Revis camp takes one last shot at Jets

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It’s fitting that the rocky relationship between the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis would end with the player’s camp throwing one final stone at the franchise.

The organization is not committed to winning,” a source close to Revis told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News in the aftermath of the trade that sends Revis to Tampa Bay.

While that’s likely debatable, the truth at a minimum is that the Jets weren’t committed to paying Revis.  It’s unclear whether Revis would have accepted from the Jets the same year-to-year, $16 million annual offer that the Buccaneers made, but the Jets apparently weren’t inclined to make it.

At a minimum, the Jets would have wanted assurances against a third holdout from Revis, which could become inevitable in 2014 or 2015 if he ends up making an Adrian Peterson-style return from ACL replacement surgery.  Other than the fines to which any player would be subject for holding out while under contract, the new Revis deal includes no ability to recover money paid in prior years, since Revis received no signing bonus.

Of course, it all will be forgotten quickly in New York if Revis never returns to form, or if the 13th overall pick received from Tampa can be parlayed into a great player.  But the problem with the draft is that, for ever great player there’s a crappy one.  And there’s no guarantee when the name is called that the player will fall into the desired category.

Unless we know more about the NFL fortunes of the player taken with the first-round pick obtained for Revis’s rights, Jets fans will settle for the team demonstrating its commitment to winning by winning the regular-season opener — which features a visit from Revis and his new team.

64 responses to “Revis camp takes one last shot at Jets

  1. The Jets probably didn’t want to spend every other off-season trying to satisfy him financially, talk about a self-centered distraction.

  2. Wake up, people!

    Revis is not going to play five years with no guarantees. He’s going to play one season to show that he’s back, and then he’ll demand that a big chunk of the money be guaranteed.

  3. Dude is a clown. Glad he’s coming to the nfc so we can all watch his shredded knee get torched every week. This is the smartest thing the Jets have done in a long time. Next up, Sanchez and Rex Ryan in no particular order.

  4. The Jets aren’t committed to winning. Everyone can see that. Super Bowls are meaningless. It’s all about making headlines. The New York Jets business model: LOOK AT ME!

  5. I hate the Jets so much as a Bills fan, however, how can you be committed to winning when you’re giving a player in the most overrated position in the NFL $16M a year? That is top flight QB, LT, or DE money… thanks.

  6. The Jets got some picks, the Bucs got one of the best defenders in the NFL without giving up a huge guaranteed contract, and Revis gets 6 chances to show he is worth $15+ a year. I think everyone is a winner in this.

  7. He goes to the cheapest franchise in the league, outside of Cincinnati, that are only now just paying people because they HAVE to(cap floor) and says his old team that always spent up to the cap wasn’t “committed” to winning?? Maybe the execution wasn’t always flawless, or even close, but the Jets always tried.

    Can’t say the same about the Bucs.

  8. Darrelle Revis has 96 million dollars, but suddenly I feel empty. Like, what are we going to talk about every day now?

  9. I would be convinced the Jets weren’t committed to winning if they signed Revis to a 16 per year deal. It is too much money for a CB, and it leaves too little money for the other 52 players on the team, depleting your team of talent.

    If the Jets paid Revis, I would think Woody Johnson was doing it to keep a star player and stay in the news.

    Thanks Tampa for taking this selfish player off our hands and setting us up for a faster rebuild.

  10. Yea, that’s true but if he is back, the Bucs have the money to pay him or they have a contract that allows them to cut (not likely) or trade him. This is the Bucs, not the Jets organization. They know how to do deals. Eric Wright turned out to be a loser and we forced him to redo his deal on the cheap. That’s how it’s done.

  11. Time will tell on the deal that’s for sure.
    But considering that media folks were telling people the Jets would be lucky to get a 3rd for Revis, I think Idzik did pretty well getting something for an injured player, always restless about getting paid, heading into the last year of his contract.

    Now that becomes the Bucs issue, and its up to the Jets to convert the 13th pick into something.

    With Revis off the roster, with Sanchez and Holmes to depart by ’14, the Jets are going to have a ton of cap space in ’14.

  12. Jets fans have such a short memory. He was your best player on a team where Mark Sanchez took you to the AFC title game twice. You are delusional. Three great moments in Buc history: when the Jets pass on Warren Sapp in the draft, we get Keyshawn (we don’t win the superbowl if not for Keyshawn or Sapp), we get Revis.

  13. “The organization is not committed to winning.”

    Neither is Revis or he wouldn’t eat up so much of his team’s cap space (either in NY or TB). His uncle, I mean spokesperson, will say the same thing about the Bucs in several years.

  14. Jets are rebuilding and Paying Revis close to $100 would kept them from ever doing such a thing. All the bad deal Tannenbaum orchestrated came back to haunt the Jets today.

  15. So the Jets get a first round pick and a 4th rounder next season, while the Bucs get a player that will tear up his other ACL on Revis Island.Good trade for the Jets as long as they don’t draft a player that will be a bust. This trade could be a big win for the jets, or the chance of a no win for both clubs.

  16. “But the problem with the draft is that, for ever great player there’s [five] crappy one.”

  17. On Nov.3rd, Revis and Sherman will be in the same stadium (along with the 12th Man), and we’ll be able to watch both of them work. Now I know that the Revis crowd will regale us with tales of what he did years ago, but on that day, we will see which player can back up their big mouth with solid play.

  18. There is some truth to the comments based on the Tebow trade alone. You don’t trade a pick for a QB you know either can’t play or who won’t be played in fear of further rattling the mediocre Mark Sanchez. You don’t let your training camp become a circus and allow ESPN near 24 hour access to a self created Tebow-mania. This is indisputable fact.

