bound and determined” to get more physical


Finesse will not be high on the list of things the Packers are looking for in the draft.

That’s the impression left by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who reports that people close to Packers coach Mike McCarthy and General Manager Ted Thompson say that both men have “freely acknowledged” in the last three months that the team is too soft and small. They are “bound and determined” to get things moving in the other direction, a project that should inform their draft decisions.

McGinn sees signs of the team’s desire to be bigger and stronger in the signings of tight end Matthew Mulligan and defensive lineman Johnny Jolly, two guys who are only going to make the final roster by being more physical than their competition in camp. The attempt to sign defensive tackle Steve McClendon away from the Steelers follows along the same line as the decision to bring Jolly back, although his big body will remain in Pittsburgh after the Steelers signed him to a new deal.

It doesn’t take sophisticated analysis to figure out that a team that gave up 323 rushing yards in their playoff loss could stand to be stouter than it was in 2012. The inconsistent running game would also benefit from a bit more physicality on the line and in the backfield, so there’s plenty of areas for the Packers to target in their effort to toughen up.

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  1. They should take 2 Defensive Lineman in their first 3 picks that are at least 6’4 320. I don’t see BJ Raji as someone to invest a lot of money and long term contract in – so him & Ryan Picketts eventual replacements.

  2. Despite the “best” efforts of The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person, it’s not just about who is pretty and flashy. Games and championships are still won and lost by hitting the other guys hard and hitting them repeatedly.

    The Packers have concluded what many had already figured, that they need to get bigger and meaner.

  3. they should watch the Super Bowl tape for tips on how to prevent 55 yard untouched TD runs by the QB. the fact that they got rid of Erik Walden suggests they did that.

  4. Shennanagins! Coach McCarthy takes offense at the notion his team is soft. Of course, can’t stop the run. Can’t tackle. Can’t stay healthy. I retract the accusation of Sheannanagins. This team is soft and doughy…like their coach.

  5. Okay, they figured out the problem. Here’s the next one, how do you fix the problem? If the packers continue to avoid free agency, it will take at least 3 years to reshape the defense, and that’s assuming they have 3 excellent drafts. And this task is even more difficult, since you can count on Rodgers carrying them to the playoffs, so they will never be in the top half of the draft.

  6. I would hope they get their act together. After Christian Ponder makes Aaron Rodgers his double discount jock strap holder, He’ll show him what a real Qb looks like this season. Plus you urine and booger fans still have to deal w/ MVPPPeterson treating your defense like rag dolls my niece throws around when she gets bored.

    Vikings Purple Reign has already started…And you guys sunk all your money into 2 overrated players who are better doing commercials than making plays. You just wish you could have class acts like Greg Jennings, instead you sign Johnny Jolly fresh outta prison.

    Reap the world wind Gentleman….

  7. I find it hilarious that people always bash Raji. He doesn’t have the stats (sacks) but he’s constantly clogs the middle of the line in the run game. Most of the Packers weakness in run d is off tackle as seen with Peterson and Kaepernick.

  8. Maybe McCarthy should have the team watch Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” Video before every game.

  9. A way to stop a QB from running wild on you is to play man coverage, something the Packers refused to do the entire game vs. the 49ers. I can’t believe that Capers is still a coach with the team.

  10. Following Bob McGinn again? Raising the bar of your page again? Well, be that as it may…

    With Desmond Bishop returning, that will make a difference. Ask Andrew Luck about Nick Perry. Jerron McMillian is a hitter at safety, if he can progress into the starting lineup. Johnny Jolly? Question mark, but still worth a look-see. I can see where the team needs to toughen up and I agree with Bob McGinn, but I think they have some capability on the roster. Yet, another enforcer or two would be good to have.

  11. I really don’t seeing this being as big a deal as some might think I believe there just saying they plan on getting bigger & meaner in specific positions … And to the poster that actually mentioned Ponder & Rodgers in the same sentence AND! Imply Ponder would out play him?!! …well sir you are an idiot or 10yrs old … That’s coming from a 40yr Vikes fan #delusional

  12. Two of the Packers’ last three games were big losses to physical teams in which they were absolutely torched in the run game. Had Ponder not gotten hurt, there is a reasonable chance that they would not have gotten out of the first round.

    Obviously they need to get more physical to compete. Being good on both sides of the ball in the passing game is super important. But you have to at least be functional in the run game.

  13. The ability and willingness of Seattle and SF to hit hard, especially at DB and LB, seems to give them more ability to turn game momentum in their favor at critical moments.

  14. I always check in to get my daily chuckle of Viking fans trying to be relevant by talking tough. As much as they try they are third on the list of division rivals. Chicago and Detroit will always be the bigger games we look forward to.

  15. This issue of being soft is overblown. Ted Thompson will fix it just like he fixes everything else. The Pack will get more physical. It’s how we do things in GB. M’boys tokyo, Carl G., whatjusthapped – they’ll tell ya.

  16. Coleman121280 is the reason why Viking fans are complete idiots. He’s an embarrassment to their fan base. Unfortunately there are many like him on this website. Yet they all say packer fans are annoying. SMH

  17. Even the head coach is overrated. This is the same guy that, as a coach with the 49ers, was instrumental in selecting Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. You don’t get credit for being a great coach just because your team lives or dies by its elite quarterback, ala Aaron Rodgers.

  18. I love the fact that the natuonal media has finally pick up on the fact that i have been stating on here for years. “THE PACKERS ARE SOFT”

  19. I’m not sure how physical they can get on D if they can’t run the ball. Once their O puts up 21 points by the second quarter, the other team’s chuckin’ it. So do they need to draft tough guys on D, more pass rushers to help CMIII, or get another ball hawking, hard hitting safety? I guess that’s why they prolly don’t look at the comments here when making up their draftboards.

  20. And when Ted turns in his pick………’With the 26th pick in the draft, the Green Bay Packers select, from Eastern U. of Neverheardofit, wide reciever……………”

  21. I dont like the Packers, but they win, and win a lot, so they must obviously be doing something right. Something the trash talkers dont get.

    With that being said, why would they need to get more physical when the refs are so much on their side that itll cover up and deficiencies anyway.

  22. Heidi says:

    “Vikings Purple Reign has already started…And you guys sunk all your money into 2 overrated players who are better doing commercials than making plays… ”

    Purple Reign? More like Purple Rain…And you’re delusional if you consider Matthews and Rodgers overrated.

  23. Get more physical? and they let Woodson go? Capers has had his day and this season he will have to
    coach against Trestman… a real offensive minded coach. I cant wait for the season to start

  24. “Too soft and small” Were they interviewing ClayIII’s boyfriend after his 20th steroid injection?

  25. Frankly, I think it’s all pretty funny. Still waiting to hear how it was that this soft team was able to win another Super Bowl and win all those games in the last few years.
    If being tough enough to consistently whip teams like the Bears, Lions, and Heidis isn’t quite enough, getting Bishop back and adding Reid or Cyprien in the draft will help quite a bit.
    And packerswin96, I’m sure you meant to say that playing zone coverage is a better way to prevent QB scrambles. Playing zone lets defenders spend more time looking at the QB and less time watching their man.

  26. I am bound and determined to predict the future..

    Oh wait, I can.. The packers will be as soft as always. If you dint spend in free agency there is no solution, unless you want to waste Rodgers’ career waiting for the draft to address the need. Perhaps paying a so so linebacker franchise player money want the greatest decision. Now there is no money fur these physical players, they sure aren’t on the current roster

  27. I like how the fans from other NFC North teams call the Packers soft. Yet over the past 4 years the Packers are 47-17 in regular season and have a SB win. And the teams in the division are 3-15 against them during this time.

  28. I think the Packers should continue to let AP pad his personal stats while the hapless, tasteless Vikings lose twice per season to Green Bay. They’ve been plenty physical enough to do that the past three seasons.

  29. Cue all the haters wise-cracking about McCarthy’s weight. Just because he looks a bit rotund, is polite and soft-spoken doesn’t mean he’s soft.

  30. Ted Thompson has been named NFL Executive of the Year. Twice. That’s right, twice. Can the hapless, tasteless Vikings claim anything like that??

    Yeah, I said “tasteless”.

  31. I often refer to those men as “tasteless”. Live your life, I’ll live mine.

  32. Viking Fan worry about your own salary cap issues : Next year your whole defensive line becomes unrestricted free agents and you bozos still need to pay ap as the top rated rb in the league… ie you have no cap room but don’t worry ryan pickett will be over the hill in 2-3 years and you can sign him and add to your list of packer fa over the age of 30 plus years old..

    Queens also remember starting in 2014 you play outdoors again so welcome back from the arena football league..

  33. Those guys are spending 6 hours a day in makeup or with their hairdresser.

    How exactly is McCarthy going to get them to be “physical”? Ban fake fingernails? Ban belly button rings? Restrict game-day makeup to just some foundation, eye-liner, and a bit of lipstick?