    As for Revis; he gets a chance to earn 16 million every season for the next six years. The holdouts are over with. He was never a problem in the locker room and is an unquestioned leader. The Jets didn’t get the huge bounty BUT they did get the first round pick, so they’ll begin to rebuild and hopefully get rid of the ‘circus’ label.

    As for the Bucs; it’s a win for them as well. No guaranteed money, big money for Revis to earn each season and if this trade can end up like some of the other past TB/NY trades or draft scenarios (Sapp and Keyshawn), Buc fans will be very happy in the long run.

  19. I think they showed that they’re commuted to doing what’s necessary to get better by moving on from an over-paid cornerback who didn’t help then win anything.

  20. The Bucs winning the SB isn’t among the 3 greatest moments in Buc history, but the Jets passing on Sapp, and 2 trades with the Jets are?

    Talk about your short trolling memories…..

    Going to be interesting to see what the Bucs do if Freeman and the Muscle Hamster have a big year. Those guys are going to want to get paid as well.

  21. Get those set stories in media…the flame is now dying. Can’t wait for u guys to come up with a new way to keep Jets in the news. I love it.

  22. Maybe if they didn’t have to spend all of their time trying to keep one diva CB happy, they could have devoted more time to building a winning team.

  23. revis’ 2013 schedule:

    week 1 – santonio holmes
    week 2 – marques colston
    week 3 – danny amendola
    week 4 – larry fitz
    week 5 – bye
    week 6 – desean jackson (diva bowl)
    week 7 – white/jones
    week 8 – steve smith
    week 9 – percy excedrin harvin
    week 10 – mike wallace
    week 11 – white/jones
    week 12 – calvin johnson
    week 13 – steve smith
    week 14 – stevie johnson
    week 15 – michael crabtree
    week 16 – do the rams have a #1 receiver? might want to rest revis this week.
    week 17 – marques colston

  24. The Jets won this one…. They traded an aging player who had a major knee injury and was a constant distraction ( one of many in the locker room). They got a ton of cap room and a first round pick. This may be the first thing I have seen the Jets do right in a long time.

  25. He’ll be going up against better receivers in the NFC south, he’ll have to face Colston, White, Jones and Smith(if he has anything left) we’ll see how well that knee heeled up.

  26. Great logic: just because the Jets don’t want to pay the most selfish player in the game what he thinks he’s worth they don’t want to win? Get a life. Even though the jets are one of the dumbest teams in all of sports, they got this right. Of course they’ll probably blow the draft choice.

  27. Richard Sherman is better than you. And when you don’t live up to your ridiculous contract demands…all the easier to resign the real best corner in football for less money as you have capped the market. Thank you.

  28. Doesn’t this type of year-to-year team option effectively guarantee that Revis will complain and hold out for the following season’s option to exercised, EACH offseason?

    Even if the Bucs get tired and cut Revis after two years and $32M, that’s not enough to give up for a first rounder?

    It almost doesn’t seem worth the annual headache.

  29. Word to yor Momma I said 3 great moments. Not the greatest moment. I was just in NYC talking to a jet fan and he openly admitted the jets have a long and great history of trading their best player and clustering it up in the draft. Your team is a circus act and Rex Ryan was carried almost single handedly by Revis island. We have had some bad years but we are looking better and better while you are the Mets of the NFL

  30. Careful Darell, or the Karma Gods will strike the other knee. Hope when this assclown retires no network hires him. Deion 2.0. “Pay the man” or “pay him his money”.

  31. Way too much for revis, 16 mil and 2 draft picks = 3 quality free agents and two rookies. Half a defense invested in one player that just had knee surgery.

  32. I wish the Cowboys played the Jets this year Dez Bryant would eat Revis up, he would look like an old man when Dez was done with him, he would actully have to keep his mouth shut, and please don”t bring up two years ago. Times have changed

  33. Great player when healthy. But he’s a bum. The Jets are lucky to be rid of him. Note to Revis: Get some humility. It lasts longer than money.

  34. This guy strictly about money. Cannot remember a time in the last 3-4 years I have
    not heard something relating to Darrell Revis and his contract. I do however remember very well Randy Moss’s one handed catch while being covered by the chosen one. Over rated, dinged up, Bucs screwed themselves.

  35. As a Patriots fan… all I have to say is…. yeehaw… Revis is out of the division.

    He was the only good thing the Jets defense had. They are complete garbage now.

  36. The Jets aren’t committed? Well, they should be. Where they should be committed is plain, too.

  37. This is a pretty brilliant strategy by the Bucs. Revis has to perform each year to get paid, instead of pocketing $30 mil then holding out for more. He is a bit of a headache, but a coach like Schiano can probably keep him in line more than the joke of a coach “look at me” Ryan. Plus we actually have an offense.

  38. Jets fans are hilarious. When Revis was a Jet he’s an automatic HOF’er. Now that he’s leaving for the Bucs he’s a me-first overrated malcontent.

    Okay…enjoy your 13th overall selection…I mean, your team has done so well drafting the last few years….

  39. I hate the Jets, but what Revis is saying is simply not true. The Jets are committed to winning.

    They’re just not very good at it.

  40. Im a pats fans so trashing the jets is bred into me but i have to say, they absolutely burned TB bad enough to be changed with arson.

    Good corner, best in the nfl, but that position isnt worth half of what the jets were paying, now add in draft picks on top of that insane salary, but don’t stop there, slap fresh of a major injury on top of it all? Did florida legalize weed recently or something?

  41. Tampa should have saved themselves a pick in 2014 by agreeing to take Tebow off the jets hands. They could have sold a boat load of jerseys here in Florida and then cut him after the preseason.

  42. I’m a Tampa Bay fan but there’s no way you can make this statement with any kind of sincerity. The Jets have won four playoff games in the last four years. The Bucs haven’t won a playoff game in a decade.

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