  34. Their version of physical must mean, holding their opponents WR’s more often and untying opposing defensive linemen’s shoeloaces more often.

  35. Okay McCarthy, here’s what you do. Every Saturday before a Sunday home game, you and the whole team (Aaron too), go for a long swim in Lake Michigan. No wetsuits now, that’d be cheating.

  36. Or the defensive coaches could simply teach the Pack defensive players gap integrity and how to tackle. The league’s best QB can hide a lot of faults — until the playoffs (except when you play Joe Webb that is).

  37. Chi01town,

    Remind everyone again the last time the Bears beat the Packers?

    Also, Trestman was an arena league coach for a reason. Lovie Smith was the best coach you had since 1985. The bears are going back to the dark ages of the 90’s. Your Defense is old and slowing down, your O line is pathetic, your QB is the biggest choker and won’t be back after this upcoming year, and your diva WR will lash out more this year when things get worse. Yeah, good luck buddy.

  38. Cue the haters reminding me of that game: how the noodle arm did against us. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I’ve said it before – I think those boys are just tasteless.

  39. @emoney826:

    Allow me to butt in and adress some of your points to chi01town:

    “Also, Trestman was an arena league coach for a reason.” (Yes, to take the Alouettes to the CFL playoffs all five years of his tenure, and winning the Grey Cup two of the three times he took them there…That’s good coaching in any league.)

    “Lovie Smith was the best coach you had since 1985.” (Acrtually since ’92, which was Ditka’s last season with the Bears.)

    “Your Defense is old and slowing down…” (Uh-huh, that’s why 4 members of that defense made the Pro Bowl, including 2 guys who ain’t that old…Melton and Jennings. And with Urlacher whining his old HOF self into possible retirement, the Bears are actually better with Williams and Anderson at LB. The defense will be fine.)

    “Your O line is pathetic, your QB is the biggest choker and won’t be back after this upcoming year, and your diva WR will lash out more this year when things get worse.” (Actually, adding Bushrod, Slauson, and Britton, and moving Carimi and Webb to RG and RT, will make this o-line a huge upgrade over last year…Jay Cutler, after having his best season for the Bears, will indeed be back in 2014 and beyond…And Marshall has proven to be anything but a diva since joining the Bears, so he will be fine as well.)

    Any more bogus predictions you’d like to share?

  40. Vikings, bears, and Lions fans calling the Packers soft is like Bucks fans saying the Miami Heat don’t stand a chance in this series.


    The Packers will win the North, again, and will probably sweep the division.

  41. Better get more physical, Gay Mathews is gonna get trucked so hard by AD this year it’s going to be TASTY CAKES eh Pat eh THINK ABOUT IT!! That is if he doesn’t get out if the way like he usually does

  42. The Packers ended Ponder’s and AP’s season in consecutive weekends this season. But the vile behavior shown by hapless, tasteless Viking fans is born from more than half a century of losing and self loathing.

  43. Translation: “The league office has informed us that they cannot let us get away with any more holding or PI calls. People already think that the NFL is rigged since the officials already let Tramon Williams body check Brandon Marshall out of bounds and Brian Boolooga always holds Jared Allen. We have to get more physical, there is nothing else the NFL can to to help us out or else it will be too obvious”

  44. Dear non-Packer NFC North,

    The Bears have not beat the Pack, including playoffs, since September, 2010. The Vikings have beaten the Pack once, including playoffs, since 2009! The Lions, well, the Lions.


    Yours Truly,
    Packer Fan

  45. tokyosandblaster says: Apr 21, 2013 9:03 PM

    “Vikings, Bears, and Lions fans calling the Packers soft is like Bucks fans saying the Miami Heat don’t stand a chance in this series.


    The Packers will win the North, again, and will probably sweep the division.”

    Count me as one Bears fan who does not view the Packers as soft…That said, it is much too early (especially before the draft) to predict which team will win the North, and the height of arrogance (typical of some Packers fans) to predict sweeping the division.

  46. larryboodry says:
    Apr 22, 2013 11:19 AM

    “That said, it is much too early (especially before the draft) to predict which team will win the North, and the height of arrogance (typical of some Packers fans) to predict sweeping the division.”


    Yeah, those Packer fans sure are naughty.

  47. @filthymcnasty1 says:

    “Yeah, those Packer fans sure are naughty.”


  48. It’s actually Dashon Goldson, not Gholston. You sound like the blowhard Jalen Rose.

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